7 Affordable Universities in Poland 2024-2022

Poland is one of the safest countries in the European Union and has a relatively lower cost of living compared to other EU-member countries. Its geographical location is strategic in that international students can travel to EU and former Soviet Union member countries for leisure or educational purposes.

Public universities in the country have strong performance competition and acquire excellent international students by offering affordable tuition fees. Here, we will be looking at affordable universities in Poland for international students. These universities also have bilateral agreements and have good mobility programs for students to become more globally involved.

Moreover, earning a degree from Poland offers plenty of perks for graduates as they can use it as a ticket for professional success in the EU. These qualities make the country an ideal destination for international students.

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Cheap Universities in Poland

1. Silesian University of Technology

International students interested in scientific research can greatly benefit from the modern and industrialized area of Upper Silesia, where the Silesian University of Technology is located, because plenty of professional training and internships are available there.

The university, established in 1945, was designed mainly for science and teaching. It has since contributed significantly to the industrialization of Upper Silesia. Now, it enjoys the prestige of being one of the top research universities in Poland.

Currently, this affordable university in Poland focuses on researches in artificial intelligence, smart city development, future technology, process automation, modern energy, and cancer and medicine.

2. University of Szczecin

The University of Szczecin is a 37-year old autonomous university in Western Pomerania. It is the largest university in the region. It is conveniently located in Szczecin, where students can enjoy low tuition fees and cost of living with the convenience of living in the seventh biggest city in Poland.

Its numerous agreements and exchange program partnerships with multiple universities within the country and the EU offer students mobility opportunities for a more international learning experience.

The university has seven faculties but offers English classes only in the following undergraduate programs: Hydrobiology, Social Sciences, Global Communication, and Economics and IT Applications. It also has English-taught Master’s Degree programs in International Economics and Public Management.

3. Kielce University of Technology

After merging two higher education centers in Kielce and Radom, the Kielce University of Technology was officially established in 1965. The university offered general engineering courses back then.

Currently, this cheap university in Poland has five faculties: Civil Engineering & Architecture, Mechatronics & Mechanical Engineering, Management & Computer Modelling, Environmental, Geomatic, & Energy Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control, & Computer Science.

English-taught courses are more expensive than their Polish counterparts. There are few courses available in English, too. As such, international students will benefit from learning the Polish language before seeking admission to the university.

4. University of Rzeszów

The University of Rzeszów is a young university in Poland born from the merging of older educational institutions in the city of Rzeszów. It offers various courses under twelve faculties grouped in four colleges: Humanities, Medicine Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

In addition to the low tuition fees, international students can also apply for scholarships and grants to help with other school fees and living costs. They can also benefit from the university’s bilateral agreement with over 170 universities in more than 30 countries.

Students can also take a break from studying by doing sports and recreation at the university’s gym and dance and sports halls.

5. Pedagogical University of Krakow

Initially named the State Pedagogical University in 1946, it now goes by the name the Pedagogical University of the National Education Commission in Krakow. This affordable university in Poland currently offers five areas of study: Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Pedagogy & Psychology, and Social Sciences.

The university has ongoing projects related to promoting equal opportunities for students with disabilities, counseling for NEET youth, and professional growth for teachers and staff, among others.

Students can get career counseling, training, workshops, and multiple job opportunities through internships with the help of the university. For international students, this means that they will receive excellent opportunities for a promising future career anywhere in the EU.

6. AGH University of Science and Technology

The AGH University of Science and Technology started as a mining academy in 1913. It went through several challenges during the two world wars and had to shut down at some point. The university persevered and now enjoys its spot as the top technical university in Poland.

This cheap university in Poland offers 18 programs in English for non-native Polish speakers. However, if you want to maximize your learning opportunities and make the most out of your educational journey at AGH UST, learning the Polish language will be your best ticket.

Students can join research competitions to earn grants and funding. They can also participate in national research projects or innovation initiatives with the university’s international partners.

7. University of Bialystok

The University of Bialystok has roots in 1969 as a branch of the University of Warsaw. It gained autonomy and officially began as a full-fledged university in 1997.

This university in Poland offers affordable tuition fees and accepts several scholarships for students from the government and external sources. Moreover, international students can benefit from an on-site dormitory with very low rent compared to off-site apartments and sharehouses.

The university has three English-taught undergraduate programs: English Philology, Computer Science, and Medical Physics. It also has four Master’s Degree programs in English: International Relations, International Economic Relations, English Philology, and Computer Science (Internet and Mobile Technologies).


  • The fees above are based on the annual tuition.
  • Most of the universities expressed rates in Euro, so I converted the PLN in other universities into Euro.

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