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2021 Lithuania Scholarships: Lithuanian Scholarships Applications Window Open!

Lithuanian Scholarship 2021-2022

Deadline Ongoing
Opening date January 1, 2021
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Category Scholarships in Europe
Type Fully Funded
Location Lithuania

Lithuania or Lietuva is a country in Northern Europe and located in the Baltic region. It is a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the European Union. Apart from its complicated past and initial financial problems, it has great cultural values and respect for traditions. There are also several beeches and visiting places in Lithuania.

Lithuania is one of the educated nations of Europe. The education at the school level is almost free of cost in Lithuania. It also provides lower tuition fees and other living expenses to the national and international students. Lithuanian universities are placed in the ranking of QS University which includes other international top education institutions.

Now, Lithuania is offering about 350 academic programs in the English language to promote their education for international aspirants. If you are looking forward to studying in Europe then Lithuania can prove a better choice because living in Lithuania is very reasonable than other European countries and their programs are also making it a number one choice for students.

List of Lithuania Scholarships available in 2021-2022

Following is the list of all the scholarships open for applications in Lithuania in the academic year of 2021-2022:

#1 Scholarship program by Vilnius University for non-EU students:

This scholarship program is for international students who do not belong to Europe. It is awarded to full-time master’s students who belong to any degree which is offered by Lithuania. Vilnius University offers courses in Russian and the English language. Only those candidates are eligible to get this scholarship who are not the current applicants of other scholarships. The following categories of scholarships, Vilnius University is offering:

      • Incentive scholarship is granted to the students who have excellent academic records in their first and second cycles. There are two grants of incentive scholarships one is of 1,5 BSB and 2,5 BSB (Basic Social Benefit) and the total amount is 39,00 EUR per month.
      • Vilnius University social grants are provided to those students whose family members met with death, illness, or disaster. The amount of scholarship is 2 to 12 BSB for one time.
      • One-off earmarked scholarships are provided to students who show their excellence in co-curricular and social activities. This scholarship is arranged by Rector’s commission. The amount of scholarship is 1 to 15 BSB for one time.
      • Vilnius University also provides Nominal scholarships to the students who performed well in their continued course and to the foreign students who come to the university by bilateral agreements of the countries.

#2 Scholarship program by Vytautas Magnus University:

Vytautas Magnus University offers scholarships to bachelor’s and master’s students of international nations. All courses are taught in English and proficiency in the English language is necessary. University prepares students through tests and interviews. It ensures partial tuition fees. Vytautas Magnus University offers the following categories of scholarship:

For prospective students

This Vytautas Magnus University scholarship is given to full-time bachelor’s and Master’s program students. If a student wants to leave their study program before its completion he/she will have to refund their whole scholarship to the university. The scholarship is not available for Sociolinguistics, Multilingualism, and Sports Business Management programs. It covers all the academic expenses of students.

Eligibility: The students are eligible to get the Vytautas Magnus University Scholarship if their academic records are good and their grades are not lower than 8 out of 10. Proficiency in the English language is the requirement. The students who know the English language higher than B2 English Language are prioritized.

For Application: Transcript of results of the previous degree is required in student’s country language and translated in English. A photocopy of the acceptance letter which is issued by Vytautas Magnus University, a copy of passport, and English proficiency course certificate are also needed. The scanned copies of all documents are sent to the university via email (

#3 Lithuanian State Scholarship:

This Lithuanian state scholarship is also given to full-time bachelor’s and Master’s program students. This program is initiated by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, and Sport of Lithuania. These grants are provided to students of:

      • Ukraine
      • Belarus
      • Georgia
      • Armenia
      • Azerbaijan
      • Moldova
      • Japan
      • China
      • Korea
      • Israel

#4 Short courses Scholarships in Lithuania:

This scholarship is also provided for short term courses to the brilliant aspirants of The Eastern Partnership countries, ASEM countries, and Lithuania priority export market countries

#5 Vytautas Magnus University President Scholarship:

This scholarship covers full-tuition uses for the entire study program to the students studying at Vytautas Magnus University. The applicants are eligible only if they have excellent academic records and proficient English language.

#6 Scholarship program by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

The Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania is offering this scholarship to the International Students for bachelor’s degree or master’s degree 2021 to the students who have excellent academic records. The Kaunas University of Technology is giving opportunities for students to promote their working with the business community. It offers engineering, technology, physics, social sciences, humanities, and art courses.

For international students

This scholarship is given to only 1st semester’s students of bachelor’s and Master’s. The worth of the scholarship is 390 EUR per month and free of cost studies are provided to the residents of:

      • Armenia
      • Belarus
      • Sakartvelo
      • Moldova
      • Ukraine
      • Azerbaijan
      • China
      • Israel
      • Japan
      • Korea

University’s Talent scholarship by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

This scholarship is provided to those students of KTU who are exceptional in both academics like research or art projects, and extra-curricular activities like business, innovations, and social activities. All bachelor‘s and master‘s students can apply for this scholarship except the students who are in the first semester. The worth of the Talent Scholarship is 250 EUR per month and 1,000 EUR per semester.

One-time Social Scholarships by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

The worth of a One-time social scholarship is more than 456 EUR and this scholarship is provided are to financially unstable students, due to:

      • Illness
      • Death of a family member,
      • Natural disaster
      • Loss of property

One-time Incentive Scholarship by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

This scholarship is provided to those students of the Kaunas University of Technology who take part in activities like international and/or national scientific conferences, seminars, Olympiads, and other projects as representatives of the university to promote its good name. The worth of the scholarship is 114 EUR.

Erasmus+ scholarship program by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

The Erasmus+ Programme is initiated by the European Union (EU). This scholarship gives opportunities to students during their course to study in various European countries and gain work experience. The worth of the scholarship is 500 EUR to 300 EUR per month.

#7 Lithuanian Government Scholarship Awards

Lithuanian Government Awards are awarded to students who are studying at higher educational institutions of Lithuania. Also, 70 scholarships are given to international students. The applicants of this scholarship should know their desired program language. This scholarship is granted to those students who are current students of Masters in one of the Lithuanian universities. The worth of the scholarship is 380EUR per month. But the students belong to Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia who enrolled in physical sciences, biomedical sciences, creative arts, design, and technological sciences enjoy a full free study program. About 40 grants are reserved for Ukraine’s students.

#8 Lithuania Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship is provided to master’s and bachelor’s students of linguistics, folklore, and literature. The worth of the scholarship is  5,000 USD. The limit of scholarships is one year and students can re-apply for this scholarship after one year.

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