I Hate My Boss Situation – Don’t Quit Your Job!

In case you’ve been telling yourself “I hate my boss but I love my job” then here’s a solution to all your work problems.

So, you’ve quite recently found your dream job, you’re on cloud 9 … but wait … you discovered that your boss is a lousy hypocrite. Now, you’ve worked so hard for this job, but who’s going to work for him? You’re more focused on the idea “I hate my boss” instead of your work. This is where you’ll require our assistance.

I hate my boss but I love my job situation

So, you should be feeling like you’re the most fortunate person on this planet right now. You’ve been selected for the position a lot of people yearn for their whole lives. You’re absolutely committed to your work. But, what’s the issue? A horrible boss.

You’re trying so hard to concentrate on your work but your boss is making your work life a living hell for you. Maybe he’s just an egotistical, sexist jerk; or maybe he’s an emotionally abusive person; or simply a liar. No matter what level of horrible he is, he’s getting on your nerves all the time.

Now, what are some alternatives you can try? Instead of being unprofessional by trying to harm your boss’s reputation, you should consider the following useful tactics.

I hate my Boss! How to keep working under the boss I hate?

10 Tips to work under the boss you hate:

It is a well-known fact that working for a boss you hate or can’t respect is a challenging task. So, the next time you tell yourself “I hate my boss” consider the following tactics to change your imperfect work dynamics.

  • Take your time

If you’ve just joined the organization, take your time before exclaiming “I hate my boss” because it requires a lot of patience and hard work to adjust to a new working environment. Relationships change like weathers, if you don’t like the winter, wait for summer, and maybe you’ll discover that you don’t hate him after all.

  • Be an ally

Since you’ve joined the organization, you must act as an ally of your boss. Even if you hate him, you must learn to support him. It’s not an easy task to get along with someone you hate, but, do it for the sake of your job and for the sake of your organization.

  • Investigate yourself

Run a reality check. Take a good look in the mirror and try to find the core of the problem. What is it that makes you want to hate your boss? Is he a liar? Is he abusive? Has he ever shut you down in a room full of people?

  • Talk to your colleagues

Are you and your colleagues on the same page? Have you ever heard them exclaiming “I hate my boss” as well? Or is it personal?

  • Focus on your boss’s requirements

Try to investigate the scenario by putting yourself in his shoes. Would you have done the same if you were in his position? Or would you have done something different? What is required of you? Is your boss constantly micromanaging you? Or are you really doing something wrong? In this case, ask for his guidance.

  • Prove your worth

Instead of constantly complaining “I hate my boss”, act like a mature person and show your boss that you’re worth it. Be a little more ambitious by documenting your each and every move and present it to your boss. Keep him informed of all the important work details. Come up with new ideas and share them with him.

  • Play along with your boss

Instead of constantly nagging “I hate my boss”, play along with him and maintain your professionalism. No matter how harsh or rude he is, be a positive person. You’re the one who needs this job, so, instead of trying to punch him in the face, stay calm and focus on your work.

  • Find something you love

If you hate your boss, focus on something that you love. Tell yourself how much you love this work position. Ask yourself if you leave this job, would you be able to find something better? Motivate yourself by reminding yourself of the things that you love.

  • Organize a meeting

If you’re still not over the notion “I hate my boss” then maybe it’s time to schedule a meeting with your horrible boss. Maybe he’s not even aware of the fact that he’s doing something to offend you. Clear the air by telling him what you feel and how his actions are affecting you in a negative way. Give him time to make up to you.

  • Report your boss

If nothing works in your favor and your boss is really a crappy person, then it’s probably time to take the matter into your own hands and report him to the higher authorities. Gather as much evidence as you can, discuss it with your colleagues who feel the same, and report him.

Don’t quit your job unless you find an alternate if you still Hate Your Boss

If you’ve done everything in your power to get rid of your belief that “I hate my boss” yet failed then maybe it’s not meant to be. If you’re exhausted to the point that you’ve finally decided to quit this dream job, then wait, and be patient. Look for a better alternative while you’re still working under your horrible boss. Do not ruin your relationship with him, as you may need him as a reference for your future job.

Keep hunting for a new job if you still Hate Your Boss

Ever heard of the famous phrase “There’s a lot of fish in the sea”? Or “something better is waiting for you out there”? Maybe, it’s true after all. Maybe, there really is something better. Maybe you’ll find something that’ll make you want to work for your boss. Just don’t quit. For quitting is not a solution to anything.

Keep hunting for the job or a boss you’d like to work with. You’re the sole owner of your career. You’re the one who can shape it. Don’t let your life be ruined by a simple idea “I hate my boss” because you’ll find something that’ll be worth it.



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