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If you plan to do MBBS, especially Abroad, then of course this can only be possible through Scholarship; if you can’t afford thousands of dollars spending. And medical researchers and doctors are becoming the demand of our society. Due to this growing need, many international universities launched scholarship programs for medical students. These MBBS scholarship programs are also fulfilling the dream of needy students who want to become a doctor but left behind due to poverty despite being bright students. It is an attempt to spread uniform education in every class of student from which you too can benefit.

List of 10 MBBS Scholarships Abroad

When it comes to medical studies, of course, only MBBSc comes to mind, but many universities are also offering scholarships for nursing and veterinary. If you are also a student who is very passionate to become a doctor and wants to save people’s lives then this information is for you.

#1 MBBS Scholarships in Turkey

Do you know that in addition to being a beautiful and historical country, Turkey is also a great study spot? The country has opened its doors to people from all over the world to get an education from institutes of Turkey.

It offers various programs for medical students from general studies to medicinal specialization dental specialization, experts, and physical adviser. Following is the list of scholarships extended by Turkey.

#2 Ibne Sina scholarship program

It is a full MBBS Scholarship package that provides accommodations, tuition fees, cover allowances, transportation services, Turkey language courses, and health expenses. It is for the students from developing countries and it is initiated by the Turkish government itself. It offers

      1. a) Undergraduate  b) Masters
      2. c) Ph.D. d) Post-doctorate programs as well as
      3. e) Dental studies g) Nursing
      4. h) Veterinary medication

Eligibility Criteria

      • The student age must be 21
      • The student must have 90% marks in their previous undergraduate program
      • The student must be a non-Turkish national

#3 STRC research program for visiting researchers:

This program is for researchers and scientists to promote their research-based studies. It provides monthly payments and transportation to visiting scientists and researchers.

It offers:

      1. a) Medical Sciences b) Technological Sciences
      2. c) Social Sciences d) Agricultural Sciences
      3. e) Natural Sciences and, f) Engineering program

#4 MBBS Scholarships in the US

Studying in a US medical college is not an easy task but if you are a bright student and have a passion for doing something, then you can avail this opportunity.  The scholarship is designed for developing countries like some countries of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Following is the list of some scholarships extended by the US:

#5 ACLS scholarship programs for Healthcare provider

It offers $1,000 to any medical student from undergraduate to postgraduate by Pacific medical training. Applicants have to write an essay of 700 to 1000 words on emergency medical care. The first winner gets $1,000 and three runners-up get free admission in Pacific medical courses to include ACLS, BLS, and PALS.

Any undergraduate or graduate student who is doing some medical program can apply for this scholarship. Family members and employees of Pacific medical training can not eligible for this scholarship.

#6 International guest Scholarship by American College of the surgeon

American College of Surgeon rewards  International guest scholarship to the all student who is interested in some research study except the United States and Canada. This scholarship is provided in academic Institutes of the United States. It gives a grant of  $10,000. It offers a chance to the students of developing nations to exercise with the American College of surgeon clinical Congress.

#7 MBBS scholarship in North America

US Medico helps students to get scholarships and to gain other facilities like transportation and accommodations at very low prices. Following is the list of scholarships offered in North America:

#8 AMA Minority Scholars Award

AMA minority medical scholarships are for the student living in minorities and are underrepresented who studying medical sciences in the US. Students of African-Americans, Alaskan residents, American Indians, Hispanics, and residents of Hawaiians are eligible to get this scholarship.

#9 American College Scholarships

This American college scholarship is for International students who are graduated and their aged is 35-50 and who want to do medical teaching or research, and to study medical sciences in the US.

#10 American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) Grants

The American Medical Women’s Association provides scholarships to medical students who are members of AMWA.

#11 ASCP Siemens Scholarships

ASCP Siemens Scholarships are for international medical graduates who are interested in further higher studies in selected institutes of North America.

#12 ASME Scholarships and Fellowships

ASME Scholarships and Fellowships are for international medical graduates who are interested in further higher and are wanted to do researches in the United States.

#13 MBBS Scholarship in China

Studying a medical program in China requires a strong financial support system for a student. That is why several colleges and universities in China are offering many scholarships to medical students. Following is the list of scholarships extended by China for medical programs.

#14 Fully-funded scholarship for engineering and medical students

This scholarship is offered by Gyan Jin University of China Tianjin University is a science and technology university that is under the control of the municipal government. The fully-funded scholarship gives opportunities to any medical and engineering student who accepts Chinese nationals.

#15 China construction bank scholarship

All students who have excellent academic records in the undergraduate program can apply for this scholarship at Auckland Technology University. The tenure of this scholarship is 12 months and in this period it covers all academic expenses of students.

#16 MBBS scholarship at Donghua University (DHU)

Donghua University is controlled by the ministry of education in China. It is a highly ranked university concerning providing opportunities to the students. It offers 29 doctoral degree programs,  58 undergraduate programs, and 70 master’s degree programs to international students from all over the world.

#17 MBBS Scholarship in Australia

Notre Dame University, Adelaide University, Monash University, and the University of Sydney are highly ranked universities in Australia. Australian universities not only offer medical study like MBBS but also provides learning sessions to gain experience. Following is the list of scholarships extended by Australia:

#18 Adelaide undergraduate MBBS Scholarship

Adelaide undergraduate MBBS Scholarship offers by Adelaide University. It awards $12,000. It provides financial support to students. The time period of scholarship is one year.

#19 Cental Highland District Health Council Bursary

James cooks the University of Australia offers this scholarship. The tenure of this scholarship is also for one year. It awards $3000 to students who are Australian residents, financially unstable and have satisfactory academic backgrounds.

#20 MBBS Scholarship in Russia

Russia education scholarship offers grants to bright and needy students. It has been designed to remove the gap among financial inequalities. Several students reach Russia for MBBS every year. Following is the list of scholarships extended by Russia:

#21 The government of Russia Federation Scholarship:

The government of the Russian Federation Scholarship offers MBBS to foreigners. This Scholarship covers all academic expenses as well as tuition fees, transportation, accommodations, and maintenance costs.

#22 Russian medical colleges educational grants

Russian Medical College offers scholarships from other countries to study MBBS in Russia. All the students having excellent academic background can apply for this scholarship.

#23 SRAS Medical Scholarship

SRAS offers MBBS scholarships to students who are nationals of the United States.

#24 MBBS Scholarship in Germany

Germany Institutes are well recognized due to their excellent academic services. It offers scholarships to foreigners. It is a bit hard to qualify for the MBBS program in Germany. To get admission in the MBBS program of Germany, you must have a proficient background as a student including your skills.


      • Students must have a higher grade in the previous degree especially in a subject related to medical studies like Biology and Chemistry
      • All MBBS program courses are in the German language. That is why proficiency in the German language is necessary.
      • Students must have to pass their special test to qualify for the application.

#25 MBBS scholarships in India

India also offers some MBBS scholarships. These scholarships are managed by the Indian Government and their ministry of defense. The scholarship has specific criteria, the students who are eligible with these criteria can apply for this scholarship. Following is the list of scholarships extended by India:

#26 NEST scholarship

Students have to qualify for a NEST test before applying for this scholarship. It offers grants to Indiana students in their first and second year of MBBS, BDS, and BHMS. It also provides scholarships to the students who are being promoted to their next semesters.

#26 International Medical (IM) Scholarship

An international medical IM scholarship is an opportunity for Indian medical students. But, the institutes which are outside India and are affiliated with CBSE can also apply for this Scholarship.

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