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University of Cologne Scholarships 2024-2025

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The University of Cologne is one of the top-leading and oldest public research universities in Cologne, Germany. It is a member of the GermanU15 group, an association of leading German comprehensive research universities. It is also the sixth public university to be established in Central Europe. The university is internationally known for its research excellence in aging-associated diseases, public policy and markets, plant sciences and matter, and light for quantum computing.

Since 1388, the establishment of the University of Cologne allowed students to study a wide range of disciplines ranging from medicine, law, management, economics, social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and humanities. The university welcomes over 4,900 international students from over 180 countries every year. There are many scholarships at the University of Cologne given to international students. The university has one of the largest student communities in Germany, which accommodates over 50,000 students both in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The location of the campus university is set in the lively and dynamic city of Cologne. It offers a vibrant environment and diverse social circle for students to enjoy their stay during their study term at the campus. It also has an impressive international outlook for high standard teaching and quality research.

Ranking in the top 282 of QS World Rankings, the university promotes cutting-edge research and high teaching standards to prosper the talents of brilliant individuals across the globe. In 2020, it established the European University of Well-Being or EUniwell with the association of six European universities.

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How Do I Apply to the University of Cologne Scholarships?

The University of Cologne does not charge any tuition fees to both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. However, they must pass an examination known as TestAs, to qualify for admission at the university. TestAs will determine the students’ capabilities and evaluate their chances among other applicants in gaining entry at a German university.

The undergraduate programs are taught in the German language only. Students must acquire at least DSH Level 2 of the German Language Proficiency examination. They must prepare all of their application requirements and supporting documents as early as 3-4 months before the first term of their study.

If students qualify for admission at the university, they may apply through the uni-assist portal. Applicants must upload all required documents, including certified copies of their academic transcripts, proof of their German language proficiency test score, TestAs results, copy of valid passport, health, and finance certificates. Requirements may vary depending on their chosen coursework.

For graduate admissions, applicants must include certification for their completed bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree in related fields of their chosen program, a letter of motivation, and a personal statement.

For more information about the admission application of international students, click here.

The University of Cologne Scholarships for International Students

1. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: €300 monthly flat-rate for a year or equivalent to two semesters; €71 for health care insurance and €155 per month for scholars with children
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D.

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships will award individuals of all nationalities including those with refugee status, who want to study or pursue their higher education in one of the universities or technical universities in Germany. The scholarship doesn’t evaluate the financial needs of applicants but their academic merit and potential for success in their fields of study.

Students who are granted this scholarship at the University of Cologne will receive a monthly stipend of up to €744, including €300, which they can freely spend. In addition to that, they may receive €71 to fund their health insurance and long-term care insurance of €15. The scholarship is also available to students who stay abroad for study or research stays, language courses, and internships of up to 12 months.

The foundation is looking for applicants who possess an interest in socio-political matters and value social democracy. Students applying for undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. coursework should receive a confirmation of admission to their chosen degree program at any university or technical college in Germany. They should also provide proof of German Language Proficiency.

Specifically, applicants for Bachelor’s degrees must apply before or at the start of their school’s first semester. Doctoral students should also receive an unconditional offer at their chosen university for the doctoral scholarship.

Applicants can apply online through the website. The foundation may request more supporting documents through e-mail. For more information about the procedures for application, click here.

2. Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation grants scholarships to international students who want to pursue a Master’s degree in one of the universities or state-recognized educational institutions in Europe (especially in Germany and Switzerland). The scholarship applies to all subject areas except law, medicine, MBBS, and Dentistry.

Students must pursue their studies on a full-time basis to receive an amount of up to €861, including health insurance and benefits from social activities, events, and projects. The initial funding period is up to one year, equivalent to 2 semesters, and can be extended until the end of their degree program.

Candidates should possess an excellent academic background with an interest in contributing to the socio-political, cultural, and economic development in Germany. They should also commit themselves to activities and organizations which engage in those areas.

Applicants may apply for this Univesity of Cologne scholarship through their online portal. They will also undergo interviews hosted by the Foundation.

3. Heinrich Böll Stiftung

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship Amount: up to €1,200 monthly stipend plus additional allowances
  • Degrees Offered: Masters and Ph.D.

Heinrich Böll Foundation funds a scholarship program for international students who will pursue their Master’s/Ph.D. degrees in one of the state universities in Germany. If qualified for this scholarship at the Unviersity of Cologne, students for master’s degrees may receive a monthly stipend of up to €850 plus personal allowances. Doctoral students may also receive an amount of up to €1,200 with additional travel and personal allowances.

Students must provide proof of admission or acceptance to their chosen degree program at any state-recognized German university. They also need to provide academic transcripts and certificates for qualification. Ph.D. students must also submit their completed preliminary research project or work within the required timetable. Applicants on programs or courses which is closely related to the Foundation’s values will be given priority.

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