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Danish Scholarships 2021-2022: Denmark Scholarships Window Now Open!

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If you are looking for high-quality education in Europe then you should consider studying in Denmark. The cost of studies in Denmark is low and the courses are taught in English which is very good for foreign students. The innovative and unorthodox teaching methodologies in Danish universities also attract international students. Moreover, there are many scholarships in Denmark. Some of these are sponsored by the state while others are sponsored by private organizations and universities.

2021 Denmark Scholarship List

We have put together a list of the top 10 scholarships in Denmark for students wishing to pursue higher education in this country. This list is given below. 

#1 Danish Government Scholarships for Highly Qualified Non-EU/EEA students

Every year, Danish Universities provide government scholarships to a limited number of highly qualified Non-EU/EEA and Swiss students. In order to be eligible for the scholarships, students have to be enrolled in a full degree program at a Danish University and possess a time-limited residence permit in Denmark. The selection process and administration of these scholarships are carried out by universities in Denmark. These scholarships may be given to students in the form of tuition fee waivers and/or grants to fund living costs. As these scholarships are administered by higher education institutions, you can contact the Danish university of your choice for further details.

#2 Nordplus 

Students enrolled in Nordic or Baltic institutions can benefit from the Nordplus Higher Education Program to study in Denmark. Basically, it is a mobility program that facilitates students to study in another Nordic or Baltic country as part of their degree program. Under this program, grants are awarded for different research projects and courses in higher education institutions in Nordic and Baltic countries. For more information on this program, contact your university or your home country’s national educational agency. You can also learn about the program by visiting its website.

#3 The Danish Government Scholarships under the Cultural Agreements

These scholarships are offered for students from specific countries. Also, they are available for only certain fields related to Denmark such as environmental studies and architecture. Students and researchers who wish to study the Danish language and culture can also apply for these scholarships in Denmark. The scholarships are offered for long-term study programs as well as summer language courses for international students. Full details of these scholarships are available on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education & Science, Denmark.

#4 Erasmus scholarships in Denmark

This is an exchange program, which allows students from EU/EEA and Switzerland to study in Denmark and certain other countries. The duration of the student exchanges is from 2 to 12 months but students may reapply after returning to their home countries. Apart from this, EU/EEA and Non-EU/EEA students can apply for scholarships for Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees. These degrees are delivered by Danish and other European Higher Education Institutes jointly. To learn more about the Erasmus program as well as Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees in Denmark, visit the program’s website. You can also check your eligibility and application procedure for the program on the website.

#5 Fullbright Commission in Denmark

The Fullbright Commission offers grants and opportunities for student exchanges in order to foster collaboration and understanding of different cultures. American postgraduate students and research scholars can apply for these grants to study or conduct research in Denmark for one academic year. During that year, students, who get the grant, don’t have to pay tuition fees. The selection for the grant is based on academic performance and the ability to act as a cultural ambassador of the USA in Denmark. You can check the full criteria for this grant and know more about the application procedure by visiting the website of the Fullbright Commission.

#6 University of Southern Denmark Scholarships

The University of Southern Denmark awards a limited number of government scholarships for students every year. Aside from this, there are scholarships administered by the Faculty of Engineering. Arkil Scholarship by Ellen og Ove Arkils Foundation is one of them. It is awarded to students enrolled in Bachelor of Structural Engineering. To find out more about the different scholarships at this prestigious university in Denmark, go to its website. You will get to know the eligibility criteria and application process through it.

#7 University  College of Northern Denmark Scholarships

Every year, the University College of Northern Denmark offers a limited number of scholarships for non-EU/EEA students. The tuition fee is reduced for the entire duration of the degree program for scholarship holders. However, as this is a partial scholarship, students have to pay the rest of the tuition fee. To be considered for the scholarships, students have to, first of all, fulfill the admission criteria and display high qualifications through relevant work experience, short courses, or additional proficiency. If you are interested in the scholarships, visit the website of the University College of Northern Denmark. 

#8 Novo Nordisk International Talent Program

This is a scholarship program for studying at the University of Copenhagen. Only third-year bachelor level students or master level students from the International Alliance of Research Universities or Harvard University in selected fields are eligible for the scholarships. The scholarships contribute to the students’ tuition fees, travel costs, insurance, and other costs related to studying at the University of Copenhagen. They may be awarded for up to one year. Selection is based on the students’ academic backgrounds and study plans for the duration of their stay at the university. You can visit the website of the University of Copenhagen to know more about the program.

#9 VIA University College Scholarship

VIA University awards a limited number of scholarships to its current students each year. Only foreign students who are currently enrolled in a full degree program and have completed at least one year of studies at the institution can apply for the scholarships. These scholarships are awarded for a maximum of 2 semesters. The selection of students for the scholarships is based on carefully selected criteria. You can read more about the scholarship on the website of VIA University College. For any questions, you can contact the institution via email.

#10 IT University of Copenhagen Scholarship

This university offers scholarships for its MSc. programs. These scholarships are granted by the university to highly qualified students from non-EU/EEA countries. Only a limited number of students are awarded these scholarships every year. The scholarships cover full tuition fees. Scholarship holders are also provided a stipend to fund their living costs. To find out about the scholarships available at this university, go to its website.

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