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University of Porto Scholarships 2024-2025

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The University of Porto has its roots back in the 18th century but officially became a university only in 1911. Nevertheless, it has become one of the oldest and the most prestigious universities in Europe. It is currently the most international university in Portugal. They attract many international students by awarding University of Porto scholarships. Roughly a fifth of its student population consists of mobility and full degree international students from over a hundred countries.

The university lives by the motto “Unity is Strength.” This motto is visible in the strong collaboration among highly competent faculty members and researchers, go-getter students, and outstanding alumni. The university honors diversity among its students and offers equal opportunities regardless of their origin or social and economic status. Its educational strategy is also geared towards employability to ensure that its graduates can enter the competitive labor market. It also keeps in touch with its alumni and offers opportunities for lifelong learning.

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How do I apply to the University of Porto Scholarships?

The University of Porto has established some guidelines that may help students from other countries get easy access to scholarships when pursuing a degree at the university. Prospective students from Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, and East Timor may receive a 45% discount on tuition fees when they enroll at the University of Porto.

Once enrolled at the university, international students may qualify for merit or non-merit financial aids offered by the faculty or department. You may consult your faculty office for the availability and requirements of the non-merit scholarship. The merit scholarship, on the other hand, is awarded to students with outstanding academic performance. The value of the scholarship depends on the faculty.

Scholarship providers generally require applicants to secure admission or official enrolment at the University of Porto before applying for the scholarship. All applications must be done online. You can find the link for your respective degree program on this page.

International students who plan to pursue higher education in Portugal need to speak the Portuguese language. You must obtain at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Incoming students from countries outside Portugal or the EU must secure a residence visa to study at the University of Porto. In addition to the residence visa, applicants must acquire health insurance, an acceptance letter, and more. You can find the checklist and guidelines here.

Be sure to meet the deadlines. If possible, submit your applications early. Avoid submitting applications so close to the deadline for a smoother application process.

Interested applicants may find helpful tips and suggestions about social integration as an international student at the University of Porto by visiting this page.

University of Porto Scholarships for International Students

1. New Scientific Talent Scholarship – Environmental Sustainability

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €2,500
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate; Master

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation awards this scholarship at the University of Porto to international students currently enrolled in their third or fourth year in an undergraduate degree or first-year master students studying courses relevant to environmental sustainability.

An extra €1,500 support is available for all New Scientific Talent scholars. The fund is for conferences or summer schools considered necessary for the scholars’ growth in the field.

2. New Scientific Talent Scholarship – Physics

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €2,500
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate; Master

Physics or Physical Engineering students at the University of Porto may apply for this scholarship. First-year Master’s students or third and fourth-year Bachelor’s students can receive €2,500 for a period of ten months. They may also receive an extra €1,500 allowance for additional studies.

3. New Scientific Talent Scholarship – Mathematics

Undergraduate math majors at the University of Porto can apply for the New Scientific Talent Scholarship. Applicants must be in their first three years at the university.

Successful applicants may receive an extra €1,500 for additional studies deemed by the department and the foundation to be relevant to promoting the recipients’ talent.

4. New Scientific Talent Scholarship – Artificial Intelligence

Currently enrolled third or fourth-year Bachelor’s students or first-year Master’s students in computer engineering, information technology, computer science, or applied mathematics can avail themselves of the Artificial Intelligence Scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

5. New Scientific Talent Scholarship – Quantum Technologies

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €2,500
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate; Masters

This University of Porto scholarship for Quantum Technologies is available for international students who major in Mathematics, Physics, Science, or Engineering. The applicant must either be enrolled in the first four years of the Bachelor’s Degree or the first year in Master’s Degree.

6. Merit Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: equal to five times the current minimum national salary
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate, Master

Every year, the University of Porto and its faculties select awardees from their top-performing students to receive a merit scholarship equal to five times the current minimum national salary. The selection depends on the criteria set by the General Regulations of Attribution of Merit Scholarships to Higher Education Students.

7. Incentive Prize

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate; Master

The Incentive Prize is a type of Merit Scholarship awarded to the best first-year students from each of the fourteen schools or faculties of the university. This scholarship at the University of Porto is equal to the tuition fee. The awarding ceremony is held on the Day of the University.

8. Camões Institute – Cooperation Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: comprehensive
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate; Master; Doctoral

The University of Porto accepts incoming international students who are recipients of the Camões Institute Cooperation Scholarship. This University of Porto scholarship is available for students from countries with bilateral relations with Portugal.

Scholars may receive a monthly living allowance, an initial installation allowance, accommodation subsidy, and more.

You may consult with the Portuguese Embassy in your home country to check for available scholarship grants because the country listing and scholarship coverage may change without prior notice.

Many scholarships available for international students at the University of Porto come from external sources. Availability varies every year. Interested applicants may find some information here.

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