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The Experience certificate is an official letter issued to an employee by the employer of the organization when he is relieved of duties. This letter certifies the time spent by the employee in that organization and his conduct during the job. The work experience certificate is a very important letter for those individuals who are seeking new jobs, as it helps future employers in learning about the capabilities of the candidate and verifying the job-related details provided by him in the cover letter or resume.

Top 10 Tips of Writing an Experience Certificate:

The job experience letter is a significant document; therefore the following major points must be followed while writing it.

    1. It is important to type the experience certificate on the official letterhead of the organization.
    2. The experience letter must provide full details about the employee including full name, joining date and date of resignation
    3. The employer should mention the skills and expertise, communication skills, quality of work  and conduct of the employee
    4. It is better to address as “To Whom it May Concern” since the reader of this letter is not known.
    5. It is advised to not write any negative points in the work experience certificate, since it may affect the reputation of the employee thus harming his career
    6. Keep the writing formal and professional
    7. Follow the standard formatting style
    8. Proofread the experience letter for avoiding any grammatical mistakes or punctuation errors
    9. Keep the letter brief and to the point, avoid including unnecessary details
    10. It is recommended to include important references and contact details at the end of the work experience certificate, in case any further information is required regarding the employee

Experience Certificate Format – Experience Certificate Example

(Name of Organization),
Subject of Experience Certificate:


 This is to certify that Mr. /Ms. _______________ S/D/o. __________________, was inducted in this organization on date of joining. He/she served this organization as designation of the employee for service time period. He/ She was relieved of duties on date of resignation.

During his/her stay with us, he/she worked on _____________. We found him/her to be very hardworking and efficient. He/she bears a good moral character.

We wish him/her success in his/her future endeavors.

(Name and Designation of Signatory),
Contact number (optional). 

Experience Certificate Template: 

National ABC Corporation Barcelona,
1st February Year,
Subject of Experience Certificate: 


This is to certify that Mr. Aylmer John S/o. Mr. John Nicholas was inducted into this organization on 01.01.2014. He served this organization as Senior Design Engineer for four years and one month. He was relieved of his duties on 31st January year.

His major job responsibilities included working on the design and implementation of different power supplies, jammers, antennas, and amplifiers. He has got great command on Proteus, Altium, HFSS, CST and similar software. He is a very hard working person and always ready to take any pieces of training or courses necessary for his projects. During a stay with us, his work and conduct remained satisfactory.

We wish him success in his future endeavors.

Alger Smith,
HR Manager.

It must be noted that the experience certificate conveys a proper message to the reader about your past work or behavior that very well describes your personality and professionalism. Experience certificate can also be considered as an indirect way of describing your work abilities.

Experience Certificate Examples

Experience Certificate Example - Experience Certificate template

Experience Certificate


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