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Australia has the sole recognition of being a continent and a country at the same time. As a country known for its beaches and bustling economy, Australia maintains its status as one of the economic powerhouses in the Asia-Pacific region. This makes Australia a popular destination for people seeking better opportunities in business, education, and employment. Here, we will discuss the various scholarships in the Australia for international students.

Living Costs in Australia or International Students

A monthly amount of AUS $1754 (US $1270) minimum is required for international students to be able to study in the universities in Australia. This is equivalent to AUS $21041 (US $15240) which is the value set by the Department of Home Affairs. This is the amount required to be granted a student visa in the country. Not accounting for the set value, a student can expect to pay AUS $200 to $400 weekly for accommodation which can be shred rental, on campus, homestays, or own rental. For food, it can cost around AUS $280, AUS $60 weekly for transportation, and AUS $30 weekly for phone and internet.

Can International Students Work in Australia?

Students on a student visa have the option to work for a maximum of 20 hours during the school year. During semester breaks and holidays, students are not limited by any time restrictions and can work if they want. They should take note, however, that volunteer work will count to the limit of 20 hours; going beyond this limit may result in their student visas being canceled.

Top Universities in Australia

The top universities in Australia are those found in the capital cities of each of the Australian states. For example, Melbourne in Victoria is home to the University of Melbourne and Monash University. Sydney, home of the Sydney Opera House in the state of New South Wales, is also where the University of Sydney can be found. The Australian Capital Territory, with its capital city Canberra, hosts the Australian National University and the University of Canberra.

Best Scholarships in Australia

1. Australia Awards

As one of the more progressive countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia has responded to the apparent developmental needs of the region, particularly the developing countries in Asia (including Palestine) and the island nations in the Pacific. One important requirement of the application is the return service of at least two (2) years to the student’s home country.

These Australia scholarships are available for vocational, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate courses. These are the maximum years of study for the following:

  • Bachelor’s – 4 years
  • Master’s – 2 years
  • Doctorate – 4 years

Any course that will be beyond the years mentioned above is not available for Australia Awards coverage.

English will be the language of instruction in Australia, and a language requirement is implemented. The English tests accepted include the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). One more requirement is that the applicant should not be married or be engaged to a person eligible for Australian or New Zealand citizenship. However, students from New Zealand territories such as Niue and Tokelau are eligible to apply.

If an applicant has successfully passed the strict evaluation of applicants, they will be eligible for the following benefits: full tuition fee waiver, round trip airfare to Australia, allowance for living expenses equivalent to AUS $30003 (US $22000) annually, healthcare, and initial visa expenses. Accommodation costs are to be shouldered by the student.

2. Melbourne Research Scholarship

The University of Melbourne, one of the top universities of Australia, has several Australia scholarships for international students. One of these is the Melbourne Research Scholarship. This is open for graduate research students only, and the acceptance to a research degree in the university is the main requirement to be eligible for the scholarship. A student can also be already enrolled before applying.

If the student is taking up a master’s degree, the tuition fee will be waived for the two-year duration. Meanwhile, doctoral degrees will be waived for the whole four years. Annual payments for the living allowance amounting to AUS $31200 will be provided either for 2 or 3.5 years for master’s or doctoral degrees, respectively. If a student comes from outside Australia, they are also eligible for AUS $3000 for their relocation.

3. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship

On behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, universities across Australia provides these scholarships to postgraduate research students for both domestic and international students. To be eligible for these excellent scholarships in Australia, the applicant should be prepared for the assessment of their academic merits and their research relevance and potential. The scholarships will be provided only for 1.75 years or 3.5 years for research master’s degrees or research doctoral degrees, respectively.

Various universities are offering these scholarships. The University of Melbourne offers an annual stipend of AUS $31200 while the University of Sydney provides AUS $35629. A relocation payment of around AUS $2500 to $3000 for the travels to and from Australia will also be provided. Students may also receive reimbursements for their thesis expenses.

4. Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

Undergraduate students interested in taking up their studies at the University of Melbourne can avail of this scholarship. No need to apply for this scholarship though since the university automatically considers all undergraduate students for this provided, they fulfill requirements. Australian and New Zealand citizens are not eligible for the scholarship.

Applicants should have already been offered an undergraduate study in the university. Academic merit plays a huge part in the assessment since the top 3% of their respective secondary schools are the only ones eligible. Also, their study in the university should be their first tertiary study.

Depending on the assessment on the academic merits of the students, they are entitled to one of the following, if successful:

  • AUS $10000 tuition fee payment
  • 50% tuition fee discount for the three years of the undergraduate degree
  • 100% tuition fee discount for the three years of the undergraduate degree

For reference, undergraduate students can expect to pay AUS $100000 of tuition fees annually in the University of Melbourne

5. The Humanitarian High Achiever Scholarship

Asylum seekers are welcome to apply to the University of Sydney, which offers excellent scholarships in Australia for international students. If an interested applicant has either of the following visas, then they are eligible for this humanitarian scholarship for any undergraduate degree related to STEM, architecture and design, commerce, and pharmacy, in the university.

Students to be chosen will be eligible to receive an annual tuition fee payment of AUS $50000. For reference, students of the university are expected to pay annual tuition fees of AUS $40000 to $50000 for the above fields.

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