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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Scholarships 2024-2025

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The Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) has a long history starting from 1477. It went by the name Mainz University but had to shut down in 1796 due to the occupation of Napoleon. The university reopened in 1946 with its current name. It recently celebrated its 75th anniversary since its reopening. Currently, the university offers 289 courses and is home to over 30,000 students making it one of the largest in Germany. Here, we will be looking at some of the top scholarships at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz for international students.

The university has constantly been improving its diversity and equality initiatives. It promotes a safe and empowering environment for female researchers. JGU also encourages students with families to continue their studies with their family-friendly facilities and financial assistance. In addition, its international identity makes it an attractive university for international students, who make up roughly 12% of the student population. It provides students, faculty, and staff equal opportunities to gain training and experience abroad to expand its global presence and excellence.

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How do I apply to Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Scholarships?

Interested applicants at JGU must comply with formal requirements and country-specific requirements. You may also use this checklist for easier preparation for admissions. Applicants with foreign high school or undergraduate certificates must comply with the validation procedures. You may find helpful tips here.

Education in Mainz, Germany, may be costly. The university requires proof of financial capacity to pursue a degree in the country. If the applicants do not have the personal means to cover the costs of university education, they must provide a letter of financial support indicating the funding value. You may find more information here.

Prospective students from EU member countries do not need a visa to enter and study in Germany. Some nationalities also don’t need a visa. You will find a list of countries and visa requirements for studying in Germany here. For students who need to get a visa, you may find some helpful information from this page.

International students may also get a scholarship for German language lessons from the JGU International Language and Study Center (ISSK). The university offers face-to-face and online classes. Check out the lesson schedule updates here.

Incoming Master’s Degree students from other countries may refer to this page for application guidelines.

Note that Ph.D. programs at JGU are tuition-free. However, you may acquire funding for living costs and other needs through employment opportunities at the university or from external sources like DAAD. But first, you must have a clear outline of your research plans to have a better chance of qualifying for a scholarship.

International students must secure a valid working permit or visa when aiming for employment opportunities for additional funding. International students with children may also qualify for a parental allowance from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Please check this page for more details.

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Scholarships for International Students

1. Deutschlandstipendium

Incoming or currently enrolled Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree students at JGU may qualify for the Deutschlandstipendium. This scholarship available at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz comes from the joined efforts of the German government and private sponsors.

Outstanding applicants may receive €300 every month for at least two semesters. Depending on their academic performance, they may continue to receive the benefit until they complete the program.

For general information about the scholarship at JGU, you may see the contact information of the person in charge at the bottom of this page.

2. DAAD Scholarship for Master’s Degree Students

DAAD Scholarship is available for international students pursuing a full-time Master’s Degree at JGU or those studying for only one year at JGU and intend to finish the program in their home university. This scholarship available at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is valid for 10-24 months.

Standard DAAD Scholarship provides a travel allowance, insurance coverage, and a one-time study allowance. Master’s degree students receive a monthly stipend worth €861. Other possible benefits include a monthly accommodation allowance and a monthly allowance for accompanying family members.

Scholars usually receive the benefits starting October 1 every year. Those who are availing of the German language course scholarship can begin anywhere between two to six months before the program depending on the language level.

3. DAAD Scholarship for Ph.D

Doctoral candidates at JGU may apply for a DAAD scholarship valid for one year. Once chosen, they may receive the same standard and possibly additional benefits as Master’s Degree scholars. They are also eligible for the language course scholarship if necessary. The monthly allowance is higher at €1,200.

As long as the scholars maintain satisfactory performance and progress in their coursework or research, they may apply for renewal annually until the completion of the program. The scholarship is available for a maximum of four years.

A special selection committee will choose the awardees based on a set of criteria. Applicants must submit a detailed research proposal and show proof of excellent academic achievement.

4. Free Tuition

Doctoral candidates at JGU do not have to pay tuition fees. Students, however, must shoulder all other expenses for research and living costs.

To assist with the living costs, students may apply for an available position in the university or their respective departments.

5. Scholarship for Students with Children

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: depends on the available funding
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral

JGU offers emergency aid for students with children. This Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz scholarship comes from the Scholarship Foundation of Rhineland-Palatinate. The university provides childcare facilities to promote a family-friendly environment for students with children.

Two funding options are available. The first one is a scholarship for the education of students with family responsibilities. The other one is for an economic emergency.

The value of the scholarship depends on the available funding from the Foundation for the Promotion of Talented Students and Young Academics.

Students with families may look for more available funding options here.

You may find a list of other research funding and scholarship opportunities on this page.

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