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Malta Scholarships 2024-2025

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Malta is a small Mediterranean island country situated in the south of Italy, with about 500,000 people. Malta, Gozo, and Comino are the three largest islands that constitute Malta. This island country is a popular tourist destination for its Medieval fortresses, culture, and laid-back lifestyle.

In addition, warm climate, narrow cobblestone streets, and small but attractive beaches attract heaps of tourists worldwide. The relatively low cost of living and university degrees recognized globally are great reasons to study in Malta as an international student. Here, we will be looking at some of the best scholarships in Malta for international students.

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Living Costs in Malta for International Students

Studying in Malta can be an unforgettable experience due to its low cost of living and the quality of life compared to other EU countries. For instance, monthly expenses can be as low as EUR 500 a month, including one-bedroom apartment rent of EUR 300 and utilities.

Of course, it all depends on where a student rents and how much one spends on restaurants and entertainment. In Malta, food and transport are also cheaper than in most EU countries, and one can expect to pay an additional EUR 200.

Can international students work in Malta?

EU/EEA citizens can easily find employment while on their studies in Malta, but international students from non-EU countries are now eligible as well. Students can work up to 20 hours weekly, and international graduates can receive an extra six months to look for work upon their graduation.

Top Universities in Country:

The University of Malta is the country’s top-rated and largest university, established in 1769. Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology, settled in the small town of Paola, is the second-best university in Malta. MCAST is also a public, non-profit university, like UM. The third best-ranked is the Institute of Tourism Studies Malta, another public university.

Finally, the American University of Malta is the country’s best for-profit university, followed by another private institution, Middlesex University Malta, a branch of a famous university from the UK.

Best Scholarships in Malta

1. Endeavor Scholarships

Endeavor Scholarship is the best scholarship in Malta and is funded by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Malta. The Government of Malta delegates the scholarship based on the strategic planning requirements of Malta’s labor market and the needs of the industry and the economy.

Applicants must follow the guidelines and fit into the desired profile of a valuable member of the industry. For instance, international students must submit two short essays about how their studies benefit Malta’s EU 2024 plan.

Eligible applicants come from the EU/EEA member states and third-country states. The main requirement for the latter is that they have stayed in Malta for five years before the application. Even though Endeavor caters to master’s degree applicants, international students pursuing their second masters are welcome to apply. The grant of EUR 58 per ECTS is allocated for the scholarship, while the Joint Master’s Degree with another EU/EEA country awards the student with EUR 100 per ECTS credit.

2. TESS Scholarships

TESS refers to the ​Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme, organized by the government of the Republic of Malta. TESS Scholarships, previously known as Endeavor Group B, are aimed at students at their MQF Level 7 (master’s) and MQF Level 8 (Ph.D.).

Eligible candidates are either Maltese citizens or EU/EEA passport holders, and alternatively, third-country nationals with a Maltese residence issued at least five years before the application deadline. According to the TESS eligibility requirements, third-country citizens can be workers in the country or self-employed.

The selection criteria are detailed, strict, and based on a variety of factors. Undergrad GPA constitutes 20% of the total eligibility points. The same percentage is given to the relevance of the course or research for the local economy. Another 25% goes for the significance of the study to the area of priority. Finally, the likely impact of the course (relevant for the Republic of Malta) and the previous work experience make up 35% of the eligibility criteria.

This Malta scholarship grants range from EUR 8000, for the five-year master’s degree part-time study, to EUR 32000, for the Ph.D. degree under the full-time commitment within the maximum duration of five years.

3. University of Malta Postgraduate Scholarships

The University of Malta provides some of the best scholarships in Malta for international graduate students outside of the EU/EEA member states. The scholarship is reserved for the students whose income is insufficient to fund the master’s or a Ph.D. degree. This rewarding program waives up to 100% of the tuition fees for the candidates who can be considered only once unconditionally accepted and enrolled.

Award criteria are based on the academic ability, quality of the research proposal and the motivational letter, and the applicant’s performance during the interview. Moreover, interests, skills, experience, and the relevance of the research for the Maltese industry are also considered. In addition, the reviewers screen the international relations and the significance of the home country for Malta’s area of interest.

4. Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme

The Maltese Government and the Ministry of Education encourage athletes to apply for the Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme and become professional representatives of Malta or experts in the broader field of sports.

Athletes eligible to apply can be Maltese nationals, EU/EEA, or third-country citizens, provided that they have been work-visa holders for five years before application. Moreover, candidates can be holders of the Residence Status of United Kingdom Nationals and their Family Members or be enrolled in training at any higher education level.

The Malta Sport Scholarship Scheme is mainly directed towards arranging full-time training programs in the duration of the 48 calendar months. However, eligible candidates can, but not necessarily so, pursue and receive a full degree, be it a diploma, undergrad, or postgrad. On the other hand, the Academic and Vocational Qualification Category accepts candidates based on their academic merit, work experience, and relevance to the initiatives of the Government of Malta. These grantees can pursue their degrees in sports psychology, coaching, sports sciences, exercise and help, and related programs.

The duration of the program is a minimum of 24 months for the training program and 84 months for a full Ph.D. program. Scholarship checks range from EUR 5000 to EUR 20000 for the duration of the program.

5. Malta Arts Scholarship

Malta Arts Scholarship Scheme focuses on young and creative individuals whose work can positively impact the community of this island country. This scholarship in Malta addresses the development of sustainable communities through artists’ visions and, at the same time, aims to preserve the cultural fabric of this ancient and culturally rich island.

International students considered and accepted should be talented in design, photography, fashion, theatre, dance, film, creative writing, acting, or architecture. Once accepted and enrolled, they can expect grants of EUR 5000 to EUR 20000, regarding the level (undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate) of the program they would choose.

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