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Whether you are into scuba diving, magnificent jungle experience, or swimming with turtles, Malaysia has something for everyone! Exploring the beauties of this astounding country seems like a never-ending endeavor. Also, if you are an international student looking for a Malaysia scholarship, there are many scholarships available!

Studying in Malaysia is an attractive opportunity for many students in search of a quality, yet affordable education. Although its turquoise and pristine waters are the first things that pop into everyone’s minds when they think of Malaysia, studying here offers a rich cultural immersion and a broad spectrum of opportunities.

Living costs in Malaysia for international students

Famous for its affordability, Malaysia is the place where international students don’t need to fret about going over the budget! Depending on the chosen location, the living expenses might vary. However, an international student in Malaysia usually spends around $500 a month. Accommodation might vary from $90-$200 depending on whether you decide to live on-campus or rent an apartment.

If you love eating out, your expenses would be approximately between $140-$180. On average, most of the students spend from $60 – $100 on transport and free-time activities. However, if you opt for on-campus accommodation, you might even be able to avoid transportation costs, given that you won’t be needing to travel in order to attend the lectures.

Can international students work in Malaysia?

Although international students in Malaysia are allowed to work part-time, there still are some requirements that they need to meet in order to be legally allowed to work. International students can only work during the semester breaks and they should not exceed 20 hours per week. The industries they can opt for work in are also limited. International students are only allowed to work at restaurants, petrol kiosks, hotels, and mini markets.

Top universities in Malaysia

Each year an increasing number of students hurl to Malaysia for its high-ranking and notable universities! The broad spectrum of fields they can pursue their degrees in makes it a top destination for studying abroad.

University of Malaya

Situated in Malaysia’s largest city, Kuala Lumpur, the University of Malaya attracts thousands of students due to its variety of academic programs and its high placements in Asia University rankings.

University Kebangsaan Malaysia

Offering programs in both Art and Sciences, this institution provides its prospective students a competitive and diverse learning experience. Being on Times Higher Education List ensured the high status and the popularity of this university.

University Putra Malaysia

Although widely known for its forestry and agriculture programs and research, this institution is the home to many high-quality technology and science programs as well. Being famous for its exceptional research quality, the University Putra Malaysia attracts thousands of students each year.

Best Scholarships in Malaysia

1. Malaysia Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan


If you are a student from one of the Commonwealth countries looking for an opportunity to continue your studies abroad, this Malaysia scholarship is a perfect chance for that! The Malaysian government provides international postgraduates a scholarship that covers the tuition fee, health insurance, travel expenses, and monthly allowance.

This full-degree Master’s or Ph.D. program is available for all applicants who are not older than 45 and have a GPA above 3.5. Although the primary criterion is the academic merit, the quality and scientific contribution of students’ proposed research is evaluated as well.

2. Heriot-Watt University (Malaysia) Scholarships

Whether you are in search of a perfect institution to embark on your studies adventure and obtain your Bachelor’s degree, or you are a postgraduate looking for a perfect program, Heriot-Watt has something for everyone!

Offering a variety of scholarships in Malaysia for different programs, this institution provides its awardees 50% of all expenses covered. From Computing Science, Engineering, Business, and Finance, to quality extracurricular courses, Heriot-Watt provides a university experience that gives its students a professional edge!

3. Malaysia International Scholarship

Supporting extraordinary students from all over the world, the Malaysian government offers international postgraduate students an outstanding opportunity of pursuing their Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in this tropical country. Whether your choice is to study at a private or a public university in Malaysia, this scholarship ensures your tuition fees are entirely covered!

Apart from that, all awardees of these Malaysia scholarships are granted a monthly allowance for the duration of their programs. Eligibility is decided exclusively upon applicants’ English proficiency level, academic merits (GPA should not be below 3.5), and their research proposal quality.

4. International Graduate Student Scholarship

Offering a partial scholarship to students coming from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, University Putra Malaysia might be the perfect destination for international students eager to continue their academic careers in Malaysia.

If you are looking for an outstanding Ph.D. or Master’s program, and are especially interested in focusing your research on fields relevant to Malaysia’s society, you are more than welcome to apply to this MAlaysia scholarship! Prospective candidates should have a GPA above 3.5, at least one published scientific article, and recommendation letters.

5. UCSI Scholarships for International Students

UCSI University located in Kuala Lumpur provides its students a multitude of programs to choose from. From IT, Medicine, Architecture to Social Sciences, this Malaysian institution welcomes both undergraduates and postgraduate students.

This Malaysia scholarship amount varies depending on the chosen program, from partial to fully covered tuition. Given that it’s mostly based on academic merits, the UCSI Scholarship is awarded to students whose academic achievements and extracurricular activities portray their outstanding quality. Most of the programs require a GPA score above 3.5 and an English proficiency proof.

Studying abroad in a tropical country rich in mesmerizing vistas and a diverse mix of cultures is an unforgettable experience for every international student. If you’ve been under the impression that you need to invest an immense amount of money to obtain a quality education, Malaysia will definitely refute this misconception! Whichever your field of interest may be, Malaysian universities provide enough opportunities to enroll in your selected program without having to invest your entire life savings. Don’t hesitate to place this tropical paradise highly on your list of chosen destinations to study abroad.

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