Internships in Germany-2019 DAAD: German Internship Program

DAAD | Émigré Memorial German Internship Program (EMGIP)-Bundestag

German internship program is now open for international candidates to participate in Émigré Memorial German Internship Program (EMGIP). They try to match the position with the student’s interests and experiences. Interns will be placed within the administration, preferably with a secretariat; working for their preferred committee. Émigré Memorial German Internship Program (EMGIP) Internships were founded in 1965 and Professors Louise Holborn and George Romoser was the founder of this Internship with the assistance of many scholars of German affairs, especially in the contemporary history and social sciences, and with the planning aid and financial of various German offices also interested in encouraging the development of future generations of German experts.

DAAD programs are trying to create positive relations with countries and this internship program is just an example of this goodwill.

Benefits of Émigré Memorial German Internship Program (EMGIP):

DAAD is offering the following benefits to the recipients.

  • EUR 18,00 monthly stipend will be paid to the interns in Germany
  • DAAD will also cover medical insurance of interns
  • DAAD  interns will obtain housing in Berlin and they will receive support from DAAD on a continuous basis

Eligibility Criteria for Émigré Memorial German Internship Program (EMGIP):

  • Students must be fluent in spoken German and possess excellent writing skills.
  • Ph.D. students and German Nationals are not eligible.
  • International students who are enrolled in a full-time course of study in the U.S. or Canada may also apply.
  • Canadian and U.S citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply.
  • Students must be fluent in spoken German and possess excellent writing skills.

How to apply for Émigré Memorial German Internship Program (EMGIP):

The following documentation is required for an application of Émigré Memorial German Internship Program (EMGIP):

  • Type your application form, handwritten materials will not be accepted. Do not forget to sign your application.
  • Submit your resume in chronological form. Your name should appear on each page.
  • Submit three original letters of recommendation printed on university letterhead from professors
  • Submit official transcripts of all post-secondary studies

DAAD Internship information:

The deadline for application submission is September 15th for DAAD Internship opportunity. As per notice of you can apply online. For further inquiries please visit the Official website of DAAD Internship.


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