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Heidelberg University Scholarships 2024-2022

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Officially known as Germany’s oldest university, Heidelberg University is one of the country’s most prestigious institutes of higher learning. It is a German Excellence University, and it is a part of the U15, a group of the leading research-focused German universities. Moreover, it is also one of the League of European Research Universities’ founding members.

The institution offers over 180-degree programs, spread out across its 12 faculties: Faculty of Biosciences, Faculty of Chemistry & Earth Sciences (DE), Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science (DE), Faculty of Physics & Astronomy, Faculty of Philosophy (DE), Faculty of Modern Languages (DE), Faculty of Theology (DE), Faculty of Law (DE), Faculty of Behavioral & Cultural Studies, Faculty of Economics & Social Sciences, Medical Faculty Heidelberg, and Medical Faculty Mannheim.

Presently, Heidelberg University offers 180 international programs and has partnerships with 27 universities. Moreover, they have 28,649 students, and 4,905 of these are from overseas. The university’s long history has shaped it into a globally oriented education and research institution focusing on providing students with a world-class learning experience. According to the Times Higher Education, it is known as the 42nd best university worldwide, 14th in Europe, and 3rd in Germany.

As the university is known for producing graduates who go on to become successful in their respective fields, here are a few of the most well-known individuals: mathematician Daniel Bernoulli, statesmen Auguste Beernaert, sociologist Karl Mannheim, virologist & professor emeritus Harald zur Hausen, and even Philippine national hero Jose Rizal.

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How do I apply to the Heidelberg University Scholarships?

Heidelberg University is an institute of higher learning that welcomes students in undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate levels.

Prior to applying at Heidelberg University, both incoming undergraduates and postgraduates are to begin by reading about the admission and course requirements. Generally, applicants will go through a university entrance qualification and submit proof of language proficiency. Additionally, more requirements may be included for other chosen degree programs.

Now, aside from the university entrance qualifications and language skills, international applicants will also have to submit subject-specific requirements for admissions and for Heidelberg University scholarships. Moreover, a Visa and Residence Permit is crucial so as to study in Germany. With that, further information for both Bachelor’s and Master’s students can be found here.

Future PhD students need to follow a different set of steps for the application procedure. First, they are advised to find an academic supervisor who will give them advice and support in terms of their research project. With that, academic supervisors can be professors, associate professors, or even junior group leaders in the applicant’s field. Second, the incoming PhD student and the supervisor must come to a doctoral agreement. Third, the applicant should register in the web portal for doctoral candidates called heiDOCS.

The fourth and fifth step entails faculty admission and university admission. Of course, this is followed by the last step which is enrollment. Read more details about PhD application and admission by clicking on this link.

Heidelberg University Scholarships for International Students

1. “Deutschlandstipendium” National Scholarship Program or Germany Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €300 per month
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s and Master’s

The Germany Scholarship is awarded to students at the beginning of the winter semester, this is open to top-performing students of all nationalities. In addition to excellent academic achievements, the applicants will also be checked for their volunteer activities and more. Furthermore, this is a grant funded by the federal government and private benefactors.

To apply for this scholarship available at Heidelberg University, students need to submit two forms: an electronic and a written form. Additionally, the required documents should either be in English or German.

2. Robert and Christina Danziger Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link:
  • Scholarship Amount: €900 per month for Master’s students and €1,200 per month for PhD students
  • Degrees Offered: Master’s and PhD

This is a Heidelberg University scholarship program specially created for African students. It is open to incoming Master’s students in the fields of Sociology, Political Science, or Geography and future PhD students looking to study Political Science or Geography. Applicants must be exceptional students who are currently in need of financial aid for their education.

However, it should be noted that scholars of this program are not allowed to be grantees of any other scholarship programs. With that, the application form and required documents are to be submitted online via email. Although, students have the option to send it through airmail.

3. Heidelberg Alumni U.S. (HAUS) Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: $3,000 per semester for Bachelor’s students and $5,000 per semester for Master’s students
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s and Master’s

Awarded to students who are residents of the United States, the HAUS Scholarship aims to seek academically talented students who are willing to be university ambassadors once they return to their home country. With that, if you are an American student aspiring to study at the remarkable Heidelberg University, then this is the scholarship for you.

Students should note that this Heidelberg University scholarship grant can be extended for a second semester. Moreover, the required documents include an electronic copy of the applicant’s recent transcript, resume or curriculum vitae, any suitable proof of U.S. residency, a special essay, and a letter of recommendation. Lastly, the student will also be asked to fill up a form and submit it online.

1386 was the year that the now historically rich and world-renowned Heidelberg University was established. It is now a hub filled with groundbreaking researchers and dedicated educators who live by the motto, “Always open.” With that, don’t forget to check out their official website and for more scholarship options, you can simply click here.

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