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As the southernmost country of Africa, the aptly named South Africa has the third-largest economy in the African continent. The country has been a popular destination in the Southern African region for tourism and education. There are a lot of cultures to soak yourselves into. As a product of colonialism in the past millennium and the ongoing traversal of the South African people in the post-colonial future, the country has been met with various social issues which continue up until this day and continue to improve on the rights of the majority. This post will discuss some of the best scholarships in South Africa for international students.

Living Expenses in South Africa for International Students

Major cities of South Africa have an expectedly higher cost of living than surrounding areas. If a student is planning to stay near the top universities, expect to pay rent of about R4000 to R6000 (US $270 to US $410), as expected in Cape Town. This does not include the monthly utility bills worth around R3000. If you will not be eating outside, you can save by buying groceries which can be worth around R3000 monthly. Also, you can expect to go around the cities by purchasing a travel pass worth R610 monthly.

Can International Students Work in South Africa?

South African laws permit students to obtain part-time work if they do not exceed the 20-hour weekly limit. They should only be able to do this with a student visa.

Top Universities in South Africa

The top universities of South Africa can pretty much be found in its major cities. Cape Town has the University of Cape Town near the Table Mountain, Pretoria has the University of Pretoria, Johannesburg has the University of the Witwatersrand, Durban has its University of KwaZulu-Natal, and Stellenbosch has its own Stellenbosch University.

Best Scholarships in South Africa

1. MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program

At the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria boasts of its public university, the University of Pretoria (UP). UP, in cooperation with the MasterCard Foundation, offers this full scholarship in South Africa. This scholarship is open to all African students aiming for postgraduate degrees in the university. After the scholarship, a return-service agreement to the country of origin should be fulfilled by the recipients. UP and MCF looks at the leadership and community experience, aside from excellent academic performance during undergraduate years.

Successful applicants are full-time students at the university and are eligible to enjoy the following perks: tuition fee and other academic fee waivers, accommodation and travel costs, roundtrip tickets, medical aid, and monthly stipends. Students who are interested in obtaining a degree from all four faculties are eligible to submit their applications.

2. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees scholarships are not only confined in the four walls of Europe, with Africa contributing to the prestigious program. The objectives of the Erasmus scholarship extend to the continent south of Europe, with countries such as Egypt, Cameroon, Senegal, Uganda, Madagascar, and South Africa. South Africa, for instance, is an essential part of the program, with three of the country’s best universities hosting a semester’s worth of education for international scholars. Feel free to apply for this scholarship if these programs are part of your career progression, and if you want to visit South Africa:

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship may either be fully or a partially funded scholarship, depending on the student’s performance in the application process and the relevance of their program choice to their career progression. To have an idea of the coverage of the scholarships, there are two types to consider: scholarships for students from Program Countries and Partner Countries. Program Countries include those in the EU and other European countries, while Partner countries are mostly countries outside the European continent. For students from the Partner countries, expect a higher coverage than those from Program Countries. For partner countries, the range includes the following per year, depending on the distance from the host country:

  • EPOG: €38000 to €40000
  • Mundus Journalism: €47000 to €49000
  • EMLEX: €47000 to €49000
  • EMGS: €36000 to €38000

Tuition fees and travel and living expenses are included in this ranges.

3. International and Refugee Scholarships at UCT

If you dream of studying at a university with a view of the famous Table Mountain, look no further than the University of Cape Town. For international and refugee students, UCT offers scholarships for postgraduate students in the city of Cape Town. Annually, postgraduate students apply for this competitive scholarship, but this funding is only mean to supplement the studies of the students. The bulk of the expenses should still be shouldered by the recipient.

This South Africa scholarship is still significant and should be renewed annually, with the maximum duration being the program duration. The following will be awarded to the successful postgraduate students:

  • Master’s – R30000 (US $2100)
  • Doctoral – R35000 (US $2400)
  • Honors – R25000 (US $1700)

For perspective, a postgraduate student in the UCT is expected to spend R100000 (US $7000) per year.

4. Bloemhof Trust Bursary at Stellenbosch University

Bursaries are a common type of financial aid in Stellenbosch University, one of South Africa’s top universities located at its second oldest town of Stellenbosch. Compared to scholarships which are provided to the students based on different factors such as academic excellence and leadership skills, bursaries are based on the student’s financial need. One of the bursaries at Stellenbosch U is the Bloemhof Trust Bursary.

The value of this scholarship at South Africa is from R5000 to R50000, depending on the financial capability of the student. It is open to all undergraduate students, and its most noted qualification is the ability to Afrikaans, among other things such as leadership excellence. For perspective, a student of the Stellenbosch is expected to pay around R40000 to R60000 in tuition fees annually.

5. Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship at Wits University

Among the top universities of South Africa, the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg also offers scholarships for its students in its multi-campus university. No application is required; the scholarship is offered to undergraduate students who perform excellently in their academics. The student should strive to have excellent grades in English, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences since this is where the Wits bases its decision for inviting ten students to the scholarship.

Students from all five faculties of the Wits (Commerce, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, and Science) are eligible. If offered this South Africa scholarship, the student will receive an R50000 grant and can be renewed annually. Since this is not a full scholarship, the student is expected to supplement the remaining expenses, with annual tuition fees ranging from R40000 to R80000.


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