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Denmark Scholarships 2024-2025

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Whether you’re fresh out of high school and looking to enter the higher education field or you’re a professional seeking to continue your studies, you should definitely consider studying in Denmark.

The Danish higher education system offers a wide range of internationally recognized degree programs. You can choose programs that incorporate opportunities for practical experience or a researched-focused program from over 700 programs taught in English. There are also many scholarships in Denmark for international students offered by different universities and government organizations.

While studying in Denmark, you will also have the chance to learn Danish as many programs allow students like you to learn the language. There are also many student organizations operating across Danish higher education establishments that can help you settle in and be part of the local community.

Learning Danish will undoubtedly be beneficial if you choose to stay in Denmark after you finish your studies. The green card residence permit granted to international students in Denmark is valid for an additional six months after completing the degree, giving graduates enough time to look for jobs. In fact, 55 percent of international students decide to remain in Denmark because of the work-life balance, Danish wage levels, and substantial welfare system.

Living Costs in Denmark for International Students

The standard of living in Denmark is among the highest in the world. Being an international student can cost a lot in a country with high rent and expensive restaurants.

Estimates of annual budget range from $10,000 to $17,000 depending on a student’s lifestyle. Most students spend almost 40% of their monthly budget on accommodation as monthly rent can range from $350 to $950 if you are within Copenhagen. If you want to save money, try applying for a slot at the University-owned student accommodation. There are also privately-owned student halls that would cost around $280 to $545 per month. If those two options are not available, a privately-owned apartment or room will cost $320 to $710 per month.

Monthly food expenses can cost approximately $230 to $320. And a visit to a restaurant in Copenhagen costs an average of $30 per person. Most international students save money by using bikes as their primary means of transportation or by the monthly public transportation pass at $59.

The cost of living in Denmark might be high, but if you’re a student from EU/EEA and Switzerland, this might be offset by the fact that your tuition fee in Denmark is free according to EU law. For others, though, annual tuition fees for full-degree students range from $8,000 to $21,000.

Can international students work in Denmark?

If you want to jumpstart your career or save up some cash while studying in Denmark, it’s possible to get a job as long as you secure a work permit. If you’re a Nordic, EU/EEA, or Swiss citizen, you’re allowed to work throughout your studies without any restrictions. However, if you come from other countries, you are only allowed to work full-time during the months of June, July, and August and are restricted to 20 hours of work per week while classes are ongoing.

Top Universities in Denmark:

According to QS World University Rankings of 2024, the University of Copenhagen is the top-rated Danish university, ranked 76 globally. Home of nine Nobel Laureates, the University of Copenhagen boasts of its strong research-based teaching and entrepreneurial spirit. In 2020, its researchers registered 57 inventions, and each year, an estimated 290 new start-ups are launched out of the University of Copenhagen.

North of Copenhagen, in Kongens Lyngby, is the second highest-rated Danish University, Technical University of Denmark. Ranked 103 in 2024, this university specializes in engineering and sciences.

Aarhus University is the third best-ranked Danish university. Aarhus University has over 50+ master’s and bachelor’s degree programs in English. There is another perk for international students – if you wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree, all of their programs are in English.

The fourth top-rated university is the Aalborg University. A member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), Aalborg University implements a Problem Based Learning approach where all degree programs and research activities are project-based and have an interdisciplinary focus.

The University of Southern Denmark is the fifth top-rated university in Denmark. This university has over 70 full-time courses taught in English across its five campuses. And with over 18 percent of its student coming from outside Denmark, it’s truly a global university.

Best Scholarships in Denmark

1. Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ offers students from all over the world the possibility to study abroad as part of their higher education in their home countries. The Erasmus+ program divides countries into Program and Partner countries, and eligibility to the program is largely dependent on the applicant’s country of residence.

The study period abroad can last from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months. But students of medicine and architecture can go abroad for as long as 24 months.

To qualify for this Denmark scholarship, you must be registered in a higher education institution and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree. Your period of study abroad must be relevant to your existing degree program, and both the home and receiving institutions must sign a learning agreement

You may receive an Erasmus+ grant to cover travel and subsistence costs based on living cost differences between the home and destination country. The amount of the grant depends on the number of applicants, the distance between countries, and other factors.

2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship

If you have already received a bachelor’s degree or are about to receive one, you may participate in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship, one of the best Denmark scholarships for international students. You can apply in the last year of your undergraduate studies.

To apply for this scholarship, you must look for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree that you’re interested in and follow their stated application process. Scholarships are awarded by the individual degree programs according to their selection process. EU scholarships cover tuition fees and provide a travel and living allowance for programs that last a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 24 months.

3. Danish State Scholarship at University of Copenhagen

Danish State Scholarship at the University of Copenhagen is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to pursue their master’s degrees. The university automatically considers all non-EU/EEA prospective students admitted to any program that suits their needs.

An outstanding feature of this Denmark scholarship is that the government awards prospective students with full or partial tuition. Moreover, the scholarship may also cover living costs, which is an excellent opportunity to explore the country that can be pretty expensive for living and studying.

4. Masters Degree Scholarships – IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen offers master’s degree programs in Data Science, Computer Science, Software Design, Games, Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, and Digital Innovation and Management.

Each year, they offer state scholarships to three or four prospective master’s degree students outside the EU and EEA. This Denmark scholarship provides free tuition and living cost allowance.

5. Master’s Degree Program Scholarships – Aarhus University

Aarhus University offers a limited number of scholarships in Denmark for non-EU/EEA master’s degree students. Like the several other programs we mentioned, this scholarship is funded by the government of Denmark.

Aarhus University provides a full tuition fee waiver to qualified scholars in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Technical Sciences. In addition, the Faculty of Arts and Aarhus Business and Social Sciences are two colleges that offer a monthly living cost allowance for qualified scholars.

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