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Hebrew University of Jerusalem Scholarships 2024-2025

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The second-oldest university in Israel which was founded in 1918 and officially opened in 1925, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a prestigious institute of higher learning. Furthermore, it is a public research university recognized for its consistent top rankings among universities worldwide.

Additionally, a well-known fact about this center of learning is that it has a rich history, as its founders include theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, religious philosopher Martin Buber, poet Chaim Nahman Bialik, and biochemist & statesman Chaim Weizmann.

In line with this, it is only natural that the Hebrew University of Jerusalem produced a great number of well-rounded individuals who are movers of society in all aspects. Among the extensive list of remarkable alumni are Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman, former Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, astronomer David H. Levy, educator Brother Rafael S. Donato FSC, Ed.D., climatologist Amaelle Landais-Israël, and two-time Olympian Shaul Ladany.

It is comprised of 7 faculties and 14 schools which is distributed across its 6 campuses. There are over 200 majors and programs as well as more than 5,000 courses available at the university. Moreover, the institution is home to a whopping number of 23,500 students. Also, good news for all interested international students, there are 2,000 students from around 90 countries who attend the university’s Rothberg International School annually.

How do I apply to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Scholarships?

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate programs.

Admission for undergraduate students can be done in a variety of ways. One is to take the entrance examination, another is to proceed with direct admission based on an equivalent certificate, and it is also possible to be admitted through a committee. However, it must be noted that the university’s undergraduate programs are taught in Hebrew. Thus, this requires a good command of the language on the student’s end. To know more about the other ways on how to submit an application, click here.

Each country has specific admission requirements and if an applicant cannot find their country on the list provided, they are to contact the institution’s Overseas Applicants Unit in order to be able to confirm what documents they are to prepare for admission.

The bachelor’s degree programs at the university are typically completed in three years but some of the programs can extend to over four years. All undergraduate programs are also offered in three different tracks which are the single-major track, dual-major track, and structured combined track. For further information that incoming undergraduate students might need, it is best to check this page.

Future international graduate students are required to have a Bachelor’s degree from any recognized university, an average of “B” in their undergraduate studies or the equivalent of this, proficient knowledge of the English language, and additional exams like the GRE or GMAT. All applicants must note, however, that applications will only be accepted if it submitted through the online application portal. Also, there is a non-refundable application fee of $80. Click here to learn more.

Lastly, all incoming PhD students are recommended to check The Authority for Research Students’ official website. The Authority’s staff can also be directly contacted if more information is needed.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Scholarships for International Students

1. iVisa Annual Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: $1,500
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD

iVisa is an online global company providing help to international travelers in ways such as visa processing, travel documents organization, and more.

In 2017, the company established this scholarship program with one goal in mind. The founders were keen on lending a helping hand to students of all nationalities while also encouraging them to be passionate about learning the different cultures of countries around the globe. With that, Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School is one of the institutes of higher learning that they are partnering with in order to fulfill their mission.

Moving on, applicants are required to have a 2.5 GPA or at least the equivalent of the said GPA. In addition to this, they will also be asked to submit a 500-word application story discussing an experience wherein they learned a new culture and how it changed their life.

After the selection process, only one student will be the iVisa Annual Scholarship grantee and it must be noted that the scholarship amount of $1,500 will be handed to them in United States currency.

2. Merit Scholarship

A scholarship program at Hebrew University of Jerusalem specifically for those who are in the final year of their undergraduate program, this is meant for incoming Master’s students who are looking to take up any of the following programs offered at Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School:

  • The Bible and the Ancient Near East
  • Jewish Studies
  • Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Israel Studies
  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • Archaeology in the Land of the Bible
  • Smart Cities & Urban Informatics

Applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.8 or equivalent. Furthermore, they must be capable of maintaining excellent academic performance. Besides this, they also have to be aware of the fact that this scholarship program is non-renewable.

3. Israeli Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Scholarship

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) scholarships are open to foreign students from 41 countries and regions all around the world.

Various types of Hebrew University of Jerusalem scholarships are available, excluding those for veterinary and medicine studies. Incoming graduate students may choose between pursuing a summer language course or a one-year academic program.

Applicants are required to be BA or BSc degree holders. It is also a must for them to have an outstanding record of academic achievements as well as meet the admission criteria of their chosen Israeli university. One more document to submit is proof of English or Hebrew language proficiency, an important requirement as it will show that they have a good command of either of the two languages. Moreover, applicants are not allowed to be over the age of 35.

International students who wish to pursue their education at an institution with a history so rich and achievements so impressive are perfect for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. To learn more about this exceptional university, check out their official website. Furthermore, if you are in need of a scholarship grant or financial aid at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it is recommended to view the list for undergraduate students or the list for graduate students found on the aforementioned website.

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