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Canadian Scholarships and Student life in Canadian Universities and Colleges Explained

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Canada, the home to 30 of the universities in the QS World University Rankings is the place to be if you want to study in North America but do not want to break the bank. Canada’s higher education is on par with the USA despite being less costly. Canadian universities produce some of the best research works and welcome international students with open arms. There are a number of fully and partially funded scholarships available in Canadian Universities and Colleges for students each year. The student body loves the education system of Canadian Universities and colleges and highly recommends it. Let us see what it would be like to be in Canada as a student.

Living Costs for a Student Studying in Canada:

The living costs in Canada vary greatly from province to province. The most expensive cities are Toronto and Vancouver. But the top two universities, namely, the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia are also in these cities. You can choose to live on the outskirts of the cities which are too expensive to live in. The average cost of living, nationally for a single person in Canada is 2,730 CAD a month. Of course, this can go down should you choose to live in a city like Montreal or Kingston and can go way up if you are a resident of Toronto or Vancouver.

Working on Student  VISA/Residence Permit in Canada:

The international students, who are on a study visa, are not allowed to take up any work which can take more than 20 hours a week. The requirement is the same for on and off-campus jobs. The students can only start part-time work once their academic session has been started. If the work-time exceeds the limit of 20 hours a week, the student can lose his/her student status or student visa and can be deported from the country as well.

Language Proficiency requirement for Students interested to study in Canada:

Most of the universities in Canada teach in English but some also use French as their medium of instruction like the universities in Quebec or Nunavut where most people speak and understand French. Regardless of the fact, most international students take up higher studies in English. They have to prove their English Language Proficiency via IELTS, TOEFL, or other similar and acceptable exams. Due to the pandemic situation, the language proficiency requirements have become lenient and the universities have devised alternative ways like the Duolingo language test. Still, the students are advised to look through the language requirements of their desired universities.

2021 Canadian Scholarships:

The tuition fee in Canada can set you off greatly because there is a huge difference between the tuition fee paid by Canadian citizens/permanent residents and the tuition paid by international students. For this precise reason, there are various scholarships available to outstanding and/or underprivileged students. Some of them are listed below:

#1 Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • Lester B. Pearson Scholarship at the University of Toronto:

This is an international scholarship program aimed toward those students who, from their previous records, demonstrate creativity, excellence, leadership, and a sense of giving back to the community. The total number of awards is 37 and the applications for it are open at all the undergraduate programs offered at the university.

The scholarship coverage includes a full tuition waiver, accommodation, textbooks, and incidental fee support for the four years of the program.

  • York University Scholarships for International Students:

There are two kinds of awards available to international undergraduate students at York University. The Global Leader of Tomorrow scholarship awards 80,000 CAD (20,000 CAD for four years). About two awards are available in this category. However, the entrance awards are valued at 140,000 CAD which is about 35,000 CAD for four years of study. The renewal of the scholarship for the second, third, and fourth-year is contingent upon the recipients’ progress in the previous year/s. A number of undergraduate programs are affiliated with this award including the subject areas in science, arts, and business. 

  • University of Calgary Entrance Awards:

The entrance awards at the University of Calgary are given to those outstanding international students who are enrolled in a bachelor’s program at the university and have impressive academic and non-academic records. The students will be awarded 15,000 CAD in the first year and can continue to get the scholarship given that they achieve a CGPA of 2.6 or more. If a student manages to get the scholarship for four full years the total value of the award will be 60,000 CAD.

#2 Graduate Scholarships:

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Awards:

The Vanier Graduate Award scholarships are for Ph.D. candidates or the students enrolled in a combined master’s and Ph.D. program. The fields of study must be health sciences, humanities, engineering, or natural sciences. It is a very generous scholarship program that awards 50,000 CAD a year for up to three years. A total of 166 scholarships are given annually. The candidates must be nominated by their respective universities. They cannot apply directly to the scholarship program. 

  • Master’s Awards at the University of Waterloo:

The University of Waterloo is awarding international students scholarships of Excellence if they take up a research-focused master’s at the university. The applications for this scholarship are open in all the subject areas and the candidates will be selected based on their overall profiles. 

The scholarship gives an award of 2500 CAD for up to five semesters. There are usually 3 semesters in a year in Canadian universities. There is no need to submit a separate application for the scholarship.

  • University of Manitoba Scholarships:

The University of Manitoba spends a hefty sum of 2 million CAD every year toward giving out scholarships to students pursuing master’s or Ph.D. from the university. With the exception of medicine and MBA the scholarship is open for all the subject areas and awards 14,000 CAD a year to master’s students (renewable for the second year which makes it 28,000 CAD). The Ph.D. students are awarded 18,000 CAD a year for up to four years (valuing it at 72,000 CAD a year). 

Students from all nationalities can apply.

  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Awards:

The award is for both local and international students and is available to take up a Ph.D. in humanities and social sciences. The foundation awards 20,000 CAD a year for up to three years amounting to 60,000 CAD. The quota for international students is 25%. It also gives the recipients a membership in the Scholars’ community, which gives them the chance to be mentored by them.

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