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University of Calgary Scholarships 2024-2025

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The University of Calgary, also known as the U of C or UCalgary, is a comprehensive public research university in Alberta, Canada. It is founded in 1966 and was originally a satellite branch of the University of Alberta. Here, we will take a look at some of the top scholarships at the University of Calgary for international students.

The institution is a member of the U15, an alliance of 15 Canadian public research universities which aims to promote the research enterprise across the country and contribute to its economic development. It generated a total research revenue exceeding $1.2 billion. The university encourages its students to engage in leadership development in all areas of discipline such as the arts, athletics, science, medicine, engineering, volunteerism, and business. It specializes in different fields of interdisciplinary research across its campuses and faculties.

The university encompasses 85 research centers that provide the facilities for study in multiple areas including health, social sciences, business and energy, and the environment. It also ranks 1st in Canada and one of the top 10 worldwide among the next generation of public universities. According to the QS World Rankings, it holds its spot in the top 235 in 2022.

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How do I apply to the University of Calgary Scholarships?

There are numerous scholarship programs available for international students who guarantee their entry at the University of Calgary. The basic requirements for admission at the university include a certified copy of a valid passport, official academic transcripts, proof of English Language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), health certificate, personal statement, and other supporting documents.

The university offers more than 110 undergraduate degree programs and 65 master’s degree programs. The general requirement for undergraduate admission in one program includes the online application form (filled-out), official academic transcripts and documents, a final average grade of 3.00-4.00 (or equivalent to 80%) in Year 12, a letter of recommendation, a personal statement, and a passing SAT score.

Graduate applicants must satisfy the basic requirements for admission at the university, such as a certificate for a four-year baccalaureate degree or equivalent in a related area of study with a minimum of 3.0 GPA over a 4.0 grading point system. Additional requirements include official academic transcripts, curriculum vitae/resume, recommendation letters, a proposal of the research study or project, proof of English language proficiency levels, a writing sample, and test scores of standardized examinations.

Students may file an admission application through the university’s online portal. They will be notified through email for the results.

The University of Calgary Scholarships for International Students

1. University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

The University of Calgary will offer scholarships to international students commencing their Bachelor’s degree in one of their colleges. Students must show excellent academic performance and are engaging in any extracurricular activities outside their classrooms. The university will only continue to subsidize students who achieve a GPA of 2.60 or more over 24.00 units per semester (in fall and winter terms). Students who receive the scholarship grant will get at least $60,000 over four years of full-time undergraduate study.

Individuals who acquire a GPA of 3.20 or equivalent during their Year 12 and present proficiency in English language skills qualify for the scholarship application. They must be an upcoming freshman who will commence the first term of their full-time undergraduate study at the University of Calgary. The scholarship applies to any undergraduate programs and/or courses offered by the university.

2. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: up to $50,000 per year for tuition fee, travel allowance, accommodation, and living expenses
  • Degrees offered: Ph.D.

The Government of Canada funds this scholarship program to give financial support to all Canadian and international students who want to pursue their Ph.D. research and coursework at any Canadian university. This scholarship also aims to attract world-class doctoral students to contribute to the research community in Canada and establish its international reputation for excellence in higher education.

If given this scholarship at the University of Calgary, students may receive an annual stipend of up to $50,000, which will cover three years of full-time study in a Ph.D. degree program. Applicants must present an outstanding academic performance with profound knowledge in their research project or study plan and show excellent leadership skills. They must also hold a first-class average or equivalent in each of the last two years of their full-time study at their previous institution.

Students who will pursue a Ph.D. coursework (including a joint UG/PG research program such as MD/Ph.D., DVM/Ph.D., JD/Ph.D.) and show achievements in their previous study on areas of Health Research, Natural Sciences, Engineering Research, Social Sciences, and/or Humanities Research will be given priority.

Upon applying for admission to the University of Calgary, the students must inform the institution about their interest in the Vanier CGS grant. Applicants will undergo an evaluation if they meet the eligibility criteria. The university will then contact the applicants if they are included in the nomination for the scholarship grant.

3. Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES)

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: $11,000 for Master’s program and $15,000 for Ph.D. courses
  • Degrees offered: Masters and Ph.D.

The Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship will award individuals with outstanding academic performances who want to study in one of the universities in Alberta, Canada. This scholarship at the University of Calgary aims to give financial support to students in their graduate studies. The scholarship is available to all Canadian and international students who applied for admissions and received their University of Calgary student number (UCID).

Students must guarantee admission in a graduate program (Master’s and/or Ph.D. research or coursework) at the university. They must also provide proof that they are paying for their tuition and general fees during the period of their full-time study.

Students must not be receiving any fully funded scholarship award from any third-party organizations (except for the Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarship). They must not be working full-time (or 30 more hours per week) within the funding period. However, some programs may allow working students on a full-time basis and still receive the program awards. Other terms and conditions must also be met by students before applying for the scholarship.


For more information on available scholarships for international students at the University of Calgary, click here.

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