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Located in Central Canada, Ontario is one of the most populous provinces of Canada. Canada’s capital, Ottawa, and the most populous city, Toronto, both belong to the province of Ontario. Its culturally diverse population and proximity to the US border make Ontario an ideal place for international students. Here, we will be looking at some of the best scholarships in Ontario for international students.

International students will not have problems finding a good university in Ontario since five out of the ten best universities in Canada are located in the province (listed below). Moreover, a degree from one of these universities or any other university in Ontario also puts one on a path to acquiring Canadian citizenship through its Provincial Nominee Program or towards a career in Canada’s booming finance and technology industry.

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Living Costs in Ontario for International Students

One crucial factor to consider when deciding to study in Ontario is the high cost of living. Canada’s two most expensive cities are Toronto and Ottawa. A student in Ontario can expect to pay at least CA$ 600 per month for accommodation, CA$ 270 for food, and CA$ 90 for transportation. On top of these, an additional CA$ 300 monthly may also be necessary to cover miscellaneous expenses like books, a mobile phone with an internet connection, and entertainment.

Can international students work in Ontario?

Following Canadian laws, international students in Ontario may work on the campus if they meet the following requirements:

  • The school is a university or a college;
  • The student holds a study permit;
  • The student is a full-time student; and
  • Work occurs while the study permit is valid.

International students who want to work off-campus must have a work permit, and a student who is allowed to work off-campus may work only up to 20 hours per week during the school semester and full-time during holidays.

Top Universities in Country:

The University of Toronto is the top university in Ontario and the whole of Canada. It is ranked 25 in the 2024 QS University Ranking, and it is famous for medical and AI research. The other top universities in Ontario with their respective 2024 QS University Rankings are McMaster University in Hamilton (144), University of Waterloo (166), Western University in London (203), and Queen’s University in Kingston (246). All of the top five universities in Ontario are public, multidisciplinary, and research-intensive universities.

Best Scholarships in Ontario

1. McMaster University Undergraduate Admission Scholarships

McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, is one of the top research universities in the country. It has over 70 Centers and Institutes and hosts The United Nations Institute for Water, Environment, and Health. McMaster University offers some of the best scholarships in Ontario for international students.

The university has general and faculty-specific admission scholarships automatically awarded to prospective students whose final admission average is in the top 10% of their faculty. These scholarships range from CA$ 1000 to CA$ 3000 and are open to international students.

In addition to this, international students may compete for the Provost Entrance Scholarship for International Students. The application process considers academic achievement, character, community involvement, and leadership skills. The award is a one-time grant of up to CA$ 7,500, and there are ten available slots annually.

2. University of Waterloo Undergraduate Admission Scholarships

Located in Waterloo, 110 kilometers southwest of Toronto, the University of Waterloo is home to the world’s largest paid internship program. The program allows its students to use their relevant work experience towards their degrees and use the university’s network of 7,100 plus employers to gain work experience.

The University of Waterloo automatically awards scholarships based on the admission average of prospective students. The President’s Scholarship of Distinction awards CA $2,000 to students with an admission average of 95% or higher. In addition, the student has an option to claim an additional CA$ 1,500 International Experience Award and CA$ 1,500 Research Award once the student completes the first year of studies with a GPA of 80% or above.

The university also has several entrance scholarships for international students entering their first undergraduate degree program. These entrance scholarships in Ontario are valued at CA$ 10,000 and are awarded to international students with a minimum admission average of 90%.

3. Western University International President’s Entrance Scholarships

Western University has 12 faculties that offer more than 400 combinations of undergraduate majors, minors, specializations, and 88 graduate degree programs. High schools nominate their candidates who are required to submit an essay to be eligible for the scholarship. Applicants are screened according to their academic performance, extracurricular activities, creativity, and innovation.

Under its International President’s Entrance Scholarship, Western University awards three students a scholarship worth CA$ 50,000. The scholarship is distributed throughout four years; CA$ 20,000 in the first year and CA$ 10,000 for years two to four.

4. Windsor University Graduate Entrance Scholarships

Located next to the Detroit River, Windsor University currently has 16,000 students enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs such as law, business, engineering, education, nursing, social work, science, and humanities.

Windsor University scholarships are catered to graduate-level students. In order to qualify for this Ontario scholarship, international applicants need to have an admission average of at least 80% and be recommended by their faculty. Master’s degree students in a thesis stream who qualify for the scholarship will receive a one-time award of CA$ 7,500. Master’s degree students in a non-thesis stream will receive a one-time award of CA$ 3,750. Doctoral degree awardees will receive CA$ 7,500 annually for up to four years of their study.

5. Ryerson University President’s Entrance Scholarships

Ryerson University in Toronto is known for its focus on education leading to innovation and entrepreneurship. Its culturally diverse campus hosts 38,950 students across 100 graduate and undergraduate programs.

Ryerson University’s President’s Entrance Scholarship awards a CA$ 40,000 scholarship to 12 recipients yearly. Secondary school graduates who want to apply for this Ontario scholarship program should have a minimum 90% final admission average calculated based on their best six Grade 12 U/M courses or the equivalent in their home country. In addition, prospective applicants must submit an essay and two letters of reference to substantiate leadership activities, academic proficiency, innovativeness, and creativity.

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