Privacy Policy

The posts shared on site are informational content that has been taken from various online as well as offline portals and is not associated with any company hiring for jobs that are shared on our site.

As per the Google’s cookie policy (Google user data policies while using partner apps) and with the help of some tracking technologies, we might record information as part of our log files which may include your browsing activity, IP address or any other kind of activity on the website. For more information please visit our cookie policy page.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the information collected by in association with the services offered by them. This policy addresses the issues concerning privacy and security of the personal information accessed by the website owners and also laid down the obligations of the users, website and website owners.  It also describes the approach towards handling the data collected and dealing with it.

The website and the owners are committed to respect the privacy of its users and recognize the need for proper protection of every kind of personal information of the user. We have safeguards to comply with the local laws to protect personal information.

Jobs Listings on Forigen

The website takes no responsibility of the authentication or correctness of any job posted on the site as the jobs posted on the site are owned by the third parties.

Contact & Communication

All the requested personal details provided by the user while contacting the website or its owners is at their own discretion. The site retains the personal information as long as necessary and can also share the data as well as personal information with the partner apps as per the Google user data policies. A safe and secures form has been established for email submission but the users are advised to do all submissions at their own risk.

Email Newsletter

Third parties like FeedBurer provide certain services like an email newsletter program, operated by a website which provides information about the scholarships, internship and daily job updates to the subscribers. The subscription can be done by the users at their own responsibility. The data collected for the subscription by the third parties will be used as per their own policy.

In order to comply with the Spam Laws, an automated system is in place to cancel the subscription at any time. The detailed process of the unsubscription is given at the bottom of every email. In a case of non-automated cancellation process, clear instructions will be available on how to unsubscribe.

External Links

There are many external links on the website that are not controlled by the website owner and they do not take the guarantee of its content. The users can click on the links but at the discretion of their own. It is advised to read the privacy statement of each external link as the owners are not responsible for any damage caused by visiting any external site.

Social Media Platforms

The website also participates on various social media platforms and the information shared on such social media might be visible to all visitors. Thus users are requested to communicate wisely on it and disclose the sensitive personal information with extreme precaution.  Personal emails or telephones can be used while discussing personal information if required. The website owners highly discourage the sharing of any such content on social platforms.

Our website uses social sharing tools which help in sending information from the web pages to the social network. The users are advised to use the tools at their own risk and also social platforms can save the request by the users to share a web page through your personal social media account.

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