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Taiwan Government Scholarships 2024-2025

Deadline March 15, 2021
Opening date January 1, 2021
Days Remaining Closed
Category Fully Funded Scholarships
Type Fully Funded
Location Taiwan

The Taiwan Government Scholarship Program is a government-funded grant for outstanding international students that aims to promote friendship and good relations between Taiwan and other countries. It offers degrees in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs.

The program is headed by two governing bodies, the Ministry of Education (MOE) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) provides scholarships for foreign nationals from countries with diplomatic relations with Taiwan or is recognized as having friendly relations with Taiwan by the MOFA. Ministry of Education (MOE), on the other hand, supports students from countries that are not in the scope of MOFA.

Ministry of Education (MOE)

Scholarship Benefits

The Ministry of Education in Taiwan will provide for tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses. The budget allocated for this is NTD 40,000 per semester. If the academic fees of the student exceed this budget, the student will have to pay the remaining balance to the college or the university. Administration fees, accommodation, internet access, insurance, supervision fees are not part of the miscellaneous.

Do not worry too much if the tuition and miscellaneous fee exceed the NTD 40,000 because some universities may also provide discounts or pay the remaining amount for the Taiwan scholarship recipients.

In addition to the tuition and miscellaneous is a living allowance amounting to NTD 15,000 per month for university undergraduate students. Master’s degree and doctorate students will receive NTD 20,000 monthly stipend.

Eligibility Criteria

International students who finished their secondary education or post-secondary degrees with excellent academic records and good moral character are qualified for this Taiwan Government scholarship.

Unqualified students as described by the scholarship guidelines are those who fall in any of these categories: a ROC national or an overseas Chinese student, currently enrolled college/ university student in Taiwan, previous Taiwan Scholarship recipient for five years, a person with previously revoked Taiwan Scholarship, an exchange student who has been admitted to a university in agreement to an overseas university and a person who intends to enroll a degree (at the same level) which he has already studied in Taiwan.

Take note that scholarship recipients for a bachelor’s degree must have an average GPA of at least 3.0 and at least 3.5 for a master’s degree.

Application Process

Begin your application for Taiwan Government Scholarship by filling up the form which can be downloaded here. Next, send it to the local Republic of China overseas mission. Contact details relevant to your application are all listed in the aforementioned link. Attached to the application form are photocopies of your passport, highest academic award, two reference letters, and other academic transcripts, documents proving application to a Taiwanese university, language proficiency certificate.

The overseas mission will conduct an interview where you must attend. Present a copy of the notice of admission received from the college/university to the overseas mission. For the successful applicants, a scholarship certificate will be sent by the overseas mission.

Next is the arrival in Taiwan and then register to the college or university that you intend to attend. The college or university is accountable for the distribution of the allowances to the students.

Click this link for the list of colleges/universities offering degree programs that are being taught in English.


The application period is from February 1 to March 31 every year. Successful candidates must receive the result of their application not later than May 31. by June 30, applicants must submit a photocopy of the letter of admission to the local Taiwan Representative Office for confirmation.

The list of final scholarship requirements is released before July 31 every year. MOE guidelines contain the important dates for application but please visit your ROC overseas mission website for updates.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Scholarship Inclusions

The monthly allowance of the scholarship recipients shall amount to NTD 25,000 for the LEP (pre-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Program) and NTD 30,000 for degree programs. The students will pay for their living expenses and other expenses. MOFA will provide a direct one-way ticket to and from Taiwan.

The award period must be uninterrupted. The undergraduate program must be taken for a maximum of four years, two years for masters, and a maximum of four years for the doctoral program.

This Taiwan Government scholarship will start on August 1 during the first year and end upon graduation or withdrawal from studies.

Tuition and miscellaneous fee discounts may be offered by the universities and colleges.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met by the applicant to qualify for the scholarship. The applicant must be a high school graduate (or above) with excellent academic records and good moral character and has no criminal record.

A national of the Republic of China (Taiwan), an overseas compatriot, an exchange student through agreements with an overseas university, or an applicant with a previously revoked scholarship by a ROC government agency will be disqualified.

Application Process

Read the general application rules set by the ROC embassies, and representative offices then submit the following documents to the ROC diplomatic mission in your home country: completed application form, other documents requested by the diplomatic missions and photocopies of your passport, highest-level diploma, TOEFL transcript or TOCFL (if applying for degree programs taught in Chinese).

For the complete list of Taiwan Government Scholarship requirements, click here.


General application rules are announced by February every year. The application period usually starts on February 1 and ends on March 31.

The Diplomatic Missions’ recommendation and waiting lists are submitted to MOFA before April 15. Every year, MOFA selects the recipients and the list is expected to be announced before June 30. Photocopy of the admission letter and the signed Terms of Agreement should be submitted to the diplomatic missions before July 15. Failing to comply will mean forfeiture of the Taiwan Government scholarship.

MOFA guidelines contain the important dates for application but please visit your ROC overseas mission website for updates.


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