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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Scholarships 2024-2025

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The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) has been around for roughly 550 years. Political struggles in Germany have negatively affected the university’s reputation and ethical practices. However, thanks to the hard work of its administration, faculty, and staff, LMU was able to redeem its good reputation and resume its ethical practice of education. Its long history has helped shaped LMU into becoming a University of Excellence. In this article, we will go over some of the top Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich scholarships for international students.

The university’s location in Munich – an innovation hub in Germany, makes it an ideal place for study and research.

LMU is well-known for its outstanding research record and high position in world rankings. Some famous alumni from LMU won numerous awards from prestigious award-giving bodies, such as the Nobel Prize and the Leibniz Prize. The university consistently ranks first among all universities in Germany and the top 50 worldwide in many indicators. LMU offers over 300-degree programs and hosts over 50,000 students, a fifth of which are international students.

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How do I apply to Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Scholarships?

Most degree courses in Germany are free. However, international students may apply for several scholarships to deal with the high cost of living in the country, especially if the students come from developing countries. The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich offers university-funded scholarships and honors many other scholarships and grants for its students.

The university has an International Office, which is responsible for evaluating the qualifications of international students and connecting them to appropriate foundations for scholarship applications.

Meanwhile, prospective students may also apply for state-funded scholarships. Some scholarship providers may require applicants to register or enroll at LMU before applying for a scholarship. You must check with the provider to confirm the order of application.

Although LMU offers English courses, international students may find it beneficial to possess some German language skills. Some scholarships offer to pay for the language course. Otherwise, interested applicants may find information about German language courses available at LMU on this page.

When applying for a scholarship based on financial need, applicants must clearly explain the extent of struggle in the motivation letter. For merit-based scholarships, applicants must show proof of academic excellence and indicate the purpose of the scholarship. You may express a clear outline of how you intend to use your degree for social and economic contribution in Germany or your home country.

Applicants must secure two reference letters, ideally from former employers or university professors. Check if the scholarship committee provides a format for the reference letter and the motivation letter. If so, be sure to follow the required letter format and submit the documents through the designated channels accordingly well before the deadline.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Scholarships

1. Deutschlandstipendium (German Scholarship)

  • Scholarship Link
  • Amount: €300 per month (for 12 months)
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master

Domestic and international students registered at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich may qualify for the German scholarship regardless of their socio-economic status. Applicants can apply for this scholarship as long as they have no other sponsorships based on academic excellence.

This scholarship available at  the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich comes from private sponsors and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The scholarship is valid for one year. Scholars may reapply for a continuation for the next school year until graduation.

Besides academic excellence, the scholarship committee also considers the applicants’ extra-curricular activities, community service, awards, work experience, and certain personal circumstances.

2. SIST LMU Study Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €650 per month (for ten months)
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral

The State of Bavaria offers this scholarship to Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich students based on three criteria: academic excellence, financial need, and proof of knowledge in the field of study. Recipients of statutory and other scholarships are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Bachelor’s Degree and Doctoral Degree students must have completed three semesters before applying for this scholarship. Meanwhile, Master’s Degree students may apply in their first year.

3. DAAD Scholarship for Doctoral Program in Germany

International students who want to do individual or supervised research or take structured doctoral programs at LMU can apply for a DAAD scholarship. The scholarship offers a monthly allowance worth €861, travel allowance, health insurance, research grant, and more.

DAAD also offers German language courses to prepare successful applicants for their move and education in Germany.

4. DAAD Scholarship for a Master’s Degree in Germany

Bachelor’s Degree holders may apply for a DAAD scholarship, one of the scholarships available for Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, to pursue a Master’s Degree in Germany. The scholarship is generally available for 10 to 24 months. However, for two-year courses, DAAD will evaluate the scholars’ academic performance to retain the scholarship.

Scholars can receive the standard €861 monthly allowance, health insurance, study grant, and travel allowance. Additional financial support for monthly rent and accompanying family members is also available.

5. Oskar Karl Foster Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €500
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral

All financially challenged LMU students enrolled in the second semester can receive a one-time payment of €500 for books and other learning materials.

Doctoral candidates may apply for a separate €500 for dissertation printing subsidy.

6. SIST LMU Study Completion Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €650 per month (for four months)
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral

Regular international students enrolled in their last year in the course can apply for a this Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich scholarship if they experience a sudden financial difficulty. Applicants may send their applications to the International Office.

The scholarship is valid for only four months and is non-renewable. Applicants must not be current recipients of any scholarship and must provide evidence of financial need.


The International Office at LMU promotes students for different foundation funds based on neediness, worthiness, and social criteria. You may find information about the list of foundations here.

International students may find a wide range of other scholarship providers on this page.

In addition to these scholarships, LMU also accepts and supports scholarships for women. Female applicants may find more funding and scholarship opportunities here.

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