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Doshisha University Scholarships 2024-2025

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Doshisha University, also known as Dodai, is a top-performing private university in Kyoto, Japan. It was established in 1875 by Joseph Hardy Neesima and became one of the oldest private universities in Japan. The university is well-known for its excellence in teaching and high international outlook. It also belongs to the “Kankandoritsu”, a group of four prestigious and top-leading private higher institutions in the western Kansai region of Japan. Here, we will be looking at Doshisha University scholarships for international students.

Since its establishment, it continuously upheld the principles of Liberalism, Internationalism, and Christianity, nurturing the sense of freedom, independence, and conscience among its students and staff. The university aims to promote the knowledge and skills of its students and develop its facilities as an international hub of higher education and research.

Honshu, the host city of the university, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is an economic hub and center for tourist attractions because of its many ancient monuments and Shinto shrines. Furthermore, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering the best Japanese cultural experience to students and visitors from different parts of the world.

Doshisha offers different cultural and recreational activities including, various students’ societies that students will surely love and enjoy. Moreover, it is a university that teaches students the importance of virtue, integrity, and discipline.

Doshisha University is among the top 100 universities in Japan and ranks in 1001st place of the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

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How Do I Apply to Doshisha University Scholarships?

Doshisha University offers scholarships to international students especially, those who show commitment to learning more about the Japanese language and culture. Most of the scholarships offered by the Japanese Government and other external organizations will be available on the university’s website once the application period starts again.

Students must submit a recommendation letter from the dean of their respective department to qualify for entry at the university through the University Recommendation for Doshisha University Undergraduate Students scheme. Meanwhile, applicants for a Master’s degree must provide a Company recommendation to retain their work position while studying at the university.

The general requirements for admission at Doshisha University include an application form, graduation certificates or diplomas, academic transcripts, two Letters of recommendation, a certificate of English language proficiency, GMAT/GRE official scores, identification card, application fee receipt, photographs, and mailing labels.

Students may check here for more details on the admission application schedules and specific requirements.

Doshisha University Scholarships

1. Doshisha University Merit scholarships

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: up to 100% tuition fee reduction
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, and/or Ph.D.

Doshisha University proudly offers Merit Scholarships to international students pursuing a degree in one of their available undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It aims to support students to focus on their field of study free from any financial problems. The scholarship values vary depending on their chosen degree programs, entrance examination results, and research proposals.

Students must pass the entrance examination and obtain a Student, Permanent Resident, Long-term Resident, or Dependent resident status. They must gain entry and enroll full-time in undergraduate or postgraduate programs at the university.

Students for undergraduate degrees may receive a minimum of 20% up to 100% off their tuition fees. Meanwhile, students for Master’s and/or Ph.D. courses may receive a 30%-100% tuition fee reduction. The funding period of this Doshisha University scholarship is up to 2 years. Students may apply for renewal, depending on their academic performance. They are not allowed to receive other scholarships or sponsorships. Moreover, they must meet the academic requirements of their chosen degree programs to continue receiving the scholarships.

2. Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

The Doshisha University proudly offers scholarships to international students from developing countries. It aims to help foster the talents and skills of students to contribute to the success of their countries. Students may benefit from 100% off university fees such as admission fees, tuition fees, facilities, and laboratory fees.

To be eligible for this Doshisha University scholarship, students must gain admission and enroll in an undergraduate degree program at the university. They must obtain student resident status and are natural-born citizens of countries classified as “Least Developed Countries” or “Low-Income Countries which are not LDCs”.

Applicants must submit their scholarship and Entrance Examination for International Undergraduate Students applications simultaneously. Consequently, they may receive an amount of up to 85,000 yen per month plus 100%-off of university fees. The funding period will cover two years of their study period.

If they obtain an overall GPA of 2.0 (or above), earning at least 50% of credits required to complete their second year, they may renew their scholarship up to the standard years until they finish their degrees. Otherwise, their respective faculties will offer them the Doshisha University Merit Scholarship for Self-Funded International Students instead.

This scholarship scheme is highly competitive and will only award 2 students per year.

3. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: a tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend, travel allowances, and other additional fees
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate

The Ministry of Education of the Japanese Government will give financial support to international students pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Japan. It aims to strengthen the international relations and cultural exchange between Japan and other countries across the globe. The scholarships are for those individuals from countries that have diplomatic relations with the Japanese government.

Students must have completed 12 years of primary and secondary education in schools outside Japan. They must also enroll in Japanese language learning and training upon their arrival before the study term. Moreover, they must apply for a Japanese student’s visa and enter the country with a student residence status.

Students may receive a tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend, travel allowances, and other additional stipends. The maximum funding period is up to 5 years which, includes the one-year Japanese language preparatory course.

More information about this Doshisha University scholarship application and the terms and conditions will be available once the application period starts again.

Students may also refer here to future announcements of Doshisha University regarding the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program.

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