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Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2021-2022 (QECS 2021-2022)

Deadline February 28, 2021
Opening date January 1, 2021
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in UK
Type Fully Funded
Location United_Kingdom (UK)

A Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2021-2022 is a unique opportunity to study for a two-year Master’s degree in low or middle-income countries of the Commonwealth.

Aimed at students who are committed to creating change in their communities, the scholarships are a life-changing opportunity to experience a new country and culture, to broaden horizons, and to build a global network that will last a lifetime.

Through cultural exchange and academic collaboration, Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars help bring about positive change and find solutions to the shared challenges we face – both in their home countries and those that host them. As an active part of the Commonwealth network, scholars will help shape its future.

We are aware of the current situation regarding COVID-19. Scholars will be advised to travel once travel restrictions are lifted and universities are open and accepting international students. Please note that there are 2 distance learning awards available.

Coverage of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

    • Fully-funded tuition fees
    • Living expenses allowance (stipend) for the duration of the award
    • Return economy flights to their host country
    • An arrival allowance
    • Research support grant – on request only; subject to approval

QECS Eligibility (FAQ)

Who can apply for a Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship (QECS)?
Citizens (or those who hold refugee status) in a Commonwealth country are welcome to apply.

Can I apply for a QECS in my home country/country of citizenship?
No. Applicants must apply for a QECS award in a country other than their home country/country of citizenship.

Is there an age limit for QECS awards?
No. There is no upper age limit to be eligible for a QECS Award.

Can I apply for a QECS in the final year of my undergraduate degree?
No. You must have already completed your degree and have graduated with an equivalent of a 2:1 at the time of application. As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide a copy of your final transcript and degree certificate.

Can I apply for a QECS to study in Canada, the UK or Australia?
No. The QECS awards are only hosted by low and middle-income countries. Therefore these awards will not be hosted in Canada, the UK, or Australia.

I have started a course but am unable to pay for the fees, can I apply for a QECS to pay the fees?
No. QECS awards are only for new students and cannot be used to fund a course that has already been started.

Can I apply for a QECS to study for an undergraduate degree?
No. QECS are available for master’s degrees only.

Can I apply for a QECS to study for a Ph.D.?
No. QECS are available for master’s degrees only.

The Master’s course that I am interested in is longer than two years, can I apply for a QECS for this course?
No. The QECS will only fund two year Masters Courses.

I already have a master’s degree, will this meet the eligibility requirements?
Please check with your preferred university to ensure you meet the entry requirements for your chosen courses.

How to apply for QECS?

The QECS application form consists of the following sections:

    • Eligibility
    • Personal Details
    • Academic & Employment Record
    • The course at the host university details
    • Statements
    • Upload supporting documents

The statement section is formed of three main statements which applicants need to provide. Guidance for what is required for each statement is shown below as well as on the application form itself.

Statement 1:   Plan of study

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships provide unique opportunities to study abroad for a Master’s in leading universities in low and middle-income Commonwealth countries.

Your statement should answer the following questions:

      • Why have you chosen to study this course? What specific features of the course do you find interesting? 
      • Why do you want to undertake this course at this institution and in this country?
      • What have you done to research your chosen university? 
      • How is this course relevant to your future career plans?
      • Explain how your previous studies and experiences make you a suitable candidate for this course.

Statement 2:   Development impact and post-study outreach

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships are for students committed to creating change in their communities. Scholars will be supported to develop their knowledge and skills and learn how to apply them in their careers so they can contribute towards solutions to global challenges and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Part 1

Your statement should answer the following questions:

      • Describe briefly one challenge or problem in your country that you would like to address.
      • How will your proposed study help you contribute towards a solution to this challenge?
      • What skills do you expect to gain from this scholarship?
      • How will you use the knowledge and skills gained on the award in your local community when you return home?

Part 2

      • Which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals does the subject you are studying most align to? (you can pick more than one).
      • How will your proposed study contribute to this/this Sustainable Development Goal (s)?

Statement 3: Creating networks

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships provide an opportunity to embrace new cultures, learn different perspectives, and enhance collaboration at home and throughout the Commonwealth.

Your statement should answer the following questions:

      • Explain how you have developed networks through academic studies, hobbies, work experience, and/or volunteering experience.
      • What connections and networks will help you to achieve an impact on your scholarship? 
      • How might you start to develop these connections during your study?

Which universities are hosts for the current Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship application cycle?
Only those universities listed online are hosting QECS awards for the current application cycle.

Can I submit more than one QECS application?
As QECS awards can be held in a variety of Commonwealth Countries, you can submit more than one application as long as they are for different host countries/universities. However, if you submit two applications for one host country/university only the first application submitted will be considered.

Applications are now open and will close January 18, 2021, 4:00 (UTC +1)

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