School Leaving Certificate: Template and examples of School Leaving Certificate

A school leaving certificate is a well-known document or certification which is awarded to a student upon completion of his basic school studies. The name of this certification differs from country to country, however, the purpose is the same. Some alternative names for school leaving certificates are:

  • School leaving certificate
  • Certification of education
  • High school diploma certificate
  • Senior certificate

The eligibility criteria for attaining the school leaving certificate depends from one institution to another. There are some educational institutions which make it mandatory for the students to learn a foreign language so that they may be awarded the school leaving certificate. Some institutions specify a fixed number of years which a student has to complete in the school for the attainment of the certificate.

List of School Leaving Certificate with respect to countries

In the pints below the school leaving certificate has been specified as per countries

  • High School Diploma (USA)
  • General Certificate of Education (England)
  • Matura ( Italy)
  • Abitur (Germany)
  • Bagrut (Israel)

Physical Structure of School Leaving Certificate

The original certificates or diplomas were manufactured via sheepskin. The paper was not considered long-lasting hence was not considered as the main manufacturing ingredient. The sheepskin was thin like paper and the information on the certificate was handwritten. Later on, Parchment was introduced and was soon used as the manufacturing material for the school leaving certificate.

The certification used to be very large in size and the practice of getting the certificate printed on the A4 paper was very uncommon. The presentation of the certificate was also very different in the past. Previously the certificate was tied with ribbon and was given to the student in rolled form. However today they are offered in a simple A4 size paper. Some institutions also use leather binders or frame the diploma in the glass as well.

The common practice today with regards to certificates is that they are not offered on the graduation date. A blank file is given as a confirmation that the student has completed his days in the school. The student can collect the diploma at a later date.

School leaving Certificate Criteria

As mentioned already different countries and different educational systems have separate criteria for awarding the certificate. There is no international standard in this regard. The points below explain the criteria or requirements for attaining the school leaving certificate as per different countries or systems.

  • British Model: British Model British Model
  • The European schools: International Baccalaureate
  • United States: A student has to pass a test in order to qualify for the certificate
  • Australia: The requirements differ as per the region

Secondary School Leaving Certificate or High School Certificate

The secondary school leaving certificate signifies that a student has completed his basic level of education. In this heading, we will specifically discuss the secondary school leaving certificate. As the name indicates, the certificate is given to the student who has graduated or has completed his high-level education. The normal degree convocations which are held in different countries and institutes of the world are a good example of how this certificate is given. The student walks on the stage, receives the certificate, the photo is taken and the student leaves the stage.

Types of Secondary school leaving certificates

There are many types or categories of secondary school leaving certificates. The categories have been briefly discussed in the points below

  • Honors Diploma: It is awarded to the student whose academic achievements are excellent and strong. The certificate is awarded under the Latin honors system
  • Certificate of Completion: The certificate is awarded to the students who are disabled. The certificate, however, does not qualify the requirements of High school diploma
  • College preparation: Awarded to the students whose grades as well as the coursework qualifies the basic entrance requirements for universities that are public
  • Certificate of Attendance: Awarded to the students who meet the requirements pertaining to attendance for secondary school, however, fail to meet the requirements related to graduation
  • Minimal: Awarded to students meeting minimum graduation requirements. The certificate, however, does not guarantee entrance into every university particularly of USA
  • Technical: Awarded to students who successfully complete any technical course such as Mobile repair or Automobile repair

Special Program Certificates

There is another kind of leaving certificate which is known as the Special Program Certificate. These certificates are awarded on top of the normal diplomas and degrees. The details have been explained below

  • Cambridge AICE: This qualification is a must when it comes to entry or admission in a UK university
  • International Baccalaureate: The certificate is provided to students who successfully complete the International Baccalaureate
  • Cambridge IGCSE: The certificate is equal to US school diploma. The certificate, however, does not ensure entry into a UK university

Application for school leaving certificate

Nowadays institutes or schools have software systems. They know when a particular student is graduating. Automatically once a student completes his education, the institute provides him the certificate. However due to any reason, if one wants to bring into the attention of the institute that he has graduated or completed the education and wants the certificate then in such a case the best way is to write an application or leave application for school. There is no special format for this kind of application.

The school leaving certificate is an important document. It serves as the basis of your education no matter which part of the world you are living in!


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