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World Press Institute Fellowship USA-2019 fully funded

World Press Institute Fellowship

Gain access to, engage in and observe the role, responsibility and impact of a free press firsthand in one of the world’s largest, most diverse democracies. Through an immersive program, you will learn how the U.S. founding principles of a free press and journalistic best practices help foster transparency and accountability of government institutions, businesses and organizations, including the most powerful ones.

In a guided tour across the country – including Chicago, New York City, Miami, Austin (Texas), San Francisco, and more – you will meet with and interview subject matter experts in media outlets, think tanks and advocacy organizations. You will hear firsthand accounts of new business models being tested and implemented among national and local media outlets.

You will learn about U.S. history and current affairs, as well as challenges the U.S. media faces, while experiencing and reporting on social, economic and political issues.

You also will interact with people from a variety of walks of life and get some free time along the way to explore on your own.



  • At least five years of full-time employment in print, broadcast or online journalism, including:
    • News or editorial departments of newspapers, wire services, radio, television, websites or online publications.
    • Photojournalists, editorial cartoonists, columnists and broadcast producers.
    • Those who supervise journalists are eligible if they also have at least five years as a working journalist.
  • Any journalism-related work completed as a university student does not count toward experience. Those who work in public relations or at organizations whose primary business is not the media are not eligible.
  • Must be currently employed as a non-U.S. journalist working outside of the United States.
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English.
  • Potential for leadership.


Terms & Conditions

WPI Fellows are required to adhere to the following terms. Violations of these terms could result in termination from the program.

  • Prepare for and participate in all briefings and WPI scheduled events.
  • Stay through the entirety of program and return to home countries when the program ends.
  • Write for the WPI website among other outlets as assigned. Fellows are also encouraged to share with their readers, listeners or viewers back home.
  • Participate in periodic reviews and evaluations, including several roundtable discussions to share insights into the U.S. or international journalism issues.
  • Acceptance for others of different cultures.
  • Willingness to travel – the program locations change frequently, and fellows often live out of suitcases.

Documents Required

  • Work Samples —
    You are required to provide three (3) samples of your work. All work samples must be online and publicly accessible. Upload work samples to a publicly accessible online service like YouTube or Dropbox if not directly available already on a media website. Work samples can also be uploaded with the online application if you are unable to use a public service. See the “How to Apply” page for guidelines, including allowable file formats.
  • Photo — 
    You will need a digitized, color photo of yourself (head and shoulders only against a plain background) that is high enough in resolution to be printed at least 200 dots per inch at a size of approximately 2.5 inches (6.5 centimeters) in height. The file should be in JPG/JPEG or GIF format.
  • References —
    You will need to provide the names and accurate email addresses of three references. WPI will contact them by email with information on how they can submit online letters of recommendation. If the email addresses are not accurate, these instructions will not be received and your application will not be evaluated.
  • Username and password —
    You will need a username and password to complete your application. If you are coming to this page for the first time, click the “Create new account” link in the left-hand column. A form will appear on the screen. Complete the form and submit it by clicking on the “Create new account” button. Be sure to check the “applicant” button when you complete the form. Important: You will receive an email message with Account Details, including a link to validate your account. You must validate your account before you can begin.

Application procedure

Once you have your user name and password…

1) Validate your account (if you are a returning user, you do not need to do this).

2) (If you are not already logged in) Sign in, using the form in the left column of this page.

3) If you registered as an Applicant, the “Start an Application” link on the left will bring you directly to a new application page. If you are returning to edit your current application, it will be listed on the left and above with an “Edit” link.

4) Complete the application, including submitting a digitized version of your photo and work samples, along with the names and email addresses of three references. (You should contact your references in advance to verify you have their correct email address and to alert them that they will be receiving information from “[email protected]” on how to submit their references online.)

Note that you must save any content you enter before you leave the application page (by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of the application form) or it will be lost.

This is a lengthy application form. So, we expect you will have to return more than once to complete it. Do not start a new application form each time you want to add to it.

After you have saved your application the first time, you will see a link to it in the left hand column under “Your current application” Use that link when you come back to make any changes. (You’ll need to log in first; no link will appear until you log in.)

Once the first reference form has been submitted in support of your application, you will see a list of names of the people who have submitted reference forms. It is your responsibility to make sure all your references are submitted before the application deadline. Check back periodically to see if all your referees have completed the form.

You can return to your application as many times as you like prior to the application deadline. You can save your partially completed application and come back to the page later. Do not mark your application “Complete” until you have finished it. (There is a button for that at the end of the application form. There is no “Submit” button; just mark it complete and save it when you are done.)

Once you mark your application “Complete” and save it, we will receive your application information, and your referees will be sent instructions on how to complete their reference forms. Make sure the information on your referees (names and email addresses) is correct before you do this.

Application information you submit is confidential. Other applicants or references will not be able to view it.

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