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Argentina being the home of magnificent sceneries and wildlife has also made a good reputation of educational system internationally. They have managed to build a well-established higher education system that has also helped a lot to engage international students to choose them as their study destination. Although Spanish has been the country’s predominant language, Argentina continuously offers English study programs for international students. Different universities and foundations believe that English study programs will provide a communicative interaction between the natives and foreigns enabling them to expand their knowledge and perspectives. The mutual benefit made a positive engagement for many foreign citizens who considers Argentina for their study abroad program. They have also many Argentina scholarships offers which is why there is no wonder why the country has been progressively being selected by several foreign citizens.

What is the Cost of Living for International Students in Argentina?

For international students who are studying in Argentina, the cost of living may vary depending on the location of the university and its lifestyle. A total estimate would be in the range of $205-$375 per month to cover all the tuition and personal expense.

Are International Students in Argentina permitted to work?

Generally, foreigners need a work visa to be able to get a job in Argentina but for international students, they are permitted to work part-time in the country since they hold a student visa. However, students must work for only 20 hours per week and not exceed beyond 30/35 hours of work per week.

Top Three Universities in Argentina

Argentina has been a popular choice for international students as they are currently portraying an example of the rapid growth of university education. Because of the continuous economic development and ongoing innovation by talented professionals, Argentina made its way to focus on expanding its education system by exploring exchange programs, offering scholarships for international students, etc. Currently, there are three (3) leading universities that are included in the QS Latin America University Rankings in 2018. These are Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, and Universidad Austral.

Best Scholarships in Argentina

1. MA: Mente Argentina Scholarship Program

Mente Argentina, an organization based in Buenos Aires, is established to provide support and open education opportunities for international students who want to pursue their studies in Argentina. This Argentina scholarship acknowledges the significance of assistance for those students who cannot cover their education and living expenses.

They offer three scholarships to international students—Academic Merit Scholarship, Financial Need Scholarship, and Short & ELAP Program Scholarship. This is a competitive need-and-merit-based grant so applicants must give full consideration to the following:

  • Complete Mente Argentina Program Application Form
  • Complete requirements for the specific scholarship they are applying to. In such case they have missed one of the requirements, applicants can still be given time to complete through a case-to-case basis.
  • A 400-500 original essay for a specific topic given by the program.
  • Complete supporting documents following the program’s requirements.

Students who will be granted will receive different benefits according to the scholarship they have applied for. A total of $500-$2500 for the Academic Merit Scholarship if they meet the required GPA of 3.7, $750-$2500 for Financial Need Scholarship if met a GPA of 3.0, and $250-$1000 for the Short and Elap Scholarship if the applicant has met a GPA of 3.7.

These cover the tuition fee and travel reimbursements for one (1) semester to one (1) academic year for the Merit and Financial Scholarship, while four (4) to 18 weeks for the Short and ELAP Scholarship. The scholarship program is open to all nationalities who wish to study at their chosen degree and university in Argentina.

2. Don Quijote Scholarship

Don Quijote Scholarship is an annual merit-based scholarship study program funded by the University of Richmond and Iberian Studies (LAIS), to help qualified international students study in Argentina. For applicants to be considered eligible for this Argentina schoalrship, they must undergo to University of Richmond (UR) or the Office of the Internal Education’s approval and application process. This includes the following conditions:

  • Seeking through the study abroad team’s peer advisors for advice throughout their experience on the study programs.
  • Complying to the Office of Internal Education’s application forms with supporting documents attached showcasing their strong academic performance and skills.

Grantees from these study programs will receive a full cover of tuition fees for the full academic year of their chosen degree and field of study, estimating a total amount of $16,000. The program is open to all international student who has shown an excellent profile and proficiency in the Spanish Language.

3. UBA: University of Buenos Aires International Scholarship Program

The University of Buenos Aires offers an annual scholarship grant for international students who wants to pursue their Master’s and Doctoral degree in UBA, Argentina. This is open to students whose native country is Italy, Mexico, and China.

The institution aims to strengthen its partnership and agreements with the selected countries, sustaining mutual benefit by providing their students financial support throughout their study in the university. To be fully eligible, the applicants must adhere to the requirements of either one of the three Argentina scholarships that UBA is offering.

  • Graduate Scholarships for Italian Students– The scholarship offer was made accessible due to the Cultural Agreement between the Government Republic of Italy and Argentine. The Ministry of Education and Sports offers scholarship grants for Italian university graduates and aids them to acquire specialization of a Master’s degree and 2-6 months’ research stay of Doctoral study framework. Grantees will receive tuition covers and monthly maintenance incentives.
  • Graduate Scholarships for Mexican Students- Through the Educational and Cultural Cooperation Program between the Government Republic of Argentine and the United States of Mexico, the Ministry of Education and Sports will offer a scholarship grant to Mexican university graduates. This will allow them to study full Master’s degree as well as 2-6 months of research stay for a Ph.D. The awarded Mexican graduates will receive a tuition cover and monthly maintenance incentives.
  • Graduate Scholarships for Chinese Students- The scholarship grant is made possible because of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of the Argentine Republic. The agreement allows a student from China to study, carry out researches, and study language courses at any Public University in Argentina. Grantees will receive monthly allowances, medical assistance, free-expense on Spanish courses, Master’s, and specialization amounting to $25,000. The duration of this grant will take 9 months for Master’s and Specialization, 3-6 months for Doctoral and Post-doctoral, and 2 months for Spanish courses.

4. Universidad Austral Scholarship Program

Universidad Austral offers an annual scholarship for international students who want to study in the university but has not had enough savings to do so. The institution envisions that there should be no barrier for students who want to study at Universidad Austral just because of a lack of financial needs.

Universidad Austral offers a scholarship and loan scheme for international students in accordance with their needs, academic standing, and merits from their freshmen year. Applicants who are interested in this Argentina scholarship must need to fill up a form through their “Making a Contribution” site.

5. Universidad de Buenos Aires Master’s Degree Scholarship in Regional Integration Process

Argentine Ministry of Education adjoins the University of Buenos Aires to their scholarship catalog. The University of Buenos Aires specifically opens an annual scholarship grant for international students who wants to pursue a Master’s Degree in Regional Integration Process in the university. The Regional Integration process (MPIR) is a two-year Master’s study that revolves around analyzing the process that classifies the contemporary, promoting a global approach of problems, challenges, opportunities, etc.

This Argentina scholarship is open to university graduates residing in either one of the University’s selected countries— Latin America, and the Caribbean, and China. The applicant must also accomplish their requirements in order to be considered eligible for the grant. In such case that the event is closed, all information will be kept on their site and is open for an informative meeting regarding the scholarships.

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