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University of Southampton Scholarships 2024-2025

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The University of Southampton is a multi-campus research university in Southampton, England. It is a founding member of the Rusell Group of research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom. The main campus is located just outside the city of Southampton and has 4 campuses nearby the city common with a School for Arts in Winchester and a School for Engineering based in Malaysia. Let’s take a look at the University of Southampton scholarships for international students.

Many of their courses offer students to choose more than one learning area for skills and work opportunities next to their main degree program. The university welcomes more than 24,000 students every year and about 30% of them are from abroad, making them the largest university in the East.

The mission of their schools is to provide a world-class learning experience and a student-friendly environment ideal for growth and prosperity among their students. Southampton University Students Union (SUSU) provides support in social activities and allows every individual to explore their interests in music and arts, sports, local community service, volunteer programs, and even part-time jobs.

The city of Southampton, the host of 5 university campuses, is a vibrant place, close to nature, and is multi-culturally diverse. It is one of the best cities in England to study, work, and live.

The University of Southampton ranks among the top 100 universities in the QS World University Rankings. It also has a satisfying 98% employability rate of graduate students and 84% overall course satisfaction in a 2019 Student National Survey.

How To Apply on University of Southampton Scholarships?

There is a wide range of financial funding opportunities available for international students who want to study or pursue higher education in the UK. Southampton University has partnered with international organizations which grant sponsorships to outstanding individuals depending on their academic performance, degree program, and country of origin.

Students have to apply for admission to the University of Southampton to be eligible for one of these many scholarships. A Tier 4 (general) visa along with a student’s visa issued by the UK government is required for students above 16 years old. It may take 3-4 weeks before their application for student’s visa is approved so, it will be better to apply earlier. Other documents such as proof of English level proficiency, official valid passport in accord with UK passport requirements, tuberculosis test certificates, academic transcripts, and financial evidence are required to apply for University of Southampton scholarships.

For undergraduate programs, deadlines for admission applications are between the months of January and June. Although some courses are still open long after deadlines, it will give students a better chance to get into their ideal programs if they apply early.

For admission to postgraduate programs, there is no deadline for applications. Students have the opportunity to choose different levels of Master’s degree, MPhil, and Ph.D. courses.

University of Southampton Scholarships for International Students

1. University of Southampton International Merit Scholarship

  • Link to scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: for bachelor’s degree up to £3,000 tuition fee reduction on the first year only; for master’s degree ranging from £3,000 to £9,000
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate and Master’s

The University of Southampton wishes to uphold their international outlook and academic excellence by offering scholarships for international students. Every year, the school grants financial aid to promising candidates that show excellent performance in their academic background.

The University of Southampton Merit Scholarship will provide up to £3,000 subsidy amount to students applying for a bachelor’s degree depending on their Year 12 final grade, IB results, and/or SAT results. A maximum of £9,000 will deduct from the tuition fees of postgraduate students applying for a Master’s coursework.

Applicants shouldn’t be receiving sponsorships by one of the University’s partner organizations nor accepting any full or partial scholarship from other sources to be eligible for the program.

They must be applying for admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate program and submit their academic records and transcripts along with a language test proficiency and other supporting documents as required by the school they are applying to.

There’s no application needed for this University of Southampton scholarship. The school will evaluate their admission application and contact them if they are awarded the grant.

2. Snowdon Masters Scholarships

  • Link to scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: up to £15,000 for tuition fees and £15,000 for personal assistant allowance
  • Degrees offered: Master’s

The Snowdon Master Scholarship awards emerging leaders and talented students, who have disabilities but drive to make a change in the world. It gives chance for impaired individuals to study in one of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. Students who show that their disabilities won’t limit them to showcase their skills and talents shall receive financial support of up to £30,000 to aid their tuition fees and allowance for a personal assistant.

The scholarship program grants both national and international students. Foreign individuals must comply to their visa requirements before they can receive the University of Southampton scholarships.

Applicants are evaluated based on their academic excellence, achievements, and most importantly their potential to thrive in their area of interests.

Presidential Postgraduate Research Scholarship

  • Link to scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: fully-funded tuition fees, a £15,000 for living allowances and £1,000 for research support
  • Degrees offered: Ph.D.

The Presidential Postgraduate Research Scholarship grants financial and mentorship support to doctoral students who show outstanding academic performance and a promising research project. This University of Southampton scholarship will fully cover the tuition fees of the student, provide a £15,000 living allowance, and £1,000 for research and training support every year.

The scholarship program is open to all UK/EU nationals and international students who want to pursue a Ph.D. degree coursework in all fields of study at the University of Southampton in the UK. The stipend is payable of up to 3.5 years or whenever is the first submission of their thesis. The length of time and level of payment may vary depending on the status of whether students will be studying part-time or full-time.

International students must meet all special requirements upon their entry in the UK, submit specific documents for their admission at the university and chosen programs. In some cases, students may need to take a one-year taught course before they can pursue their research study.

There is no official application for the scholarship program. The school will submit the profile of eligible candidates to the Doctoral College for consideration.

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