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Norway Scholarships 2024-2025

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Norway institutions and universities provide a higher career possibility for students. That is why it has been greatly recognized as a study destination in Europe. Not only the country was known for its higher academic standards, but Norway also stands out in providing various scholarship grants to international students who are not part of the European Union (EU) countries.

Regardless of their origin, all public universities in Norway do not charge their students’ tuition expenses. This is advantageous for students who want to acquire a degree at a high-quality university at no cost. Although the cost of living in the country can be a problem, there are many Norway scholarships for international students.

Cost of Living for International Students in Norway

Considering the high cost of living in Norway, the student must prepare an estimate of $1400 per month of living expenditures. The estimate also depends on the condition of the scholarship grants as well as how mindful the student is of their living expenses.

Are International Students allowed to work in Norway?

As a general rule, international students do not have the right to be employed even if they have a student residence permit. However, if they were acknowledged for a study permit, students will directly be eligible to work for a part-time job.

Top-Ranked Universities in Norway

Norway is known for its high-quality education throughout its universities which is why it became a popular choice among international students. Although the country has a high cost of living, several highest-ranked universities provide students the best accommodations. The top five universities that placed a respectable position at the 2024 QS rankings are; the University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, The Arctic University of Norway, and Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Best Scholarships in Norway

1. Erasmus+ Scholarship Grant

One way for an international student to receive a scholarship grant is through the Erasmus+ Program. This grant is considered to be one of the leading Norway Scholarships for foreign citizens or students who do not reside in the country.

Erasmus+, governed by the European Commission, aims to support education in Europe and provide assistance through organizing student exchanges within Erasmus’ program countries and partners. However, students who were granted through this program, excluding those who were taking the field of medicine and architecture, may not surpass the 12-month period within one cycle.

Cycle pertains to the level of study and as per the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the three cycles are as follows;

  • The First cycle is for the Bachelor’s degree with an EQF level of 5-6
  • The Second cycle is for the Master’s degree with an EQF level of 7
  • The Third cycle is for the Doctoral degree with an EQF level of 8

For students to qualify for this Norway scholarship, they must pass these certain conditions:

  • Applicants must be at least in their second year of studies to qualify for the first cycle.
  • Study period must be relevant to their affiliated degree in their home institution.
  • Both their home institution and selected university must hold the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

If granted, the applicant will be supported both from their travel and living costs, depending on how far it is to Norway as well as their home country’s cost of living. Tuition, Usage of Laboratory and Library, as well as examination, is also supported by the program.

2. BI Presidential Scholarship

The BI Presidential Scholarships is a fully-funded scholarship in Norway for international students who wish to study their master’s program at the BI Business School. BI Norwegian Business School is known as the second-largest institution in Europe and has the highest hire rate for master’s students even before they finish their degree. This is why studying at this school is an advantage in the future.

The BI Presidential Scholarship is awarded to skilled students who hold an outstanding and excellent record of higher-ranking academic achievement. The candidate must possess a GPA equivalent to a top-level grade on an international scale or a GPA of A on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) scale. The scholarship is open to fields of all Master of Science Programs.

The awarded candidate for the BI Presidential Scholarship will receive a full cover of tuition fees as well as an allowance for their living expenditures each semester, for two years at most.

3. University of Bergen Tuition-Free Program for Master’s Level

The University of Bergen is a globally accredited research institution in Norway. It is a public university known to grant free tuition programs for international students or those outside the European Economic Area (EEA). To be qualified for this full tuition Norway scholarship, the applicant must hold the following conditions:

  • Bachelor’s degree issued by their accredited college university.
  • Applicant’s chosen academic specialization must include courses equal to at least 80 ECTS, and relevant to the program they applied for.
  • Must hold the minimum average of grade C in the ECTS system.
  • Must be proficient in the English language.

The chosen candidate for this program will receive a tuition-free benefit from the university. However, the applicant residing outside the EEA country must provide evidence of their adequate funding to cover their living expenditures since other expenses other than the tuition will not be covered by the program.

4. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Tuition-Free Program

Like the University of Bergen or any other public university in Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) also offers tuition-free programs for foreign citizens outside the European Union (EU) countries. The university does not charge international students for tuition expenses however, they must meet the regulation stated by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

To be granted this Norway scholarship, applicants who are not part of the EU countries must provide proof that they have sufficient money to cover their living expenditures in Norway. The funds must be transferred to the university after confirmation of admission and will subsequently be returned at the beginning of the semester.

5. University of Oslo Annual Scholarship for International Students

The University of Oslo, a globally known top university, offers an annual scholarship to international students in aims to embody their goal of more global diversity for their International Summer School (ISS). With tight funds, the university consistently provides its assistance to deserving students holding a strong academic record and professional background.

The ISS Scholarship only offers its assistance to international students who want to study in their International Summer School since the offer will not include all-year programs at the University of Oslo. The university also offers a variety of annual Norwy scholarships but for this year, they will only offer the Norwegian language summer courses.

The selected candidate must complete their requirements such as having a strong academic record, meeting their academic conditions, the relevance of academic background from their home institution, and application for the Norwegian for Academics (NORA) language courses. If given the reward, the candidate will receive a full cover of course fees however, the applicant must cover all other expenditures. The scholarship is not eligible for Bachelor’s and Master’s level applicants.

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