Mornings are the most important aspect of the everyday life. One’s whole day depends upon just how his/her morning was. A mere glitch in the breakfast even could ruin the whole day and where grown-ups realizing the severity and importance of the day could ignore the fact children are the ones worst affected by a haphazard start of the day. How the day went at home shapes the whole day after, that’s the reason behind the joke of students about teachers’ bad mood that he must have had a fight with his wife in the morning.

Why is it Important to Have a Good Morning Routine for School?

School age is the most critical age of ones’ life and its where the actual psychological development takes place. Petty fights amongst their parents or some stupid grudge against siblings might prove to be a personality flaw in the long run. That’s where the importance of a happy and an organized morning before school comes into play. Proper arrangement and following of set schedule will induce discipline and the importance of time in the young brains that will, in turn, help them in being responsible citizens of the society. Thus, its one way of investing towards a better future.

A Good Morning Routine:

A good and a healthy morning routine can be ensured by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Wake up at least half an hour or an hour before your kids wake up. This will provide the parents with ample time to prepare themselves for the day i.e. taking showers, toothbrush, using the restroom, etc.
  • Drink water, it cleanses away both the soul and the body.
  • Set the three most important tasks for the day to achieve.
  • Having an exercise or a morning walk would be awesome.
  • Having a lemon water and plant-based breakfast is both healthy and faster to make.
  • Just take a deep breath.
  • And the most important of them all stop hitting the snooze.

A Good Morning Routine for School:

Both mother and father alike are responsible for their kid’s upbringing and personality development. Owing to the importance of having a healthy morning routine as discussed above they need to device a set and followable daily morning routine in order to ensure their kid’s happy day. Following steps can be followed to ensure such a happy, complete and fulfilling day:

  • First of all, try to stay calm yourselves, mornings can be equally tiring for elders even after a good night’s sleep. I mean who wants to wake up from sweet dreams, right?
  • Try having gotten everything ready by night.
  • Having some alarms for kids so that they develop a habit and will of waking up by themselves.
  • Give your kids warm and calm instructions to carry on with the day.
  • Cut down on distractions like televisions, morning cartoons and tablets.
  • Getting ready faster and on time can be turned into a game to make mornings fun.
  • And last but not least develop in your kids a habit of making their beds themselves before leaving home for school.

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