7 Affordable Universities in Spain 2024-2022

The Spanish language is among the top four spoken languages globally in terms of the number of native speakers, next to Chinese, English, and Hindi. Therefore, it is no surprise that many Spanish-speakers outside of Spain come to the country for a vacation. Here, we will be looking at some of the affordable universities in Spain for international students.

However, besides Spain being an attractive spot for tourists—with its historical charm and delectable cuisine—a growing number of international students are becoming interested in the country’s cheap tuition fees for higher education. In addition, Spain’s vibrant culture makes it appealing to younger people from all over the world.

Being the two most economically advanced cities in the country, Madrid and Barcelona may be more expensive than other Spanish cities for international students to live in. Therefore, many prospective students look for universities outside these two major cities. However, on the whole, Spain has a relatively lower cost of living than other neighboring European countries.

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Cheap Universities in Spain

1. University of Santiago de Compostela

The University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) is among the oldest and the most affordable university in Spain. It lies in the Galicia region in Spain and boasts of modest cost of living and high quality of education.

Founded in 1495, USC has over 500 years of experience in teaching and innovation, leading to good standing in national evaluations.

It is currently home to over 25,000 students and offers 184 degree programs, which give prospective students the flexibility to select the programs that best suit them.

2. University of Granada

The University of Granada (UGR) has roots back in the Middle Ages as an Arabic University launched in 1349. It eventually came under the rule of the Catholic monarchy and gradually received privileges and legal status as other Catholic universities in the 1500s before finally gaining autonomy in 1983.

UGR went through several ups and downs in its long history. These experiences helped shape the institution into the open university it is now, welcoming students from various countries with different cultures and beliefs.

In addition to the affordable education and cost of living in the city, international students who enroll in UGR can benefit from Spanish language courses since many multinational companies consider proficiency in the language an asset.

3. University of Valencia

The University of Valencia is a public university founded in 1499, making it one of the oldest universities in Spain. It specializes in research and innovation and consistently ranks among the best universities in world rankings.

This cheap university in Spain offers a wide variety of courses with very affordable tuition fees. It also gives students a lot of opportunities to avail themselves of scholarships and discounts or exemptions depending on their life circumstances.

Annually, the autonomous community of Valencia sets the public fees for academic services. Unlike other universities, international students recently enjoy the same affordable rates as local students. However, be sure to check the updates on public fees from the university’s page.

4. University of Alicante

The University of Alicante (UA) is a relatively young university that opened in 1979 in Sant Vicent del Raspeig in Alicante. It takes pride in its award-winning architecture and impeccable campus design.

As part of its commitment to sports development, training, and values, the university also has exceptional sports facilities on campus, including an indoor swimming pool, track and field, gym, and more.

UA has 120 degree programs under various fields of study: Arts & Humanities, Social & Legal Sciences, Engineering & Architecture, Health Sciences, and Science. Currently, the university is working on boosting its internationalization efforts by welcoming international students with its wide course offerings, affordable education, and plenty of scholarship opportunities.

5. Universitat Rovira I Virgili

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) opened in Catalonia in 1991 and has five campuses: Bellissens, Catalunya, Sescelades, Terres de l’Ebre, and Vila-Seca. Despite being young, it ranks high among universities under 50 years old. Year after year, URV climbs higher in the world rankings of best universities.

It offers 49 Bachelor’s, 52 Master’s, and 25 Doctoral degree programs and aims to guarantee employment opportunities where its graduates can use the degrees they earned from the university.

This affordable university in Spain works alongside the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to be active in making a positive global impact.

6. University of A Coruña

The University of A Coruña is an affordable public university in Spain established in 1989 under the Galician Universities Law. It has two campuses in A Coruña and Ferrol, which are coastal cities, allowing students to take a quick trip to the beach for a breath of fresh air during their downtime.

The university is only over 30 years old, but it has been receiving a steady stream of international students every year. It aims to increase the number in the coming years by increasing the number of English-taught courses.

Consequently, this can also attract prospective foreign professors as part of the University of A Coruña’s internationalization strategy.

7. University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza’s long history dates back to the 12th century, where it started as an art institution, teaching grammar and philosophy. Since then, it has gone on to produce many award-winning and reputable alumni.

This affordable university in Spain offers a unique scheme for non-EU tuition fees. Normally, non-EU students have to pay triple the value of the tuition fee of domestic students. However, students under certain collaboration agreements to promote the university’s internationalization initiative can pay only double the price. Be sure to check the updated information on public academic price decrees in Zaragoza.

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