Application for Urgent Piece of Work: Format, example and Template download

Application for Urgent Piece of work:

Urgent work or emergency situations can arise even in very well-organized lives. These demanding circumstances do not get along with work; often resulting in a choice between concentrating on your work and looking after your family. In such situations, the best thing one can do is to take leave application for an urgent piece of work for a certain number of days. For this, he should write a formal leave letter or email to inform the administration about his situation.


The format of application for an urgent piece of work:

There is no fixed or compulsory format for application for an urgent piece of work, but typically such leave application provides a concise summary of your urgent work, the anticipated departure and return date, your contact details and other essential information relevant to the situation. In some organizations, there are leave policies which ask for evidence that supports your request. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the policies of your organization.


Sample applications for an urgent piece of work:

Some examples of application for an urgent piece of work are provided for employees and students. The application body can be modified pertaining to your circumstances.


Urgent leave application for employees

Amir Hassan

Research Officer

ABC, Pakistan




Ali Kazim


ABC, Pakistan


Subject: Leave for Urgent piece of work


Respected Mr.Ali,


It is brought to your kind notice that I am working as a research officer in your company. My mother has been hospitalized for the last three days. All the required tests were being taken by the doctors for identifying the disease. I have just received a call from the hospital. The doctor has told me that my mother is having severe blockage in the blood flow and needs to be operated within two days. They have to shift my mother to their main branch in another city for operation.  Since I am the only one to take care of her, therefore, you are requested to please grant me leave for five days.


I have completed my pending projects and also provided details to Mr. Mansoor Ahmed regarding the upcoming assignment.


I will be highly grateful to you for accepting my leave request.


Yours faithfully,

Amir Hassan


Urgent leave application for students

The Principal,

KAIS International University

Tokyo, Japan



Jason Hack

KAIS International University

Tokyo, Japan


Respected Madam,


With due respect, it is stated that I am Jason Hack, Student of the third semester- Electrical Engineering at KAIS International University with enrollment number KAIS-1891. I have to visit my village along with my parents due to some serious family issue. The issue is so grave that it cannot be avoided. Therefore, I will not be able to attend university for two days.


I have asked my teachers and there are no planned quizzes or assignments for these two days. I will take notes from my fellows and will try to make up for the missed classes as soon as I return.


Kindly approve my leave request for two days. I will be highly thankful for this act of kindness.


Yours obediently,

Jason Hack




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