Study in Germany: DAAD Scholarship for International exchange and Master students

DAAD scholarship, which is considered to be one of the biggest scholarships worldwide, is providing a great chance to the International Exchange students and researchers who wish to pursue their studies in Germany. This scholarship was started back in 1927. So far, this huge opportunity has been availed by about two million scholars and researchers. The members of this registered organization are also a part of German higher education and student board.

Through this scholarship, the international students are being provided with an amazing opportunity of completing their master’s degree and exchange studies in the field of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, Music, Films, Dance, Drama, and Direction. They have a great option of finishing their exchange studies courses with no need of obtaining a proper degree from German public state or institute of higher studies registered with the government.

Benefits of DAAD Scholarship in Germany:

DAAD scholarship is offering the following benefits to the recipients.

  • A stipend of worth €750 will be given on monthly basis
  • The traveling expenditures will be covered under this scholarship. These allowances will be provided by either the home-country of the applicant or through funds obtained from other resources
  • The expenses of at least one off study will be covered in DAAD scholarship
  • The scholarship holder will be provided complete medical insurance, including personal illness, accidents, and other mishaps etc.
  • A maximum amount of €500 will be given per semester on account of the university tuition fees
  • Financial assistance will be provided for monthly rental fee
  • The scholarship holders with accompanying family members like siblings, spouse etc. will be offered a monthly allowance.

Under this format of study, you can complete the Master’s degree (postgraduate degree) after gaining a final assessment test or some of the key courses that may take you to the final assessment level from a government or government-affiliated German university of your own choice (this is not applicable for a Bachelor’s Degree course. This scholarship program only covers the projects related to the artistic fields.  There are a number of other DAAD scholarship plans for the applicants belonging to the departments of Art Studies, scientific projects art, and History of Art.

Eligibility Criteria for DAAD Scholarship:

  • Only those candidates are eligible for this scholarship whose final exams have been passed at maximum six years before the submission deadline date of this application.
  • Such candidates will not be considered eligible for this scholarship program who have been residing for more than fifteen months in Germany at the time of deadline of this application
  • For those applicants who are enrolled in such a Master’s degree or postgraduate degree program in which a period of studying abroad is included, then the scholarship for this time out of the country will be provided only under the following conditions:
  • The study trip is essential for achieving this scholarship
  • The study duration will not exceed more than the 1/4th time period of the complete scholarship. It is not possible to grant longer periods of time.
  • The applicants related to the fields of Fine Arts, Design, Films and Visual Communication must have got a full knowledge of the instruction medium that is relevant to their preferred university requirements at the time of commencement of scholarship program.

Permitted Regions for DAAD German Scholarship: 

This scholarship is for students all over the globe except for those applicants who have been residing in Germany for above fifteen months.

DAAD Scholarship information:

The deadline for application submission is October 31 every year. Daad Scholarship. As per notice of you can apply online. For further enquiries please visit the Official website of DAAD Scholarship.


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