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University of Bern Scholarships for International Students

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Switzerland’s third-largest university is located in the Swiss capital, and it is none other than the University of Bern. This institution was established in the year 1834. Moreover, the center of learning is in the top 200 list of international university rankings. Offering a wide range of courses and degree programs across its eight faculties, it is not surprising that more and more students are choosing to pursue their higher education studies at the institute. Here, we will be looking at the best scholarships at the University of Bern for international students.

Speaking of the faculties, these are the Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business, Economics, & Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Vetsuisse Faculty, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Human Sciences, and Faculty of Science. When it comes to the campuses, university buildings are located around various parts of the city. Although, there is the main building called the Hochschulstrasse 4.

As of 2024, the university has 19,230 students. Two thousand one hundred ninety-nine of these students are from overseas. With that, some of the institution’s best-known alumni include Nobel Chemistry laureate Kurt Wüthrich, former CEO of Novartis AG Daniel Vasella, British-Irish author John le Carré, politician Annemarie Huber-Hotz, and Swiss polar explorer, mountaineer, & skier Xavier Mertz.

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How do I apply to the University of Bern Scholarships?

The University of Bern is open to all students across undergraduate, Master’s, and postgraduate levels.

Students interested in applying for a Bachelor’s degree program at the university are advised to check the country-specific admission requirements. If an international student presents a document incompatible with the university or country’s standards, they may be asked to take the supplementary examination. Moreover, those who do not have German as their native language must prove that they have a good command of the language, at least C1 level. Otherwise, it might be best to take a German test at the University of Bern, an essential step as it is the language mainly utilized in undergraduate studies.

More information can be found on the Bachelor’s Degree Programs Application and Admission page.

As for incoming Master’s students, they are required to have obtained a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum duration of three years from an officially recognized university. Training certifications will not be acceptable. In addition to this, students will not automatically be requested to prove that they have sufficient German language skills. It will depend on their chosen program, as some of the Master’s degree programs at the institute utilize English as its teaching language. Lastly, the application can simply be made online.

Suppose you are a student who wishes to apply to a Medical degree program such as Medicine, Dental Medicine, & Veterinary Medicine. In that case, you should keep in mind that the number of slots is limited. It is advisable to apply earlier than usual for the courses as mentioned earlier. For detailed information, check the Master’s Degree Programs Application and Admission page.

Future PhD students who wish to apply at the university have a simple process to follow. It begins with checking the criteria and requirements for the chosen doctorate. What comes next is seeking a supervisor under the doctoral program selected. Additionally, the student can also ask for further help from the administrators in that institute or department. Following this, the student has to apply online via the Admissions Office before the application deadlines. Afterward, the student has to accomplish the confirmation of supervision document in line with his or her doctoral program, and it will then be submitted in the form of a hard copy.

To be a PhD student at the university, applicants must be Master’s degree holders from a Swiss University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, or an equivalent foreign university. Other requirements will depend on the chosen course. View further details here on the Doctorate Application and Admission page.

The University of Bern Scholarships for International Students

1. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists

In this scholarship program available at the University of Bern, the Swiss Confederation annually seeks excellent students from over 180 countries. Moreover, the final list of scholars will be ultimately decided by the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS). This scholarship has two types: one is a research scholarship that is open to incoming PhD students in any field, and the other is an art scholarship for future Master’s students in the field of arts.

Students who would like to be research scholars are required to be Master’s degree holders. As for art students who aspire to pursue their Master’s, they are advised to check if their home country is part of the list of selected countries in which this grant is available.

2. Swiss Study Foundation Scholarships

The Swiss Study Foundation offers several scholarship programs that cover living expenses, tuition fees, and more. Aside from this, they also give their scholars opportunities to attend conferences and be part of prestigious internships.

Furthermore, their scholarship grants available at the University of Bern are designed for outstanding students who successfully get through the selection process for admission. It is a must to meet all their requirements as well as to have an interest in partaking at the various events conducted by the Foundation.

A few of the Swiss Study Foundation’s scholarship programs include the Annual Scholarship for research students, the Göhner Scholarship for Artists created for art students, and the Suyana Scholarship specifically for Bachelor’s or Master’s students in any discipline.

3. Heyning-Roelli Foundation Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link:
  • Scholarship Amount: Travel and living expenses
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s and Master’s

This scholarship program available at the University of Bern is for students who are looking into being a part of an exchange program for a duration of one to two semesters at selected universities. As this is designed for academically talented but financially challenged students, the grant typically covers the travel and living expenses.

Applicants are required to be enrolled at a partner university of a recognized Swiss University, accepted for the exchange program at the university, and qualified for the chosen field of study. Of course, students who do not have the means to join the exchange program without financial assistance will be prioritized in this scholarship program.


A well-known university in Switzerland, it is a comprehensive university with a goal to develop society into the best it can be. Students at this institution not only receive an extraordinary quality of education, but they also have the opportunity to conduct groundbreaking research. If you’re interested in reaching your full potential, check out the institute’s official website.

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