IVHQ Scholarship & Intern-abroad Internship 2024-2025

Internship opportunities

Deadline Ongoing
Opening date July 1, 2020
Days Remaining Ongoing
Category Internships
Type Fully Funded
Location Multiple Locations

Call for applications for IVHQ Scholarship and Intern-abroad internship placements have been started. If you wish to participate in this program then this is the time for you to register. Following destinations are open currently for international students to apply for this internship or scholarship placement:

List of IVHQ Scholarship & Intern-abroad Internship destinations

If you’re one of those students who’s in search of international internship opportunities, but is not sure where to actually go, then you’re at the right place since we’ve narrowed down a list of top internship destinations across the globe.

Internship in Bali

In Bali, our internship opportunities boost your experience, knowledge and confidence by covering a vast array of disciplines – from Engineering to Business, Finance to Marketing and Science to Fashion – everything’s available within an affordable range.

Internship in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers internships in the areas of Women’s Empowerment, Environmental Conservation and Veterinary Care. However, most of these opportunities are located in the Central Valley, since it is a perfect platform in case, you’re keen on visiting other parts of the country.

Internship in Greece

In Greece, Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation, Environmental Law, Microplastics Research, GIS Mapping and Media are the major areas in which internships are available. Samos Island as well as nearby islands are the main placement areas.

Internship in Guatemala

Guatemala provides excellent internship opportunities in Agriculture, Physiotherapy, Microfinance, Medical and much more. Into the bargain, home-stay accommodations are available that improve cultural and community integration.

Internship in Ireland

Ireland offers multiple long-term and short-term yet affordable internship opportunities in a friendly environment. These opportunities include a two-week internship program in Tourism Operations or a long-term program in Public Relations and Marketing or Hotel Management or Hospitality.

Internship in Italy

One of the major perks of going for an internship opportunity in Italy is that Italy allows you to master Italian language while studying and, at the same time, building a career. Furthermore, Italy provides perfect homestay accommodations, that allows you to be immersed in the beautiful culture of Rome.

Internship in Japan

Japan offers Business and Education internship opportunities that allow you to grow personally and develop a professional career within the vicinities of the most lively and fascinating cities of the world.

Internship in Peru

You can’t deny an internship opportunity in Peru – whether it’s a health, business or a medicine opportunity – since it provides a perfect blend of modern home-stay accommodations and historical centers, and we’re sure you can’t turn down a weekly salsa lesson in the midst of the city.

Internship in South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa is known as an entrepreneurial city; however, it also offers law education and health opportunities. One of the plus points of choosing SA is that you’ll never leave the city without a group of lifelong loyal friends.

Internship in Spain

Spain is an affordable and flexible destination for Commerce, Entertainment, Education, Fashion, Media, Science and Arts internship opportunities.

Internship in Tanzania

Internships in Tanzania are offered in diverse medical fields, as well as education. Engage in a hands-on intercultural exchange of knowledge, learning and compassion that will truly make a difference, both personally and professionally.

Internship in Zanzibar

The gorgeous archipelago of Zanzibar is a dream destination. Meaningful internship placements are available within proximity to some of the world’s most picturesque white-sand beaches. Discover historic Stone Town and find an African internship like no other.

Application deadline

There is no specific deadline for the IVHQ scholarship program and internship program. You can apply for all seasonal breaks.

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