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DONEBrazil conjures up feelings of endless beaches, festivals, carnivals, entertainment, and top-class football. In addition, Brazil is a country rich in culture, adventure, and natural beauty with a warm climate, attractive to its visitors.

Brazil is the world’s fifth country by size and one of the most populous ones. In this South American giant, the Amazon rainforest meets the bustling industrial cities and business hubs. Each year, Brazil’s rapidly growing economy inspires around 35,000 international students to come to Brazil to pursue a degree. Here, we will see some of the best scholarships in Brazil for international students.

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Living Costs in Brazil for International Students

Living in Brazil can be relatively inexpensive for students who wish to stay on a budget. For example, a single-bedroom apartment may cost from USD 200 to USD 400, depending on the proximity to downtown. Brazil’s largest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the country’s most expensive; on the other hand, studying in the provinces can be pretty cost-effective.

Monthly utilities can accumulate to USD 50, and one should be prepared to pay the same amount for a public transport pass. In addition, restaurant options are cheaper than in Europe or the US since an inexpensive restaurant meal can cost around USD 5.

Can international students work in Brazil?

International students are not allowed to work in Brazil unless they can secure a work permit. There are, however, plenty of internship opportunities offered by the host universities.

Top Universities in Country:

Brazil has over 20 universities in the QS Rankings list and some of the top higher education institutions in South America. The most reputable is the University of São Paulo, ranked 121 on the QS list.

The second best-rated, the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), is also settled in South America’s largest city, and it holds a rank of 182 on the QS list.

The Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) is famous for its influence on the country’s economy, development, and culture.

The Federal University of Minas Gerais is rated fourth, and it is renowned for its mining industry, pharmacy, and law colleges.

The fifth by rank in Brazil, The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul has been proclaimed the second-best university in Brazil by its government. It reached the world rank of 71 in web publication volume and impact, and it is considered at the top in scientific publications.

Best Scholarships in Brazil

1. Brazilian Government Exchange Scholarship

The Brazilian government offers scholarship positions to internationals applying for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The eligible candidates come from the selected developing countries mandated by the Brazilian government. All students applying for this Brazil scholarship are required to pass the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (CELPE-Bras) test.

Undergraduate students must be from 18 to 23 years of age upon application. Moreover, they must obtain a National Senior Certificate Bachelor’s pass with at least a 60% score. They also need proof of funding for their stay in Brazil.

Postgraduate applicants need to provide a certified bachelor’s diploma and the CELPE-Bras certificate. In addition, the graduate students are required to provide proof of a two-year stay in their home country.

The scholarship covers total tuition fees for its applicants, who are expected to fund their accommodation, health care, airfare, and food expenses.

2. FAPESP Scholarships

Brazil scholarships offered under FAPESP Program are focused mainly on students with a strong background in research. The FAPESP website page announced that their prospective applicants could choose a scholarship in Education or Research. Eligible students pursuing a master’s degree or a Ph.D. are welcome to apply to the Education Program, while the Research Program is reserved for postdocs.

These scholarships are offered at various universities across Brazil. Therefore, interested applicants are advised to read the most updated propositions, after which they should contact the university and the FAPESP page. In August, over 7000 scholarships across Brazil were available on the FAPESP page.

These research scholarships can be based on particular research projects in sciences and humanities, and the applicants must be well-acquainted with the specific field. The duration of the stay varies, but most researchers and students would stay one to two years before completing the project.

3. The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Ph.D. Fellowships

The World Academy of Sciences is a UNESCO-funded NGO that provides merit-based awards. Ph.D. and postdoctoral applicants can apply for TWAS Fellowships hosted by Brazil among several other countries.

The scholarship in Brazil is designed for talented internationals coming from underdeveloped countries. TWAS expects its candidates to immerse themselves in the development of scientific output with a focus on human prosperity. The desirable candidates are students with a strong background in sustainable development who would improve their home communities upon completion.

Each year, from 100 to 160 Ph.D. scholars are awarded the scholarship, and a sizeable portion of this fund is channeled into Brazil’s higher education institutions.

4. Centro Universitário Scholarships

The Centro Universitário da FEI is a university located in São Bernardo do Campo with degrees in sciences, engineering, and business. While its undergraduate scholarship is reserved for disadvantaged Brazilian nationals, its graduate programs cater to international students who wish to study full-time at Brazilian universities. The Postgraduate scholarships are divided into two major categories – FEI Scholarships and PEC-PG Scholarships.

Students interested in FEI Program must contact the FEI’s International Relations Office for more detailed information on this scholarship. The PEC-PG scholarship offers mobility and exchange opportunities for faculty and graduating students, established by CAPES, CNPq, and Brazil’s Ministry of External Relations.

Eligible candidates for this Brazil scholarship should come from a country that has established cultural exchange and relations with Brazil. Students from 55 enlisted countries, mainly from Latin and South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, are eligible to apply.

5. PAEC OAS-GCUB Scholarships in Brazil

PAEC OAS-GCUB Scholarships belong to the OAS member states (31 countries of the North and South America) and Partnerships Program for Education and Training. These scholarships are offered to postgrad (master’s and Ph.D.) international students.

Even though the students can opt for courses instructed in English, a certificate in Portuguese is still required as many classes are offered in Portuguese, so an eligible candidate must check the language of instruction beforehand.

This scholarship in Brazil covers tuition fees, medical care, partial or sizable accommodation reimbursement, and monthly grants up to USD 1,200. OAS expects their master’s degree students to complete their degree after 24 months, while Ph.D. students are provided with a maximum of 48 months to complete this educational cycle.

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