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Russian Government Scholarships 2024-2025

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Russian universities hold high places on international rankings with a wide range of educational programs and high-quality education. They provide opportunities for students all around the world to get educated in their prestigious universities through scholarship grants. With this, the Russian government allots around 15,000 to 18,000 slots for foreigners and Russians residing abroad every year. Not just one, but two diplomas can be given to graduates at once with these Russian Government Scholarships. This is due to the implementation of joint programs with universities outside of Russia.

Students will not only relish studying their dream courses but will also be given the chance to learn Russian for free. With Russian being one of the most spoken languages in Eastern Europe, knowledge of it is advantageous. Hostels provided by the universities and the low cost of living are more reasons to get enticed in applying for Russian Government scholarships.

What is included in the Russian Government Scholarship?

Free tuition for the whole duration of the program, monthly maintenance allowance of RUB 1,484 or approximately 22 USD, and dormitory accommodation (if available) are granted to international students who are awarded the Russian Government Scholarships. For postgraduate students, the monthly allowance is RUB 2,921 or 42 USD.

University graduates finishing up internships in professional training or career development are entitled to dormitory accommodation in the university but not monthly allowances.

If your knowledge of the Russian language needs to be improved to study your chosen subject, a preparatory course will also be handled by the scholarship. In addition to studying Russian, general education subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Biology, etc. will be taught as well. Studying in the preparatory department would take one year. However, if the student fails to pass the preparatory education examination, the free tuition grant shall be canceled.

The grant, however, does not cover living expenses, travel costs, voluntary health insurance, and transfer to a university.

Who can apply to the Russian Government scholarship?

All applicants with the appropriate level of education that their chosen degree requires and who have successfully passed competitive selections in their own country are eligible for the Russian Government Scholarships.

One of the good things about the Russian Government scholarship is that there are no set age limits. When applying for a bachelor’s program, secondary education completion is a must. Master’s degree courses are only available for university graduates of a bachelor’s degree. Master’s courses should be related or in the same field as the bachelor’s course. For post-graduate studies (Ph.D.), completion of a master’s degree is a prerequisite. Diplomas/ certificates must be submitted as proof.

Steps in applying to the Russian Government scholarship

The first step in applying for the scholarship is searching for information about the ongoing application for international students at study in Russia. On this website, you can find information about fees, universities, courses, availability of scholarships, accommodation, and other important postings. Other websites also post important announcements such as the representation of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian Embassy in your country of origin.

Once you’ve checked on the important notices on the websites, contact the Russian Embassy or the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo or a representative of Rossotrudnichestvo at the embassy of Russia in your country for the availability of courses and scholarships allocated for your country. The number of slots for Russian Government Scholarships open to international students differs by country depending on its association with Russia. Other countries are also in agreement concerning the number of funded places and subjects.

Register on their website, complete the electronic form provided, and submit your application paper. The details needed in your application form include personal information, the course that you’d like to take, your educational level, and the Russian language level. Copies of your passport or birth certificate and documents proving your current educational level are also needed. The hard copies of these documents can be submitted to the representative or the Russian embassy.

Schedule for interviews and examinations will be posted on the official websites or will be e-mailed to the participants who will take part in the selection process for the Russian Government Scholarships. A list of results will then be released by a working group through the official website of the Russian Embassy or will be e-mailed to the successful applicant.

The students who passed the interviews and examinations must submit a medical certificate for university admission, including an HIV test result. Copies of relevant documents should be translated into Russian and notarized. These documents may be sent online or submitted to a representative in your country. A registration ID will be provided for tracking of application status and accessing the information system.

If your chosen field is Arts and Humanities, you will have additional examinations like creative contests in universities. In this case, you may come to Russia on a tourist visa. Based on the result of the competition, you will either be rewarded or denied a scholarship.

Lastly, wait for the confirmation letter from the university where you applied. For more information about Russian Government Scholarships, please visit the official website about higher education in Russia for international students.

Deadline for applications for the Russian Government Scholarship

Applications usually begin in late June. However, international students should start applying as early as February because of the procedure and requirements. Application dates for Russian Government Scholarships are posted on universities’ websites every October 1 of the year. Applicants should create an account and contact the universities earlier.

It would provide ample time to prepare the requirements and to review for the examinations. The response would take around ten days. The universities’ reply would include deadlines for sending the documents, tuition fees, programs offered, discounts, requirements, and other information. The creation of an account is available on this link.


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