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Malta Scholarships 2021-2022 (BS, MS, PhD and MBBS)

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Because of its breathtaking beauty, small size, and low cost of study, Malta is gaining popularity among international students wanting to get a personalized study experience in a less mainstream country. 

Malta has few but respectable higher education institutions, most of which are overseas branches of the British universities. These institutions follow the teaching methods and curriculum of Britain, the US, and Europe. So, naturally, foreign students looking for affordable study destinations abroad have started choosing Maltese universities. There are many co-op and joint degree programs in place which are widely chosen by international students.

Language of Instruction in Malta:

Malta has been a part of the British Empire for a long time and that is the main reason why English is widely spoken and understood here. Most of the universities in Malta teach in English but also encourage students to learn the Maltese language. The students have to prove their language proficiency in English if their first language is not one. IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are just some of the many tests that students can take to do so. However, if your previous degree was taught entirely in English, you can submit an official certificate from your previous institutions stating that you were taught and assessed in English for the entire length of your studies there. 

Studying and Working Simultaneously in Malta:

International students can work part-time in Malta after they have been in the country for at least three months. The maximum number of hours allowed is 20 hours per week. Students cannot skip classes in order to work. Doing so jeopardizes the aim of their study visa. They will have to apply for a work license for taking up part-time work. 

Cost of Living in Malta:

Malta is generally considered an affordable country to be in. But, a lot of it comes down to a person’s lifestyle and location. The prices of some commodities (ones which are imported) are higher than the others. Some of the cities and neighborhoods in Malta are way more expensive than the others because of their popularity among tourists. On average, a single person can live off on 1,857 EUR a month. A family of two will need 2,000 EUR. 

Top Universities of Malta:

The largest, oldest, and most famous Maltese university is the University of Malta. It has three campuses in total and is currently hosting 11,000 students. Some other notable institutions are the American University of Malta, STC University, Advenio eAcademy, and Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST). 

2021 Scholarships in Malta:

Universities in Malta welcome hundreds of international students every year. Students can study in the field of their choice with full or partial scholarships. These scholarships are open for both local and international students. Scroll down to read more about the scholarship opportunities available in Malta.

#1 University of Malta Research Scholarships:

The University of Malta is offering scholarships at the masters and Ph.D. level to those foreign students who are interested in research-focused studies. This scholarship is only open for students who are from a country that is outside of the EU or EEA. The applicants are required to prove their financial need for the scholarship. The successful applicants will get a 100% tuition waiver. The award is not open for MBA programs and/or some specialized Ph.D. programs.

#2 Maltalingua School of English Scholarship:

Maltalingua School of English is offering an English language course which can be taken up by current university students. The scholarship covers the whole cost of the program. The recipients will also get free accommodation for the entire length of the course. This course will allow individuals to give a head-start to their careers. For more details and information head on to the school’s official website and contact the moderators there. 

#3 Government of Malta Art Scholarship:

Available to Maltese citizens, EU/EEA national, and third-country citizens, this scholarship is being sponsored by the government of Malta. The third-country citizens should be permanent or long-term residents of Malta. The field of study should be music, film, design, fine arts, photography, or fashion. The level of study can be a diploma, undergraduate, or postgraduate. The tuition fee waiver of up to 20,000 EUR will be given as part of the scholarship. Go on over to the Ministry of Education and Employment of Malta’s official web page to learn more about it.

#4 Sports Scholarships in Malta:

This scholarship program is designed for the citizens of Malta and the EU/EEA as well as residents of the third countries. It is awarded to those talented athletes who have the potential of representing Malta on an international level. The scholarships are given for sports-related programs and training like sports psychology, law, and/or sports management. It is a hefty scholarship that is open for application on both under and postgraduate levels and is worth up to 20,000 Euros per recipient. To find out more about it, go on over to the website of the Ministry of Education and Employment of the Government of Malta. 

#5 Endeavor Bursaries:

The Endeavor Bursaries are also sponsored by the Government of Malta and are one of the most sought after scholarships in Malta. The aim of this scholarship is the better provision of post-secondary education to increase the literacy level in the labor market of Malta so that the labor community is highly qualified as well. The scholarship is being provided in various subject areas like Finance, education, arts, humanities, etc. On every European Credit Transfer, 58 Euros will be awarded. A number of educational institutions in Malta have partnered up with the Maltese government for this scholarship program. 

#6 Middlesex University in Malta Scholarships:

For its Information Technology and Business programs, Middlesex University of Malta is offering partial scholarships. Open for South Asian and African students, this scholarship offers a 20% waiver on tuition fees to all its recipients. More information is on the Malta Website of Middlesex University.

#7 Europa Donna Malta and RIDT Scholarships:

University of Malta’s Research Innovation & Development Trust (RIDT) is offering research scholarships at the Ph.D. level. The topic of the research is breast cancer. It is sponsored by an NGO and aims at finding a cure for breast cancer that is causing hundreds of deaths in a year. The applicants must have a master’s degree in biomedical sciences. The recipients will get 12,000 EUR per year for three consecutive years. For covering bench fees, the recipients will also be awarded up to 15,000 EUR a year. 

#8 Scholarships by Foundation for Theological Studies:

This scholarship is being provided at the University of Malta’s Department of Theology. Offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the scholarship is worth 2,000 EUR per recipient. This amount will be given to the recipients in five stages if they are undergrads and in three steps if they are master’s students.

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