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Uzebekistan Scholarships 2024-2025

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Uzbekistan should probably be the first study country that international students must consider as their study destination. Not only does it offer a good quality educational system, but it also offers a fascinating cultural background that a student must experience. Uzbekistan has an excellent cradle of culture.

They have preservation of culture which made them unique towards a lot of different countries. If you are going to Uzbekistan, you are going to experience a step back in time. That is because the country offers a lot of ancient cities that are valued to this age. It is also a friendly and hospitable country, so students do not need to worry about interacting with the citizens of this country.

All the benefits Uzbekistan offers helped a lot in attracting international students to study in the country.

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What is the Cost of Living for International Students in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan provides affordable living expenses to international students. However, the cost will vary depending on the individual requirements or personal needs. On average, a student must have a monthly savings of 500 USD to cover all living, food, and transportation cost. The estimated amount does not apply to students who are not provided accommodation by their university. If rent is included, the estimate will be around 700 USD to 800 USD per month.

Are International Students allowed to work in Uzbekistan?

Many universities worldwide allow international students to work in their home country. In Uzbekistan, foreign nationals are only allowed to work if they have acquired a license or permit that enables them to do so. Meaning, international students are not allowed to work in Uzbekistan while pursuing their selected degrees in the country.

Top Universities in Uzbekistan

Like any other university, Uzbekistan also annually ranks its respective universities to compete for the global rankings. There are several universities in Uzbekistan, but most of them are not accredited by the government. For the universities to soar in the international ranking, the university must first be acknowledged by the Uzbekistani higher education-related organization.

The university must comply with all the criteria for them to be eligible. According to the Uzbekistani Rankings, the top three leading universities for this year is the O’zbekiston Milliy Universiteti, Toshkent Shahridagi Xalqaro Westminster Universiteti, and Toshkent Axborot Texnologiyalari Universiteti.

Best Scholarships in Uzbekistan

1. AKFA University Scholarship Program

AKFA University confidently offers education at a globally acknowledged standard to several students from different countries. To continuously engage them, AKFA offers an annual scholarship grant to foreign nationals.

However, the award is only available if the student has finished the first semester of their study period. Meaning, interested applicants must first be admitted to the university to be eligible to apply for Uzbekistan scholarship. The admission requirements are as follow:

  • Undergraduate Program: The candidate holds a High School diploma or higher.
  • College Nursing Program: The candidate must have accomplished at least nine (9) years of education.
  • Proof of Language Proficiency: The TOEFL and IELTS scores depend on the department that the candidate has applied for.
  • Required documents showing the candidate’s academic background and performance.

If selected as a student at AKFA University, the applicant is now eligible to apply for the scholarship grant of their study period. AKFA currently offers two types of scholarship:

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship: To be eligible, the applicant must be in their 2nd semester and ranks among the top 42 students in the entire department— both local and international students. The scholarship coverage will depend on the ranking of the applicant from the previous semester. The grant can range between 5% up to 30% of the tuition expense for the semester.
  • English Proficiency Scholarship (EPS): EPS Scholarship grants students based on their IELTS and TOEFL scores. The grant can range up to 20% coverage of the tuition fee expense.

2. Sharda University Admission Scholarship

Sharda University opens its doors to international students who aspire to pursue their degree studies in Uzbekistan. The university believes that a shortage of money should not be a barrier for students who have excellent and innovative ideas. The interested applicant for this scholarship program in Uzbekistan must meet the following components:

  • Accomplished Sharda University Scholarship and Admission Test [SUSAT]: SUSAT is a 90-minute proficiency test that will be evaluated on a scale of 75. The applicant must have passed the cut-off mark to be eligible.
  • English Language Proficiency: Like any other university that is admitting international students, AKFA also requires English Language Proficiency. The proficiency test has a cut-off score, so applicants must pass the test to have a higher chance of getting the scholarship grant. Candidates who do not have a proficiency test must undergo a personal interview to be evaluated.

Afterward, the two components will be combined by adding 70% of the applicant’s SUSAT score and 30% from the English Proficiency Test. The admission scholarship will be awarded to selected candidates who have demonstrated high admission scores. The percentage of the scholarship coverage will depend on the admission score of the applicants.

3. Webster University Tashkent Scholarship

The primary goal of Webster University Tashkent is to provide a global-centric philosophy and culture to its students. To achieve that, they are annually offering financial aid for both local and international students who do not have sufficient money to acquire an education. The founders believe that there are excellent students out there who have potential but have no privilege to do so.

By providing this financial assistance, they will be able to help several students throughout the globe. Webster University Tashkent offers an individual payment plan for students who have insufficient money for their degree level. They will also assist in the visa application process.

However, the University strictly abides by confidentiality measures. So other information regarding the scholarship grant shall be requested by the applicant. This Uzbekistan scholarship grant is open to applicants who want to pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Webster University Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

4. AMITY University Scholarship

AMITY University offers an annual scholarship grant for both outstanding local and international students. The university believes that by continuously providing financial assistance, the student will be able to give their utmost best in their degree studies. AMITY currently offers several scholarships to its students:

  • Merit Scholarship: The merit-based scholarship program is granted yearly at the time of admission. If the candidate has demonstrated an excellent academic track record, they have a high chance of getting selected. The scholarship grant is continuous, but the university will have to re-assess every year based on the student’s performance.
  • Undergraduate Programs: Students who have shown outstanding results in written exams and interviews will be granted 10% scholarship coverage for the student’s tuition fee expenses.
  • Postgraduate Programs:  Students have shown outstanding students who have demonstrated excellent skills in written exams and interviews. The selected candidate will receive a 10% scholarship grant annually, depending on their academic performance.
  • Amity Graduate Awards: Students who have finished their degree studies at AMITY University will be granted a 20% scholarship. The grant will only be available if the students plan to take a postgraduate degree program at AMITY.

5. Samarkand State University (SamSU) Scholarship Program

Samarkand State University offers an annual scholarship program to both local and international students of the university. This Uzbekistan scholarship grant is only available if the student has successfully applied for admission at SamSU. Interested applicants for the scholarship program must prepare the following requirements for admission:

  • For Undergraduates: Scanned copy of the student’s diploma or equivalent.
  • For Master’s degree: Scanned copy of the student’s Bachelor degree.
  • For Doctoral degree: Scanned copy of the student’s Master’s degree with attached Curriculum Vitae, motivation letter, and study plan.
  • Copy of the student’s passport.

After getting admitted at Samarkand State University, the student is now an eligible candidate for the scholarship program. For further details regarding the award, students need to individually submit a request to the office responsible for the program. All international students admitted at SamSU are all provided with university accommodation even without a scholarship grant.

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