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Scholarships in Belarus 2021-2022: Open for Online Applications

List of Top Scholarships in Belarus

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You can now study abroad in Belarus with scholarships and grants. Many international organizations provide scholarships in Belarus. Belarus is a beautiful landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It has a well –organized and high-quality education system. There are various well-known universities in Belarus providing top-notch studies in a wide range of fields. The rich culture which has a heavy Russian influence and great diversity are two more factors that attract lots of international students to this country. Also, one of the main reasons to study in Belarus especially for students who do not have a lot of funds is the low cost of living in Belarus as compared to other countries in Europe.

However, one drawback might be that international students have to enroll for a language course of one year when they arrive at Belarus if they can’t speak Belarusian or Russian. They might have to study mathematics and physics also. They can’t get admission without it. However, given the advantages of studies in Belarus, this might not be a deal-breaker for many.

2021 Belarus Scholarships List

So, if you have made up your mind and want to study in Belarus on a scholarship, check out the below mentioned top scholarships in Belarus

#1 Scholarships of the Belarusian President

Every year, Scholarships of the Belarusian President are awarded to promising postgraduate students. These are specifically awarded to students who are doing thesis in particular areas called priority areas such as technical sciences, humanities, medicine, etc. They are provided through a special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus. The scholarships provide financial aid to university students to recognize their academic excellence. Thus, students can finance their studies and other related expenses through this scholarship. Local and foreign students of different universities can apply for these scholarships in Belarus. So, do check your university’s website for the scholarship application process and details.

#2 Visegrad Scholarship Program

Visegrad provides scholarships for the advancement of innovative ideas in Central and Eastern Europe. The scholarships are provided for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and post-Master students for all majors in different languages. The scholarship is provided for a maximum of four semesters in various institutions in Visegrad countries with a certain amount provided in each semester. Scholarship holders can study abroad in accredited universities on the scholarship provided. Belarusians are also eligible to apply for the scholarship and students of other Visegrad countries can apply for a scholarship in Belarus university.  You can visit Visegrad’s website for more information.

#3 DAAD Bilateral Academic Exchange

This exchange program is for German scientists so that they can visit foreign universities and institutions for research. The scholarship promotes bilateral research cooperation between countries. Belarus is one of the countries in which research stays may be conducted. The research that stays under this exchange program is fully funded. The duration of the research visits can be between 7 days and 3 months. The exact duration depends on the project and the applicant’s work schedule. Funding under the program is non-renewable. To know more, go to the website of DAAD.

#4 Erasmus+ for Higher Education in Belarus

Erasmus+ is a program of the EU to support education, youth, training, and sports in Europe. Belarus is one of the partner countries neighboring the EU. For students enrolled in a degree program at an accredited institute, Erasmus+ provides the opportunity of studying abroad through exchanges program in program countries and to and from partner countries. The study abroad period ranges between 3 and 12 months. Erasmus+ provides grants to cover travel and living costs for the students in this program. Students can also apply for Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees which are delivered by a consortium of higher educational institutes. EU funded scholarships are offered to excellent students enrolled in these degrees. The scholarship covers all costs related to the degree. You can visit the Erasmus+ section on EU’s website for further details on the program.

#5 Belarusian State Technical University Scholarships

At this university, students are offered different types of scholarships. These include study scholarships, social scholarships, special scholarships, personal scholarships as well as scholarships of the President of the Republic of Belarus. These scholarships are meant for students who have shown outstanding academic performance and mastered the course content. These are provided for Master and Graduate students of the university. The amount for scholarships is calculated based on the university’s increasing coefficient. Apart from this, different fellowships are also provided at the university. You can view the scholarship page on the university’s website to get further information.

#6 Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Scholarships

This university rewards international students of 2-6 courses according to their course results. A special commission takes the decision for awarding international students. Also, the university has a discount system for the first-year study.  Foreign students who have graduated from the preparatory department can get a certain amount of discount on their tuition fees. In addition to this, outstanding full-time graduate students of this university are eligible for the scholarships of the President of Belarus. Further information on different discounts as well as scholarships is available on this university’s website.

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