7 Affordable Universities in Belgium 2024-2022

Located in Western Europe, Belgium is often dubbed as the capital of the EU. Additionally, it is known for its breathtaking architecture and indulgent cuisine. When it comes to education, the country is famed for its numerous world-renowned historical universities. Here, we will be looking at some of the affordable universities in Belgium for international students.

One of the essential things to know about the country is that there are three central communities. There is the Dutch-speaking, French-speaking, and of course, the German-speaking community. But even though there are diverse language communities, it should be noted that all Belgians share the same sense of culture and tradition.

As for education, children in Belgium also go through primary and secondary education before moving on to tertiary education. Once a student has finished secondary school, he or she can then choose between going to university or a non-university institution.

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Cheap Universities in Belgium

1. Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles

Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles is a public university located in Brussels. The institute of higher learning offers a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialized Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs. Moreover, they specialize in the field of social and human sciences.

Over the years, more and more students from near and far have flocked to the university. Currently, 18% of the students at the institution are from over 70 countries all around the globe.

The standard annual tuition fee for full-time students at this affordable university in Belgium is €835. Although, other fees may be added to the normal amount if students from non-EU countries are not assimilated. With that, the increased amount may be around €4,175.

2. University of Namur

The University of Namur (UNamur) is a private Catholic university situated in Wallonia, Belgium’s French-speaking region. The location of the institute itself has lots to offer to its over 4,900 students. Besides that, it is known for providing students with high-quality education and allowing them to partake in value-based research. The institution boasts of over 40 different programs across the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. Moreover, the center of learning has six Faculties.

International students at the university pay the same tuition fee of €835 as those from EU countries. Although, in some cases, students from overseas may be asked to pay €4,175. It is important to note that the Admissions Service will ultimately finalize the tuition fee amount while the student is still undergoing the admissions procedure.

3. UCLouvain

Established in the year 1834, this affordable university in Belgium is well-known as Belgium’s largest French-speaking university. Presently, the institution boasts of its state-of-the-art research centers and cutting-edge laboratories. The university is known for its remarkably rich historical background. It is also famous for providing students with a top-quality education.

All non-EU students are to pay the tuition fee of €835. However, if a student can show proof of assimilation to a Belgian student, comes from certain countries, or has acquired at least 75% of his or her PAE (Annual Student Program), the tuition fee may be lowered down to the ordinary fee of €4,175.

4. Flanders Business School

Flanders Business School was founded in 1977. Since then, it has been focusing on educating students in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, and management. As of 2013, the center of learning partnered with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), a Catholic research university.

When it comes to tuition fees, regardless of whether a student is an EU/EEA country or not, they will pay the amount of €947.20 at this cheap university in Belgium. It may be increased up to €6,000 depending on his or her program and course.

5. University Colleges Leuven-Limburg

  • Tuition Fee:
    • Bachelor’s – €961.90 per year
    • Postgraduate – €1,750 per year
  • Tuition Link

A major university of applied sciences, this institution was founded in 2014 and currently has 14,000 students spread across its nine campuses.

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at the university will pay the total amount of €961.90 for the annual tuition fee. On the other hand, students who will take the Postgraduate Certificate International Educating Class (Fall or Spring Program) need to pay the yearly cost of €1,750.

6. Hasselt University

  • Tuition Fee: €961.90 to €2,168 depending on the student’s chosen course
  • Tuition Link

Hasselt University is a public research university. It began opening its doors to students in the year 1971, and at the time, it was called the Limburgs Universitair Centrum. The institution is known for being an innovative center of learning, and it offers 17 Bachelor’s programs & 30 Master’s programs. All these programs are distributed across the university’s seven faculties and two schools.

For tuition fees, Hasselt’s students are required to pay the amount of €961.90. Only students in the fields of Law, Computer Science, Biomedical Sciences, Statistics, and Master of Teaching in Health Sciences have a tuition fee of €2,168.

7. University of Ghent

  • Tuition Fee:
    • Bachelor’s – €961.90 for Dutch taught programs and around €1,861.90 for English taught programs
    • Master’s – €1,861.90 to €5,743.90
    • PhD – €474.40 to €959.20
  • Tuition Link

A university established 204 years ago by King William I of the Netherlands, Ghent University is another affordable university in Belgium. It is prevalent in this modern day and age for being part of the top 100 universities. In addition to this, it is also considered as one of Belgium’s major universities. Moreover, it has 11 faculties that offer students over 200 courses.

Students in the Bachelor’s level who opt for a Dutch taught program only have to pay €961.90. On the other hand, if a Bachelor’s student chooses an English taught program, he or she needs to pay the amount of €1,861.90 for the tuition fee.

Master-level students’ tuition fees differ depending on his or her course. Students pursuing courses under the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Engineering & Architecture, Economics & Business Administration, Veterinary Medicine, Bioscience Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Sciences have a tuition fee of €5,743.90. Courses in all the other faculties’ only have a fee of €1,861.90.

Lastly, students at the PhD level usually pay the amount of €959.20 for the tuition fee. However, those from recognized developing countries or who have acquired a VLIR-UOS scholarship will only have to pay €474.40.

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