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Turkey Scholarships 2024-2025

Deadline February 20, 2021
Opening date January 1, 2021
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Location Turkey

If you are enchanted by countries that offer a perfect blend of all-year-round nature activities, Turkey will definitely captivate your attention! Water sports enthusiasts enjoy swimming, rafting, or snorkeling here, while winter sports fans can spend their days skiing in some of the most mesmerizing Turkish landscapes. Apart from offering miscellaneous recreation opportunities, Turkey is famous for its high-quality university programs.

Each year, Turkish universities increase the number of programs in English, making sure choices are abundant for international students eager to enroll here combined with Turkey scholarships. If you are in search of a study-abroad experience at a university that offers an internationally recognized qualification, look no further! Each year, hundreds of thousands of foreign students arrive in Turkey, enjoying its hospitable and friendly environment.

Living costs in Turkey for international students

In comparison with many other European destinations, Turkey provides international students a quality standard of living for a more affordable amount of money. Most Turkish universities offer their own accommodation facilities to students, and the price may vary from $30 to $300 a month.

However, renting an apartment is always an option, and depending on the city you choose to pursue your degree in, you might spend from $200 – $500 a month. On average, you can expect to spend from $700-$1500 a month as a foreign student in Turkey, including accommodation, nutrition, transportation, and free-time activities.

Can international students work in Turkey?

If you are exploring ways to save up some money while studying abroad, you will be delighted to find out that international students can work while studying in Turkey! Upon obtaining a Student residence permit, foreign students are legally allowed to work. However, if you are an undergraduate student, it is not possible to look for a job until you complete your first academic year.

Top universities in Turkey

Famous for its exceptional quality education, Turkey is the home to some of the world-renowned universities. Whichever your field of interest be, there’s a degree to pursue in this amiable, magnificent country!

Koc University

Cultivating some of the greatest leaders, Koc University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Located in Istanbul, it is widely recognized for its tremendous contribution to science and research in Economics, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Medicine.

Hacettepe University

Apart from being famous as one of the most prominent medical schools in the country, this institution in Ankara welcomes students interested in Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Sports science, and many more! Providing their students with outstanding programs is what Hacettepe University owes its prominence to.

Sabanci University

Providing their students a chance to choose their major upon completing the first year of their studies is what differentiates Sabanci University from other Turkish institutions. Sabanci University takes pride in nurturing alumni who pursued their careers in reputable and world-famous companies all over the world.

Best Scholarships in Turkey

1. Sabanci University Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

Located in the country’s most prominent cultural center, Istanbul, Sabanci University offers Turkey scholarships to international students studying bachelors. The awarded scholarship amount depends on each individual’s academic records, certificates, and reference letters. After evaluating prospective students’ applications, the university decides upon the tuition fee discount awarded, which can vary from 25 % – 100%. Given that studying at such a prominent institution attracts a huge number of students, it would be best to provide as many relevant documents as possible, including the extracurricular certificates.

2. KHAS Scholarship Programs

Kadir Has University provides tuition reduction scholarships to their prospective undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students. Although they offer from 25%-100% tuition reduction, the fully covered scholarship option is available to Master’s and Ph.D. students only.

Given that these scholarships in Turkey are merit-based, prospective students are required to have obtained a minimum 1.8 GPA score. If you are interested in pursuing your Social sciences, Engineering, Communication, Art, or Law degree, you should consider studying at this renowned institution.

3. Türkiye Scholarships

Provided by the government of Turkey, this scholarship grants tuition, travel costs, health insurance, accommodation expenses, and a monthly allowance to undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students. Given that a plentitude of programs provided at Turkish universities is instructed in Turkish, this Turkey scholarship also covers the expenses of language courses.

However, if prospective students apply for an English program, they are expected to provide a certificate of English proficiency. The evaluation is mostly focused on academic merits and extracurricular activities. However, if you are planning to obtain your degree in a full-time program and spend your university years abroad, opt for applying to this scholarship. Studying in an amazing country such as Turkey offers you a vast array of possibilities!

4. KOC University Scholarship for International Students

One of the most highly-ranked universities in Turkey, KOC University, provides international students the possibility of enrolling in this prestigious institution tuition-free. The fully-funded scholarship is offered to graduate and Ph.D. students who intend on obtaining their degrees in Turkey.

With more than 70 different programs, monthly allowance, accommodation expenses covered and many other benefits depending on the chosen program, this scholarship in Turkey remains a highly competitive opening for international students eager to study overseas.

5. Bilkent University Scholarships for International Students

Offering all degree programs, Bilkent University in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, is a good option for students wishing to experience the vibrant air of a metropolis and prepare for a bright career at such a praiseworthy institution. Eligible applicants will be provided with a partial or full tuition reduction.

However, the accommodation facilities are only available to a limited number of students, based on their academic merits. Upon being admitted to this program, students are required to maintain their academic excellence to ensure their ongoing status as scholarship recipients. Providing a diverse array of programs, from Science to Humanities, Bilkent University stands out as a perfect enrichment to any student’s academic career.

Enabling the international students to work while pursuing their degree, Turkey is a perfect location to set grounds for starting your dream career especially with these scholarships in Turkey! While the outstanding academic opportunities will keep you busy, there will be enough time to explore and find pleasure in the myriad of leisure time activities only found in Turkey!

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