5 Affordable Universities in Indonesia 2024-2025

The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago of around 17,000 islands located in Southeast Asia, making it the largest island country worldwide. In line with this, it is the fourth most populated country as of 2024. Furthermore, Indonesia is known for its sandy beaches, awe-inspiring temples, and scrumptious cuisine which is why it is remarked as a popular hub for tourists. Here, we will be looking at the affordable universities in Indonesia for international students.

Indonesia’s education system is composed of four levels. The first one is primary and it is from Grades 1 to 6. This is followed by junior secondary which is Grades 7 to 9. Afterward, the next level is Senior Secondary and it is from Grades 10 to 12. Lastly, the fourth level is higher education.

Education in the country is compulsory and there are no tuition fees at public schools from primary to junior secondary. As for higher education institutions, there are many types and these include universities & institutes, advanced schools & polytechnics, and academies & community academies.

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Cheap Universities in Indonesia

1. Telkom University

  • Tuition Fee:
    • Bachelor’s – 8,000,000 IDR to 18,000,000 IDR per semester
    • Master’s – 7,000,000 IDR to 15,000,000 IDR per semester
    • PhD – 10,000,000 IDR per semester
  • Tuition Link

Telkom University, otherwise known as Tel-U, is an affordable Indonesian private university situated in the city of Bandung which is West Java province’s capital. It opened its doors to students in 2013 and currently, it has around 32,729 students and 935 lecturers.

Recently, the university was deemed as The No. 1 Private University as per Webometrics. It was also awarded as an Indonesian honorable university by the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2024.

Moving on, there are a variety of courses to choose from in the center of learning’s seven faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Economics & Business, Faculty of Communication & Business, Faculty of Creative Industries, and Faculty of Applied Science.

For students who are to pursue their Bachelor’s degree, it must be noted that the tuition fee for all programs in the Faculty of Applied Science have a tuition fee of 8,000,000 IDR per semester whereas the programs in all other faculties are at 18,000,000 IDR per semester.

As for the Master’s degree, it ranges from 7,000,000 IDR to 15,000,000 IDR depending on the student’s chosen course. Lastly, all study programs in all faculties have a tuition fee of 10,000,000 IDR to be paid per semester.

2. Padjadjaran University

  • Tuition Fee:
    • Bachelor’s – 8,000,000 IDR to 10,000,000 IDR per semester
    • Master’s – 8,500,000 IDR to 25,000,000 IDR per semester
    • PhD – 10,000,000 IDR to 39,000,000 IDR per semester
  • Tuition Link

Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) is a public university established in 1967. The esteemed institution of higher learning has campuses in Bandung and Sumedang.

There are 16 faculties and one postgraduate school at this affordable university in Indonesia. The faculties are Law, Economics & Business, Medicine, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Dentistry, Cultural Sciences, Social & Political Sciences, Psychology, Animal Husbandry, Communication Science, Nursing, Fishery & Marine Science, Agricultural Industrial Technology, Pharmacy, and Geological Engineering.

For international undergraduate students, the tuition fee is at 8,000,000 IDR per semester and only the Nursing study program costs 10,000,000 IDR. On the other hand, tuition fees for the Master’s degrees depend on the faculty as well as the course. The same goes for Doctoral degrees.

3. Airlangga University

  • Tuition Fee: 15,000,000 IDR to 34,000,000 IDR per semester
  • Tuition Link

Airlangga University (Unair or UA) is a public university located in the province of East Java. The institution was officially established in 1954, but its history dates back to 1913 as it began as a medical school. Additionally, it is popular for being one of Indonesia’s best universities.

Tuition fees for Indonesian and foreign students are slightly different from each other. Moreover, there is an admission fee when registering as a new student at the university. The tuition fee, which is paid per semester, depends on the student’s chosen course.

4. Gadjah Mada University

Located in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is an affordable public research university in Indonesia that began welcoming students in 1949. It is one of Indonesia’s largest institutes of higher education. According to Webometrics, UGM is Indonesia’s no. 1 university.

The center of learning is actively working towards its goal of developing creative graduates who will be tomorrow’s innovators. In line with this, the university is remarked for its focus to all of their activities related to research. Currently, UGM offers 234 undergraduate programs, 45 postgraduate programs, and 45 doctoral programs. These are spread out across its 18 faculties and one postgraduate school. In addition to this, UGM also has one vocational school.

Tuition fees are paid every semester and the amount depends on the course. Students should note the language of delivery for their chosen course, as some are only taught in Bahasa Indonesia. The university regulations state that all tuition fee costs must be paid in rupiah only.

5. Binus University

BINUS University, or Bina Nusantara University, is a private university. This affordable Indonesian university was founded in 1996, but it simply started as a computer training institute in 1974. Although the main campus is located at South Tangerang, there are also campuses situated at Bandung and Malang. It is an esteemed university and it has a long list of noteworthy alumni such as entrepreneur William Tanuwijaya, singer Aurel, writer Marchella FP, model Jihane Almira Chedid, and actress Ayudia Bing Slamet.

For tuition fees, the cost depends on the chosen course and program. As for all PhD programs, the tuition fee is at 32,000,000 IDR per semester.

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