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If you’ve been wondering what the perfect place to blend stunning landscapes, a welcoming atmosphere, and affordable education is, the Philippines is the right destination for you! Attracting thousands of international students every year, the Philippines is a country worthy of your attention.

Being the home to some of the world’s most breathtaking islands, it provides a vibrant lifestyle to each visitor who decides to spend quality time here. Given that English is one of the official languages, there is a variety of programs in English at each university here. If you are ready to explore a vivid culture and obtain a widely recognized degree, make sure not to disregard this astounding destination!

Living costs in the Philippines for international students

Unlike most of the world’s largest capitals, Manila, the capital of the Philippines is among some of the most affordable ones! International students spend between $400-$500 a month including accommodation, utilities, food and transportation.

However, if you decide to rent an entire apartment just for yourself, it might be necessary to set aside about $500. If you are a movie buff, you can find movie tickets as cheap as $2, and if you enjoy eating out it’s not difficult to stumble upon restaurants that offer a whole meal for $4!

Can international students work in the Philippines?

Upon obtaining their SSP (Special Student Permit) that allows them to study in the Philippines, students are not legally allowed to look for jobs during their stay in the country. Unless you obtain citizenship, it’s illegal to work in the Philippines, therefore it would be best to carefully think about your expenses before arriving in the country.

Top universities in the Philippines

Offering more than 2000 different universities, the Philippines attracts thousands of students every year. Although the majority of universities are private, that doesn’t diminish the quality of the programs they offer.

Ateneo de Manila University

A highly reputable institution, Ateneo de Manila University welcomes students eager to obtain their academic excellence and reach their full potential. Offering 49 majors, from Arts to Mathematics, its diversity fosters the environment of inclusion and interdisciplinarity.

De La Salle University

Famous for its highly relevant and innovative research, De La Salle University attracts its students due to its student-centered approach, incorporating the Transformative Learning Framework.

University of the Philippines Diliman

Offering the highest number of different programs to its students is what sets apart this renowned institution from all the others in the Philippines. Almost 50% of all students from the Philippines are enrolled in the University of the Philippines Diliman, due to its excellence.

Best Scholarships in the Philippines

1. Freeman – ASIA

Freeman Awards for Study in Asia offers scholarship awards to undergraduate students from the USA who are eager to study in East or Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. If you dream of studying in the Philippines, obtaining this Philippine scholarship will cover the costs of your travel expenses, living costs, academic-related expenses, etc. The grants vary from $2000-$7000, depending on the program. All US students whose GPA is above 2.8 are more than welcome to apply for this scholarship.

2. Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholarship

Apart from offering their prospective students a fully-covered 4-year program, Ateneo de Manila University provides them a $1000 annual allowance and an additional scholarship that covers the expenses of their on-campus accommodation. Famous for its prestigious status, this institution is an excellent choice for all international students who want to obtain a highly valued academic degree.

To apply for this Philippine scholarship, students must provide two recommendation letters, official grades transcript, a statement of purpose, a resume, and their motivational letters.

3. The Luce Scholars Program

If you are an international student looking for a perfect fully-funded scholarship in the Philippines to cover the costs of studying, this might be an excellent opportunity for you! The Luce Foundation provides scholarships to highly achieved and motivated students from the US under the age of 20.

Mostly focused on graduate and senior students, it provides support to the students eager to explore Asia and pursue their academic careers in their chosen field of interest. Apart from their official transcripts and resumes, students should be able to provide four recommendation letters in order to apply for this scholarship.

4. Boren Fellowship

Boren Awards Foundation supports the US doctoral students who intend on continuing their research abroad, including in the Philippines. The grants awarded vary from $12,500 – $25,000 depending on the duration of the awardee’s stay.

Applicants are expected to provide a detailed study plan, their official transcripts, two essays including their research abstract and methodology, and three letters of recommendation. If you are a doctoral student of any field, in search of a chance to broaden your perspective and widen your research, this Philippine fellowship could be an exquisite opportunity to do that!

5. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships

Open to the US students who are excited about widening their own horizons in a foreign country, this program encourages choosing the Philippines as your study-abroad destination. If you are a US citizen receiving a Federal Pell grant you are more than welcome to apply for this program as well!

The amount of the final award of this Philippine scholarship will be decided on the basis of the student’s financial need, program expenses, and overall academic qualifications. The grant amount can go up to $8000. Although the assessment is not based on the academic merits only, given that there is no minimum GPA requirement, the students are required to provide proof of their academic achievements.

Providing outstanding quality education at a reasonable cost of living is the main reason thousands of international students pick the Philippines as their study-abroad destination. Apart from an immense number of universities to select, international students are attracted to this magnetic destination due to its magnificent sceneries and a mixture of diverse cultures. In the Philippines, everyone feels at home! Select your perfect scholarship opportunity in the Philippines today and witness the captivating beauties of this country by yourself!

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