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University College London Scholarships 2024-2025

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Also known for short as UCL, University College London is a top-class research institution that is supported by the British Government. Established in 1826, UCL is a highly-renowned federal university that is located in the capital city of the United Kingdom. Being renowned for its new ideas and innovative thinking, University College London constantly challenges the limit of human creativity.

When it comes to the international community at UCL, this college has a large student body of 18,000 students who are from 150 different countries. In order to help international students safely transition into this island country, the University College London has established various student support services that are exclusively for applicants from overseas.

As an international applicant, it is quite vital to find some sort of scholarship to fund your stay in a foreign country. To provide the necessary financial support for its international counterparts, UCL has established various scholarship programs and awards for talented applicants.

How Do I Apply To University College London Scholarships?

In order to apply for scholarships offered by the University College London, you have to first familiarize yourself with the admissions process. Since applying for UCL Admissions is an entry requirement for most scholarships, you need to finish the admissions application before you can apply for scholarships offered by University College London.

If you are an international student interested in applying for a bachelor’s degree, UCL has created an undergraduate admissions guide just for you. In this guide, you will be able to see the academic requirements and the language prerequisites that you need to fulfill if you want to be considered for UCL undergraduate admissions.

For graduate programs, UCL has also created another step-by-step guide for prospective international students. By following the listed steps, you will be able to easily go through the UCL graduate admissions process. After submitting the admissions application, you can go on to our next section, which is applying for scholarships established by University College London.

University College London Scholarships for International Students

1. Bartlett Promise Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition, Annual Living Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate

Offered only to ten applicants, the Bartlett Promise Undergraduate Scholarship is probably the most prestigious award given to international undergraduates. Based on academic merit and financial need, this scholarship award was established by University College London to fund the academic studies of talented individuals.

Because of its prestigious benefits, the entry requirements for this University College London scholarship can be quite strict. If you are an international applicant, make sure to check the eligibility criteria first, and if you do meet all the scholarship requirements, then go to the section for scholarship application to start the application process.

2. Bartlett Promise Master’s Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition Coverage, Annual Living Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Master’s

Similar to our previous award, the Bartlett Promise Master’s Scholarship is given only to ten applicants, and it is awarded based on academic merit, personal consideration, and financial need. If you are an international applicant, make sure to check out this scholarship at University College London using the link above, and there are several variations of this scholarship program so make sure to read each detail very carefully!

Last but not least, please keep in mind that this scholarship program established by Bartlett Foundation was created to help students from underrepresented backgrounds. If you are from a country that is underrepresented in the United Kingdom, you might have a higher chance of receiving this scholarship than any other applicant.

3. Bartlett Promise Ph.D. Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition Coverage, Annual Living Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D.

Unlike the scholarships in our previous section, the Bartlett Promise Ph.D. Scholarship is only given to five international applicants. Since this award is given out by the same establishment, the award criteria are the same, which means that the Barlett Scholarship Council will give out the awards based on academic merit, financial need, and personal considerations.

Please don’t forget to visit the scholarship website for entry requirements and application deadlines. If you have any questions regarding UCL scholarship programs, make sure to contact their school email for potential answers.

All the scholarships offered by University College London are listed in the UCL Scholarship Finder. If you are looking for more scholarships available for your academic degree, please click on the link for the scholarship finder, enter your level of the academic program, and click on the search box. By following these steps, you will be able to see all the available scholarship programs and make sure to go through each scholarship by looking at the scholarship requirements.

All the available funding for undergraduate students is listed right here. For postgraduate taught courses, you can look at all the available funding in this link, and for postgraduate research courses, you can look at all the available funding right here.


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