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Croatia is a small country in Eastern Europe with a pleasant Mediterranean climate in the south, unparalleled natural beauty, and an admirable Adriatic Sea coast. Its beaches and islands attract tourists and students to visit and consider moving for a semester or a full degree scholarship.

As one of the most affordable EU countries for living, Croatia offers an opportunity to receive quality and well-recognized university degrees with little or no investment. There are various scholarships in Croatia available for international students as well as a wide variety of programs offered at 133 higher education colleges attract students who can attend classes in both English and Croatian.

Living Costs in Croatia for International Students

Croatia is an affordable country to live in, especially if one considers studying at the Adriatic coast. Indeed, hotels at Croatian resorts are its most expensive accommodation options, but studying at the proximity to pristine beaches has its charm.

The University of Dubrovnik is located in the most expensive town on the Adriatic Sea coast. For instance, rent in the center of Dubrovnik can cost EUR 1000 for a single occupant. In general, the cost of food is higher than in other Croatian towns, and the restaurant prices are way costlier than anywhere else in Croatia. However, it is best to follow the lifestyle of the locals in order to save a fortune.

Universities in other coastal cities like Split, Zadar, or Rijeka have cheaper accommodation options that can range from EUR 350 to EUR 450 in favorable areas. The prices are similar in Zagreb, where a one-bedroom apartment in the city center starts from EUR 450.

Can international students work in Croatia?

International students can apply for jobs in Croatia, provided that they are fully enrolled in Croatian universities. The government, however, only allows part-time employment, and this regulation applies both to Croatian and international students. It is not difficult to find work in larger university cities, especially if the student is coming from the EU/EEA states since the EU regulations allow all applicants a status equal to Croatian citizens.

Top Universities in Country:

The top five universities in Croatia are the University of Rijeka, University of Zagreb, University of Split, University of Dubrovnik, and the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek.

The University of Rijeka is a public university established in 1973. Currently, it has 18,000 students across 11 faculties, an art academy, and four departments. Most of the courses are conducted in Croatian, but they also have English, Hungarian, Italian, and German programs.

Established in 1699, the University of Zagreb is the oldest in Croatia and one of the oldest universities in South-Eastern Europe. The university accounts for more than half of Croatia’s annual research output and seeks to support other universities in Croatia.

The University of Split is a science-focused university established in 1974. The university has 181 study programs across 11 faculties, one academy, and four departments.

Best Scholarships in Croatia

1. Bilateral Scholarships

Bilateral Programmes of Mobility in Higher Education is organized by The Ministry of Science and Education in partnership with the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes. Croatia is a member of the network of European and worldwide universities. Therefore, students and research applicants outside of the EU and Europe are welcome to apply, provided that their university is a member of the bilateral agreement group.

The length of academic stay varies based on the level of the degree and the overall interest. These scholarships in Croatia can cover full bachelor’s, master’s, or a Ph.D. degree, up to 24 months of studies. Still, there are also one or two semesters scholarships, extended and shorter research visits.

Bachelor’s and master’s beneficiaries of Bilateral Scholarship may expect free tuition and monthly stipend check of HRK 1.600, plus the dorm accommodation and cafeteria subsidies. Ph.D. students would appreciate the same benefits, except their monthly allowance would be slightly higher, HRK 1.800.

2. The Zagreb School of Economics and Management Scholarship

Zagreb School of Economics and Management seeks to award inspiring young undergraduate leaders with scholarships in one of their fields: Marketing, Business, Banking, Finance, or Accounting.

The prospective applicant needs to follow a two-step application process involving an inspiring application letter and passing the entrance exam. Students are selected based on the written essay on how they see themselves in their future career and why, and the high marks on their application test.

The awardees of this Croatia scholarship would win from 20% to 50% reduction in scholarship fees, with the opportunity to study tuition-free, only if they keep their GPA at 4.0. Each year, ZSEM allocates the fund of HRK 200,000 for future students.

3. Croatian Scholarships for Young Christians from Developing Countries

The main purpose of this state-funded scholarship in Croatia is to provide academic opportunities for students of disadvantaged Christian communities with little or no means. The eligible students should be practicing Christians coming from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

International students can pursue their bachelor’s degrees for three or four years and their master’s degrees in the duration of one to two years. The Croatian government covers full tuition, health insurance, accommodation, and canteen food. In addition, both undergrad and grad students can expect a monthly allowance of HRK 1.600. Another great benefit is that the state of Croatia finances the return ticket for prospective international students.

Croatian government expects their grantees to return to their home countries after completing the scholarship and be active leaders in improving their communities with the knowledge acquired in Croatia.

4. Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia Scholarship

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Croatia has campuses in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. It offers three bachelor’s degree programs: Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business and Information Technology/Web, and Mobile Computing.

Upon graduation from any of these programs, students of RIT Croatia receive an American and Croatian degree. In addition, this prestigious institute provides opportunities for international and Croatian students to have a degree from the US completed overseas, in the heart of Europe.

RIT Croatia is a competitive scholarship in Croatia that awards students based on their academic merit. Prospective students with an A average or equivalent in the first three years of high school are given a 4,000 EUR scholarship.

5. Erasmus + Scholarship

Erasmus + Scholarship provides opportunities for students from the EU and the participating states to study in Croatia. This scholarship is easier to get as it is not highly competitive for undergrads. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for students around Europe to move to Croatia for one or two semesters and gain valuable academic knowledge.

Students interested in completing a master’s degree can stay for 24 months, depending on the program requirements. The Joint Master’s Degree grant covers entire tuition costs, healthcare, and insurance expenditures, and in addition to that, Erasmus provides a budgeted stipend check to cover basic living expenses.

One of the requirements is the completion of the first year of studies at the home university, after which the international student can submit the application.


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