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Czech Republic Scholarships 2021-2022: List of Top Scholarships in Czech Universities and Colleges

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One of the most breathtaking countries in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic, is also a hotshot study destination among international students, with around 44,000 of them currently studying in its universities. There are many perks associated with choosing the Czech Republic for higher education. Students can enjoy a mix and lively culture and can take advantage of well-known universities, affordable fees, and low living costs. 

So, if you too are considering studying in the Czech Republic, take a look at our guide which outlines everything you need to know about studying there as well as contains a list of the best scholarships available that you can apply to. 

Top Universities in Czech Republic:

There are about 70 higher educational institutions in the Czech Republic among which two-third are private. Five of the universities have featured in the QS World University Rankings. These are Charles University, Czech University in Prague, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, and Palacký University in Olomouc. 

Living Costs in Czech Republic:

Living in the Czech Republic is pretty inexpensive as compared to other European countries. A student has to spend between 350 USD to 750 USD per month toward accommodation, food, public transport, and entertainment. But of course, this figure depends upon your location, lifestyle, and spending habits. 

The Medium of Instruction and IELTS need in Czech Republic:

The higher educational institutions in the Czech Republic mostly teach in English and Czech. The international students mostly opt for programs offered in English. They have to prove their language proficiency if their first language is not English. Applicants will be required to submit test scores of acceptable English language tests like IELTS or TOEFL. In case, the applicant’s level of proficiency is not up to the mark he or she will be required to attend an English language program prior to the start of their degree program.

Working and Studying in the Czech Republic:

The good news is, there is no restriction on students working part-time in the Czech Republic. The maximum hours of work allowed are 20 hours a week. The students are not allowed to work full-time as it can hinder their studies and can kill their goal of being in the country in the first place. The money earned from part-time work is usually enough to cover their living expenses. 

2021 Scholarships in Czech Republic:

There are a number of scholarships available in the Czech Republic universities. These Czech scholarships are sponsored by the state or the universities. Some of them are also funded by private organizations and donors. The scholarships are mostly awarded on the basis of academic merit which can fully or partially cover the educational expenses of the students.

#1 Government scholarship for students from developing countries:

This scholarship by the government of the Czech Republic is a part of their Foreign Assistance Program whereby students from certain developing countries can get financial assistance. The scholarship is available to take up at public educational institutions. It provides coverage for the full length of the masters and Ph.D. programs offered in English and Czech. Foreign students can attend a one-year preparatory course on the Czech language to get the hang of it. To find out more about it, go on over to the government of the Czech Republic’s website. 

#2 MEYS Scholarships and Exchange programs:

The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MEYS) of the Czech Republic are offering exchange programs to study in the Czech Republic. Offered at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels, these scholarships are meant for foreign students who want to learn and research in Czech institutions. The total tenure of the scholarship is two to ten months after which the students have to apply for renewal if they want to continue their studies in the Czech Republic. Remember that these scholarships are for the exchange of students and these can’t be availed for the length of a full degree program.  

#3 Erasmus+ Scholarship in Czech Republic:

Erasmus+ is a famous scholarship program designed for promoting the exchange of students between European countries. The students can study in a single country for three to twelve months. The Erasmus joint degree program allows students from all over the world to come to Europe and study for free. Many Czech Republic institutions are also partner institutions of this scholarship program. You can head on over to the Erasmus+ website to learn more about it. 

#4 Visegrad Fund International Scholarship Program:

This fund has been formed by the governments of countries like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It is meant to provide scholarships, fellowships, and grants to deserving students. The students from the partner can apply to study bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate programs in the other partner countries. There are some other countries as well in which the students can study but only a few programs are allowed in those countries.

#5 South Moravian Centre Scholarship:

The South Moravian Centre’s scholarships are meant to attract international talent in South Moravia. The scholarship provides assistance to students so that they can engage in studies and research. Non-EU students can apply for this scholarship. The students can study for master’s and Ph.D. in specific universities of South Moravian and Brno. The preferred fields of study are IT, Tech, and Natural Sciences. 

#6 Silesian University Scholarship:

The school of business administration of Silesian University is offering scholarships to about eight outstanding international students. The number of scholarships awarded in the merit-based category is seven. The level of study can be bachelor’s, master’s, and/or Ph.D. Students applying to the merit-based award should have an excellent GPA. 

#7 Charles University Scholarships:

All the faculties at Charles University offer scholarships to students. The most sought after departments are Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Social Sciences. Some programs at the under and postgraduate levels offer free tuition whereas the PhDs are fully-funded. The social sciences scholarships are for developmental purposes which partially cover the study expenses of the students. 

#8 Prague College Grants:

Many different kinds of scholarships are available at Prague College and all the incoming students can apply for these scholarships. The scholarships being provided for academic excellence give tuition assistance of up to 30% for bachelor’s programs and 40% for master’s programs. Social and Professional Engagement scholarships, which are meant for students who have previously been involved in community work give the same kind of coverage. Both of these scholarships are valid for a year after which the students have to apply for the renewal of the scholarship. The undergraduate passed-out students can apply for a master’s within a year and can get a scholarship as well.

#9 Czech University of Life Sciences Bursaries:

A number of scholarships available at the Czech university of life Sciences are with the names of extraordinary scholarship, merit scholarship, and social scholarship. These are available at all levels of study and in almost all the faculties. One of such scholarships only provides assistance in the accommodation of the students. These are sponsored by either the state or the university itself. For details, you can check out the university’s official website.

#10 Czech Technical University Scholarship:

The Czech Technical University is providing scholarships at the masters and Ph.D. levels. These scholarships can cover the whole cost of studying in the Czech Republic for the students. These are usually provided for a semester or two at the master’s level and for up to 10 semesters at the Ph.D. level. If the recipients manage to attain a certain level of result in their terminals, the duration of the scholarship can be extended as well. The usual manner of funding is in the form of monthly grants. The rest of the details can be checked out from the university’s official website.

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