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Coventry University Scholarships 2024-2025

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Coventry University is a public university in Coventry, England. It was originally known as Coventry School of Design in 1843 until the Further and Higher Education Act of 1992 took over its status, giving its official name as Coventry University. The 175-year-old university continues to provide high-quality teaching, research, and training across its facilities and research centers. Here, we will be looking at the best scholarships available at Coventry University for international students.

The university has the fastest-growing student population in the UK. It is the largest educational institution in the city and the sixth-largest in England. Additionally, it hosts 11 research centers specializing in health, agroecology, peace studies, and the future of transport. It is also well-known for its world-class and talented engineering and design graduates especially, in automotive.

Coventry University received a gold in the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) from the British Government in 2017. It is also a member of the prestigious University Alliance mission group. Moreover, the university plays a major role in contributing to the annual gross value of the economy in the United Kingdom. Its campuses offer a lively and vibrant environment for students to experience the mix of traditional and modern Europe.

Coventry University ranks 50th across England in The Times and The Sunday Times University Rankings 2024. Additionally, it is in 601st place of the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

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How Do I Apply to Coventry University Scholarships?

Coventry University is one of the top universities in England that have a high international outlook. It welcomes over 13,000 international students from over 160 countries across the globe.

The general requirements for entry include all the academic transcripts, certified copies of degree certificates/diplomas, proof of work experiences or work references (if employed), academic referral letter, personal statement, copy of valid passport, and scores English language proficiency test of students.

Undergraduate applicants must provide proof of their Year 12 completion and meet the entry grade requirements of their chosen degree programs. Meanwhile, postgraduate applicants must be Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders and present proficient knowledge in their areas of interest or study plan.

Interested applicants may apply through direct entry, the UCAS, trusted or authorized agents, and/or country representatives. Students may contact the university for more details or refer to the UCAS to see the specific entry requirements of every degree program.

Coventry University Scholarships

1. International Academic Excellence Award

Coventry University proudly presents the International Academic Excellence Scholarship to international students aspiring to study in Europe. It will recognize applicants from selected territories across the globe. The university will award students to support the costs of their tuition fees, living expenses, and accommodation during their stay in the country. Interested applicants must show commitment to promote and represent Coventry University as advocates while studying at the university.

The students must obtain a conditional offer at an eligible degree program and meet the academic requirements of their chosen courses. They must not be recipients of other scholarships offered by the university or sponsorships from external sources. Furthermore, students must be liable to pay their tuition fees at an international rate to qualify for the scholarship.

Undergraduate applicants must have completed high school with at least 70% marks during their 12th grade. Meanwhile, postgraduate applicants for a Master’s degree must be Bachelor’s degree holders with an average grade equivalent to at least 70% marks.

Students may receive these Coventry University scholarships with an amount of up to £2,000. There is no separate application for the scholarships. The university will automatically consider students who receive a conditional offer to study and have met the academic requirements of their chosen eligible degree programs.

2. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Territory Award

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: free accommodation or a £1,500 tuition fee reduction
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate. Master’s

Coventry University will support international students who will study in any of their available undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs. It will only recognize students coming from their selected countries. Interested applicants must support and represent the university’s advocacy during their study period.

Students must hold a conditional offer to study at an eligible Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at the university. They must not be recipients of other scholarships nor sponsorships from external sources. Furthermore, they should be self-funded and pay their tuition fees at an international rate. Additionally, they must deposit £4,000 for their tuition fees on their first year of study.

Students for Bachelor’s degrees may receive free accommodation for three academic semesters during their first year of study. The offer is limited only and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Meanwhile, students for Master’s degrees may enjoy a £1,500 tuition fee reduction. 

There is no separate application for these scholarships at Coventry University. The university will automatically recognize students who receive a conditional offer to study and pay the deposit amount for their tuition fees.

Click here to check the terms and conditions for the Postgraduate Territory Award.

3. Red List Accommodation List

Coventry University will award free accommodation to international students as the value for the Red List Accommodation List. It will reward students from selected territories across the globe. Moreover, interested applicants must help in promoting the university’s advocacies while studying in their respective courses.

Students must be applying for a full-time eligible undergraduate degree program at the university. They must be self-funded and pay their tuition fees at an international rate. Additionally, they should not be receiving other scholarships or sponsorships from external organizations. Their country of origin should be in the UK Government’s Red List. They are also required to pay the deposit payment of £4,000 to avail themselves of the free accommodation. 

The countries on the Red List are subject to change. Those who were eligible at the time of making their deposit payment will still receive the award. 

Students may benefit from a £2,285 credit for FutureLets accommodation on the 3 semesters for their first academic year. They must sign a contract and pay the remaining balance.

Click here to see more available scholarship opportunities at Coventry University.

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