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Turquoise pristine waters, exotic beaches, and meditation retreats are the typical images that pop into everyone’s minds when they think of Thailand. However, there’s so much more to it than meets the eye! Apart from being a popular tourist destination, the Land of Smiles’ fantastic education system and affordable lifestyle is what sets it apart from other countries.

If you decide to embark on an adventure of studying abroad, you will find studying in Thailand an experience you will never forget. Providing a life-changing experience to a tremendous number of international students, Thailand’s universities should not be overlooked by any student in search of a scholarship abroad because there are many Thailand scholarships available for international students.

Living costs in Thailand for international students

If you often find your quest for a scholarship abroad deterred by unreasonable expenses, Thailand will be your dream destination! Although the costs vary depending on each student’s choices, most of the necessities are affordable here. If you decide to spend your university days on campus, your room expenses will vary from $130-$300. Opting for an apartment might cost from $60- $250. If you are well versed in cooking, you can expect to spend up to $30 a month on food. However, eating out is incredibly affordable! It’s possible to find meals as cheap as $2!

Of course, depending on the city you choose to spend your studying abroad days in, your expenses might vary. International students in Bangkok spend from $450-$700, including accommodation, utilities, entertainment, and transportation.

Can international students work in Thailand?

Unfortunately, unless you have a work permit, it’s strictly forbidden to work in Thailand. If you decide to study in this country, you will obtain a student visa that prevents you from being legally allowed to have a job.

Top universities in Thailand

If searching for a competitive degree, Thailand is the place to be! Being known as the most welcoming and hospitable country, Thailand offers plenty of scholarship opportunities to international students. Although some of the country’s best universities gained their reputation due to their excellent technology and science programs, there are various other degrees to pursue here.

Mahidol University

Best known for its medicine program, Mahidol University is the top choice for all students who dream of reaching high expertise and experiencing Thailand’s capital lifestyle at the same time. However, apart from the option of pursuing a medical degree, this institution offers a variety of other programs, including Humanities as well.

Chulalongkorn University

With 99 international programs, this institution stands out as an educational destination many foreign students don’t want to miss. Chulalongkorn University is often considered the best university in Thailand, owing to the exceptional research quality and the quality of the curriculum at this institution.

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

Placing high emphasis on their students’ practical knowledge, this prominent institution is famous for the support they provide to their students. King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi offers programs in technology, engineering, architecture, and design.

Best Scholarships in Thailand

1. Chulalongkorn University Scholarship for International Graduate Students

Recent graduates looking forward to studying and living in this fabulous tropical country have an opportunity to apply for a Chulalongkorn University scholarship. If you are searching for a perfect university to pursue your Master’s or Ph.D. degree, you will be thrilled to find about this program. The duration of the program itself depends on the degree level you are pursuing, varying from two to three years.

The university offers a fully funded scholarship in Thailand, including travel expenses, tuition fees, accommodation, and monthly allowance. Graduate students from all countries are welcome to apply if their GPA score is above 3.50 and they provide proof of English proficiency.

2. Mahidol University International Postdoctoral Fellowship

If you are searching for an amazing opportunity to pursue your research in Thailand, Mahidol University might be the best place to spend a year of your academic career. If you have published at least three research papers and completed your doctoral degree in the last five years, don’t hesitate to apply for this Thailand scholarship.

Even though Mahidol university offers a variety of programs, the Fellowship is mainly focused on medicine, biology, and pharmacy. If your field of expertise falls under these categories, you can expect a monthly allowance of $1,800, health insurance and visa expenses covered.

3. SIIT Graduate Scholarship Program for Excellent Foreign Students

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology awards excellent Thailand scholarships to international students who intend to pursue their Master’s or Ph.D. degrees at this institution. Consisting of five different departments, the Institute offers a chance to pursue a degree in Engineering, Science, and Technology.

Apart from exceptional previous academic records and two recommendation letters, the applicants are expected to provide their official certificate of English proficiency. SIIT provides its scholarship holders fully-funded tuition, a $300 monthly allowance, travel expenses, and health insurance covered.

4. Chulabhorn Graduate Institute Post-graduate Scholarship Program

Students holding a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Medicine, or Pharmacy together with a GPA score above 2.75 are eligible to apply for this outstanding opportunity. However, although international students from all over the globe are welcome to apply, they are required to have previous experience in laboratory research to be eligible for applying.

This fully-funded scholarship at Thailand covers tuition, travel expenses, accommodation, and monthly allowance. If you are eager to carry out your research in an outstanding institute and obtain your Master’s or Ph.D. degree here, make sure to look into this program.

5. AIT Master’s degree Scholarship

The Asian Institute of Technology provides foreign students with an opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree in Environmental science, Engineering, Management, or Technology. If your overall GPA score is above 2.75, you are more than welcome to apply for this fully funded scholarship in Thailand. Located in Bangkok, apart from an amazing opportunity to further develop your academic career, this program allows you to fully immerse yourself in this fascinating culture, explore Khao San Road of Bangkok’s markets. The choices are vast!

Affordable, yet, fantastic education is what sets this country apart from many other countries combined with excellent scholarships in Thailand. If you choose the Land of Smiles as your study abroad destination, you will undoubtedly have the time of your life! Whether you choose to go scuba-diving in the Andaman Sea or just chat with the locals, you are definitely in for a remarkable adventure in Thailand!

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